Mini Decorative Monkey Fist Knot Balls

Posted 14 hours ago by Miss Coral

Our wedding is going to be held on a dock overlooking the shrimp boats of Shem Creek. Of course we are having a nautical theme! While I don’t want to have jars of seashells sitting around, I do want to pull in certain classical nautical elements. One of those, to me, is rope. We plan on using rope in a … read more

More Shoe Talk

Posted 15 hours ago by Miss Border Collie

So, remember when I was talking about how hard it is to get your ladies together to shop?  Then I confessed that it was probably more because I hate clothes shopping than it is actually difficult to corral people? Well, I was totally right. (I hate shopping. HA!) This happened on Saturday: We are classy. Oh wait, you’re wondering what … read more

Let Me Entertain You: Part Three, Sounds of the Goose Wedding

Posted 17 hours ago by Mrs. Goose

Well, that a was busy few weeks! But with Canadian and Jewish holidays over, and work back to normal, it’s time to get back to writing. I’m still waiting on getting a few more things together for my recaps, but thought I would talk about some of the choices we made that I didn’t want to reveal before the wedding. … read more

Wedding Day Glam

Posted 20 hours ago by Miss Walrus

Retro-chic/pin-up is what I always think of when I think about my hair and makeup look for the wedding day. I’ve pinned a lot of hair and makeup (in a secret board, of course). Luckily my vision for my day-of look hasn’t changed. It’s hard to find pictures of people like me with the look I want to achieve. But here’s what I’ve … read more

10 Ways to Utilize Vintage Frames at Your Wedding

Posted 2 weeks ago by Elizabeth Seward

Try using vintage frames at your wedding in one of these 10 ways. So you want your wedding to have a beautiful vintage vibe, but you’re on a budget and can’t afford expensive antiques? No problem! Vintage frames can help you give your wedding a classically cool feel and they are incredibly inexpensive. Regardless of your wedding colors, location, flower … read more

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