Bridesmaid Bracelets

Posted 5 hours ago by Mrs. Coral

After choosing a bridesmaids’ dress, I quickly began to think about accessories. Because of the ruffled halter neck, we collectively agreed that a necklace would be unnecessary. I wanted a very Southern, yet “colorful coastal” style to the whole day. So, I decided (and the BMs agreed) that it would look lovely to have no necklace, simple pearl earrings, and … read more

Classifieds: April 20, 2015

Posted 6 hours ago by Classifieds

Janine is selling a set of vases for tall candles. She is asking $60 for the set of 3. Have a wedding item for sale? Post it with pictures in the Weddingbee Classifieds, and you might see it featured on the blog! Other great items for sale:

Showered in Love & Lace

Posted 7 hours ago by Miss Clownfish

As we quickly approach the four-month mark, I thought I’d already gotten past the “Oh, gosh…this is actually happening!” stage of wedding planing. Well, this past weekend my bridesmaid Cat and MOH Schmo threw me the most amazing bridal shower, and the whole time I kept thinking, “This is really for me? Because I’m the bride? WHOA.” Because I go … read more

Rebel with a Veil: Breaking My Relationship Rules

Posted 10 hours ago by Miss Puffer

Before I met Mr. Puffer, I had a lot of rules about dating. There were a few for the guy. He had to be taller than my 5’9″. He had to be gainfully employed and financially secure. He had to respect others, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Other than that, I was pretty open to a wide … read more

Real Wedings: Ashlee & Eric

Posted 12 hours ago by Real Weddings

Ashlee and Eric wed in beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic this past February in a vibrant and beautiful ceremony with pops of hot pink and turquoise. ~~~ The Details Bride’s Name: Ashlee Groom/Partner’s Name: Eric Venue(s): Jellyfish Restaurant (wedding ceremony and reception) and Macao Beach (“rock the dress” session) in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Wedding Date: February 7, … read more

Today is “The Day”

Posted 13 hours ago by Miss Walrus

Today is the day I marry one of my longest friends and I couldn’t be anymore excited. It still hasn’t really hit me—even while at rehearsal last night, or even with my dress hanging next to me as I lay on the floor of my mothers den waiting to get my makeup done—what is about to transpire. It’s been 16 … read more

Watercooler: April 18, 2015

Posted 2 days ago by watercooler

Tractor Invites: The Big Reveal by Miss Tractor Cala-Married: “Can I Cut In?” by Mrs. Squid A Clownfish Honeymoon: We’ll Be Cruisin’ by Miss Clownfish Eat All the Foods! by Miss Hammerhead Puffed Up with Pride by Miss Puffer Building a Driftwood Cake Display by Mrs. Coral Cala-Married: All Good Things Must Come to an End by Mrs. Squid What … read more

Repurposed Starbucks Bottle

Posted 5 days ago by Marian Rios

Here’s something for all you Starbucks lovers out there! (And no, we don’t mean Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”) I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of Starbucks bottles at some point or another. Whether you threw them away, used them as piggy banks or as spice jars–we’ve all encountered them at least once. Being a person who collects all unnecessary things … read more

More Projects

Hashtag String Art

Posted 6 days ago by Mrs. Coral

Our wedding venue is so beautiful that it really doesn’t need much decor. But we wanted a few pieces around to make it extra personalized. One of our favorite projects that we have ever done is the XL ampersand string art hanging above our bed. Classic Pinterest? Perhaps, but it looks so good and was a snap to make. Plus, … read more

More Projects

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