Our (Non-Fall) Color Palette

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Clownfish

One of my biggest wedding-planning pet peeves to date is when someone tells me we are having a fall wedding, complete with a fall color palette. Obviously this isn’t a huge deal and doesn’t bother me to the point of actually correcting someone when they say it, but still…we are not planning a fall wedding. When people find out that … read more

Our Venue: Smith Barn

Posted 3 hours ago by Miss Tractor

Once we chose our venue, I totally stalked it. Seriously, if you have gotten married at Smith Barn in the last five years and there is photographic proof on the internet, I have seen it. Maybe I’m a little creepy, but I strongly suggest doing this for your venue! Seeing lots of different couples having different kinds of weddings at … read more

Somebody’s Missing

Posted 4 hours ago by Miss Narwhal

The period of planning a wedding and marriage is such wonderful time of your life. It’s full of excitement and anticipation. Your wedding day is spent surrounded by the ones you love most in the entire world as you vow to one another your forever. The thought of this just makes my heart burst with love and gratitude. It also … read more

Monumental Love: The Rite of Marriage

Posted 7 hours ago by Mrs. Pyramid

After the readings, it was time to get down to the business of actually getting married. None of this was personalized at all, but I love how traditional and simple our promises to each other were.  I’ve put in most of the ceremony text here, in case it can help another bride—and just so you can get a better idea … read more

How I Planned an International Destination Wedding: Part 2

Posted 1 day ago by Mrs. Border Collie

So when we last left off, I had explained that the main wedding stuff had been booked, and we had to wait until we reached the two month mark before booking any wedding details. After booking the wedding, I received all the catalogs from the resort, plus a 2014 price list: So, during the waiting phase, I kind of had … read more

When I Said “Yes!”

Posted 1 day ago by Miss Clownfish

Mr. Clownfish and I had celebrated our four year anniversary in December 2013, and I had a rather large suspicion that he would be proposing sometime soon. To say that it was out of the blue would be a lie, as I know him way too well and can always tell when something’s “up.” I had suspicions that it would … read more

Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial

Posted 3 days ago by Lauren Hittinger

If you love mercury glass, but don’t love the price tag, this DIY is for you. Easily get the same look of mercury glass for way less money. When deciding on decoration for your wedding, it is really hard to shake off and ignore an awesome inspiration photo. If you have fallen for the look of mercury glass, but don’t … read more

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