Gallery of the Day: August 31, 2016

Posted 57 mins ago by Weddingbee Gallery

Filigree Engagement Ring
lyndseyvm21 shares a photo of her filigree engagement ring with a warm diamond center stone.

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Real E-Rings: Sapphire Engagement Rings

Posted 16 hours ago by beehive

Today we’re bringing you one of the most popular gemstones: the sapphire. Sit back and enjoy these stunning sapphire engagement rings, from real brides in the hive!

For those playing catch-up, we launched a set of ring surveys, starting with 15 different styles of engagement rings (you can find them here and at the bottom of this post, as well as on the Boards as a stickied post). All you do is fill out the survey corresponding to your ring style (round diamond, Moissanite, sapphire, etc.), Mrs…. read more

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Classifieds: August 30, 2016

Posted 18 hours ago by Classifieds

Backyard Game Signs for Wedding
marinamonkey89 is selling a set of backyard game signs for a casual wedding. She is asking $15 each for five signs.

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Other great items for sale:

WTOO Alberta wedding dress, make an offer

500 clear plastic 10 oz. cups, asking $20

12 lanterns with battery-op candles, make an offer

6 sweets or ice cream bar table centerpieces,… read more

Planning for the Weekend: Bachelorette and Bridal Shower

Posted 23 hours ago by Miss Ice Cream Sundae

This past weekend has brought me a particular amount of stress, because I’m only going to be in town (Syracuse) for three days, and I have so much to cram in. Here’s my destination wedding to do list. read more

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Once in a Blue Moon Love: The Girls Lunch

Posted 1 day ago by Mrs. Blue Moon

Bridesmaids Luncheon
Another charming tradition that was incorporated into our pre-wedding events was a bridesmaids luncheon, which, in my area, is typically hosted by the bride or an immediate relative the day before the wedding to honor the bridesmaids. I think the bridesmaids luncheon used to be very prevalent everywhere, but it is still deeply traditional in the South. I have also read that in other places, the bridesmaids will host the luncheon for the bride instead of the other way around…. read more

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How to Make Your Own Adorable Wedding Ring Pillow

Posted 5 days ago by Cheyenne Bolt

You heard it right. You can make your own ring pillow for your big day. I’m so excited about this project because I really feel it’s something that takes minimal effort but produces grand results. I kept mine pretty simple, and it still turned out neat! You could add so much to it, and you can also use a different fabric. I know felt might not be everyone’s cup o’ tea. I like it, but there’s nothing wrong with using a different fabric.

Even if you do use slightly different materials, the basic… read more

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Make Your Own Wine-themed Centerpieces for Under $5!

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sacha Doucet

If you’re throwing a wine-themed wedding, here’s a cheap center piece idea that’s environmentally friendly to boot. Collect bottles and corks from your family and friends and you won’t have to spend a dime on the bulk of the project! The total cost of one centerpiece as seen above is just under $5!


A vase (the one displayed is 9 inches tall and 3.25 inches across and is from a dollar store)
Wine bottle
Roll of twine
X-acto knife
Cutting board
Paper,… read more

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DIY Lite: Wedding Favor Edition

Posted 2 weeks ago by Mrs. Blue Moon

DIY Heart Shaped Birdseed Wedding Favors
I finally have professional photos back, so recaps are coming! Before I get started, I want to share our last-minute DIYS that we completed before the wedding. I am the kind of bride that will pin the crap out of some Pinterest ideas, but when it comes time for me to execute anything, I nearly always get it wrong somehow…which is really a bummer considering the fact that I’m a middle school teacher and should probably be a lot craftier than I am.

If… read more

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