Drafting My Dream Team

Posted 59 mins ago by Miss Hammerhead

(Note: that is the only sports-related pun you will see from me. This has been a PSA.) One of the very first things I crafted—like many bees before me—were these bridesmaid boxes for my ladiez. Now, I know they say that you shouldn’t pick your posse until later on in the wedding-planning game. And I know these boxes are given some … read more

Wedding Website

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Narwhal

The wedding bubble is an interesting world to be in. When you’re planning a wedding, you’re well aware of the trends and the current practices. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what you’ve actually encountered in your everyday life versus read about hundreds of times before on the internet. Wedding websites are one of those things where it seems like everyone has one. … read more

Our Valentine’s Day Getaway

Posted 17 hours ago by Miss Orca

Hey there, hive. I just wanted to apologize for my recent blogger absence. My amazing grandpa just passed away, so life has been a little chaotic. I though this would be a good place to shout from the proverbial rooftops—I love you, Grandpa Joe!! OK, back to the happy stuff! A little story to start todays’ post out… Seven Valentine’s Days ago, … read more

Classifieds: February 26, 2015

Posted 17 hours ago by classifieds

katseye is selling a set of shabby chic French scroll chandeliers. She is asking $14.95 each for the chandeliers. Have a wedding item for sale? Post it with pictures in the Weddingbee Classifieds, and you might see it featured on the blog! Other great items for sale:

You’re Invited

Posted 19 hours ago by Miss Coral

Wedding invitations are a special thing—they really set the tone for an event. They convey formality, theme, and even the excitement of an upcoming big day. However, as much as this might hurt some of you avid DIYers’ or letterpress lovers’ hearts, they end up right in the trash. If not immediately, then right after the wedding, for sure. For … read more

Total Re-Collie: Here Comes the Bride

Posted 20 hours ago by Mrs. Border Collie

After I had my first look with my parents, the wedding coordinator ushered us all out of the spa. A horse drawn carriage was waiting to take my dad and me to the ceremony site. All photos are from Phil Steingard Studio (unless otherwise noted). We took some photos…

A Non-Alternative Guestbook

Posted 22 hours ago by Miss Tractor

Despite all of our unconventional wedding decisions thus far, our wedding guestbook comes in a fairly traditional format: a book. There are dozens of guestbook alternative ideas out there that can reflect a couple in a creative way, but we decided that a lovely book would work well for us because it is easy to store and fun to look … read more

Bridal Beauty Sugar Scrub

Posted 7 days ago by Emily Regan

Between all the invitations, flowers, seating arrangements, and venue hunting it can be difficult to remember to take time to relax. Sometimes a little pampering is all you need to get back on track, and this sugar scrub is sure to do the trick.

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