Squid Invitations: Final Thoughts

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Squid

Thank you everyone for all the nice words and compliments on our invitations! My minions and I truly appreciate all the love! You’re probably tired of hearing me wax poetic about our invitations by now, but I wanted to wrap up Squid invitation week with assembly, a budget recap, and some final thoughts. Because invitation headquarters was at my parents’ … read more

Another Proposal (of Sorts)!

Posted 5 hours ago by Miss Crab

Soon after Mr. Crab proposed, it was obvious that there would have to be another proposal. We would have to ask an officiant, “Will you marry us?” Although we were both raised in the Catholic tradition, we are not practicing Catholics now. We decided that it worked best for us to be married by someone who knew us both individually … read more

Wedding Websites

Posted 6 hours ago by Miss Angelfish

Before we started on our wedding-planning journey, I had no idea what a wedding website was. But when I found out what it is, and what it could be…I couldn’t WAIT to get started on designing ours. I knew I wanted four things: A custom domain name A way for guests to share/upload photos A countdown clock or widget An … read more

Monumental Love: A Wedding for the Ages

Posted 20 hours ago by Mrs. Pyramid

The time has come, dear friends, to lay down the first brick of the Pyramid Wedding recaps! The day in a nutshell: cheesy smiles, kisses, and beautiful flowers. / Photo by Eau Claire Photographics I’ve been popping in here and there since the wedding, but after a year of writing on the ‘Bee, a little refresh of some of my favorite … read more

10 Ways to Utilize Vintage Frames at Your Wedding

Posted 2 weeks ago by Elizabeth Seward

Try using vintage frames at your wedding in one of these 10 ways. So you want your wedding to have a beautiful vintage vibe, but you’re on a budget and can’t afford expensive antiques? No problem! Vintage frames can help you give your wedding a classically cool feel and they are incredibly inexpensive. Regardless of your wedding colors, location, flower … read more

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