How I Planned an International Destination Wedding: Part 2

Posted 11 hours ago by Mrs. Border Collie

So when we last left off, I had explained that the main wedding stuff had been booked, and we had to wait until we reached the two month mark before booking any wedding details. After booking the wedding, I received all the catalogs from the resort, plus a 2014 price list: So, during the waiting phase, I kind of had … read more

When I Said “Yes!”

Posted 13 hours ago by Miss Clownfish

Mr. Clownfish and I had celebrated our four year anniversary in December 2013, and I had a rather large suspicion that he would be proposing sometime soon. To say that it was out of the blue would be a lie, as I know him way too well and can always tell when something’s “up.” I had suspicions that it would … read more

Top 10 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: January 28, 2015

Posted 14 hours ago by beehive

Check out our top wedding ideas you’ve pinned this week: Selecting wedding readings from Mrs. Coral

Our People

Posted 15 hours ago by Miss Narwhal

Whenever we talk about our wedding with people, the lack of tradition is about the last thing that seems to get the shock factor. The thing people have been reacting strongly to? Our wedding party. The night after our engagement Mr. Narwhal and I were lying in bed and started naming off who we wanted to be in our wedding … read more

Where to Wed

Posted 16 hours ago by Miss Tractor

We were looking for a venue that was within an hour’s drive of Boston (the closer the better, since many of our guests will be arriving via flights at Boston Logan Airport), could host both a ceremony and a reception (because of our tight timeline, we wanted to cut out travel time between two destinations), had a location for an … read more

Rethinking Wedding Party Gift Baskets

Posted 6 days ago by Emily Regan

Are you tired of all the traditional, monogrammed wedding party gifts? Try making customized gift baskets! Here’s a how to create something fun and personal without breaking the bank. You’ve picked your wedding party—yay! They’ve been there for you through all the crazy ups and downs of wedding planning and now the big day is almost here and you want … read more

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