Waffle, Waffle, Waffle

Posted 11 hours ago by Miss Hammerhead

This whole wedding-planning process has been surprisingly waffle-free for me. I mean, I’m not saying the decision-making has been all easy, sunshine and roses—there were plenty of vendors that I researched exhaustively before we finally picked one. But usually, we’ve been able to make a decision, stick with it, and move on. But there are two decisions that I’ve been … read more

Cala-Married: Our Catholic Ceremony and Filipino Traditions

Posted 12 hours ago by Mrs. Squid

Our ceremony followed the Catholic standard—a reading from the Old Testament, a reading from the New Testament, followed by a gospel, homily, and Holy Communion. Choosing the readings was sort of a no brainer. Our Pre-Cana class provided a booklet with options for each selection and, honestly, we felt it was kind of slim pickin’s. The dynamic between a husband … read more

Gallery of the Day: April 1, 2015

Posted 14 hours ago by Weddingbee Gallery

christinegm88 shares a photo of her DIY fabric garland. Keep on loading your inspirational wedding pics to the Weddingbee Gallery to see them featured here on the blog! Remember, your images must be under 1MB in size, or they won’t load. If your photo is featured as the Gallery of the Day, you’re eligible for a special Weddingbee badge for … read more


Posted 15 hours ago by Miss Narwhal

Like many brides before me, I’ve been dreaming of my post-wedding chop growing my hair out for the wedding. When Mr. Narwhal and I first met my hair was short and blonde. Shortly before we bought our home, I went back to my natural colour to save money and have since been in the process of growing my hair out. … read more

Top 10 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: April 1, 2015

Posted 16 hours ago by beehive

Check out our top wedding ideas you’ve pinned this week: DIY photo guestbook ideas from Mrs. Camel

Make Your Own Wedding Video

Posted 1 week ago by Allison Halco

Do you want to capture your wedding on video, but your budget is too tight to hire a videographer? Getting video of your special day isn’t something that has to break the bank. It’s completely DIY-able – and something a lot of brides-to-be overlook as an affordable memento.

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