Our Ballooning Guest List

Posted 1 hour ago by Miss Angelfish

When Mr. A and I decided on our venue, we signed a contract for 80 guests, though we knew we would probably end up going to about 100. I had gotten advice from some married family members to give the venue a minimum number to start, and then add more guests as the event gets closer. Patuxent Greens can hold … read more

Shaking Our Moneymakers: The Budget Talk

Posted 20 hours ago by Miss Orca

Mr. Orca and I knew right off the bat that we were in no position to throw ourselves into debt with this wedding. So far, we are debt free (other than our car payment), and we like it that way! Oregon is a wonderful place to get married for a lot of reasons, but we give super big thumbs up to the … read more

Before and After Questionnaire: Mrs. Dragon Looks Back

Posted 23 hours ago by Mrs. Dragon

When I think back on our wedding it’s usually in a hazy, “hey, we got married a couple of years ago, cool!” kind of way. I’m excited to take part in this series because I haven’t put much recent thought toward all of those little details I was so worried about at the time! 1. What was your biggest priority … read more

Friendor Florist

Posted 24 hours ago by Miss Crab

Hiya, hive! I’ve had an absolutely crazy month of travel and it continues tomorrow as we Crabs head down to South Jersey to celebrate Turkey Day. As always, we have a ton to be thankful for this year and we’re trying to stay calm and continue to diligently check items off our wedding check list! One of the things I … read more

Watercolor Name Tags

Posted 1 week ago by Elizabeth Knox

These watercolor name tags are super cute and easy to do and would be something fun for you and your hubby to do. They are a simple way to add a pop of your favorite colors and personalization to the dining tables at your wedding reception. I have always loved watercolor paintings. I was thinking of some way to incorporate … read more

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