The Guest List: Estimate vs. Actual

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Squid

This post could have also been entitled, “And Now I Will Prove How Big Of A Nerd I Actually Am.” When we first started this wedding planning adventure, I was adamant that Mr. S and I would pay for everything ourselves. Aside from not wanting to burden our parents, I knew that whoever held the purse strings had the final … read more

Let’s Table That Idea.

Posted 3 hours ago by Miss Orca

Being a bride on a budget, I’m constantly looking for ways to shave costs. It feels like everything I see and do these days translates to “Could this be a good wedding idea?” or “Is this a good place to spend our wedding money?” Wedding brain is real, y’all. So when we hooked up with a rental company, Action Rent-All … read more

Before and After Questionnaire: Walrus Edition, The Before

Posted 4 hours ago by Miss Walrus

I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do the before and after questions that the lovely Mrs. Barn and Miss Border Collie created! For now, of course, I’ll just be doing the before, and hopefully after the wedding do this again to compare and contrast. 1. What is your biggest priority about (or for?) the event (e.g., catering, photography)? My biggest … read more

Our Ballooning Guest List

Posted 7 hours ago by Miss Angelfish

When Mr. A and I decided on our venue, we signed a contract for 80 guests, though we knew we would probably end up going to about 100. I had gotten advice from some married family members to give the venue a minimum number to start, and then add more guests as the event gets closer. Patuxent Greens can hold … read more

Watercolor Name Tags

Posted 1 week ago by Elizabeth Knox

These watercolor name tags are super cute and easy to do and would be something fun for you and your hubby to do. They are a simple way to add a pop of your favorite colors and personalization to the dining tables at your wedding reception. I have always loved watercolor paintings. I was thinking of some way to incorporate … read more

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