Back in Action

Posted 18 hours ago by Mrs. Clover

Hey there, everyone! Yesterday was our one month anniversary—and we’ve had quite the month! We went on an amazing honeymoon, bought a house, celebrated my birthday, and started the oh-so-fun moving process. It’s been a whirlwind. Even better—the last night of our honeymoon (in the romantic airport hotel), we got an email from Caili. Guess who’s got pictures! We were … read more

Gift Giving Is Hard…

Posted 20 hours ago by Miss Border Collie

Hive, you haven’t “officially” met my two best girls standing up with me yet, so I’m here to remedy that! (I didn’t actually introduce you to them in the bridal fair post, so I’m not counting that!) First of all, we have MOH Bestie M: Just another awesome day wine tasting in Napa! I’ve known Bestie M since junior high, … read more

Takin’ Love by the Horns: We’re on Top of the World!

Posted 22 hours ago by Mrs. Bighorn Sheep

I apologise for being absent, guys! Mr. Big and I just celebrated our halfiversary, and it’s been pretty hectic here! But I will get back to regularly posting. We exchanged rings, kissed, and generally loved up, but our ceremony wasn’t finished! As Mr. Big and I looked at each other gleefully, Celebrant J signalled for the music to start, indicating … read more

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Gallery of the Day: July 22, 2014

Posted 1 day ago by Weddingbee Gallery

SoontobeMrsBeggs shares an engagement photo complete with a perfect rainbow in the background! Keep on loading your inspirational wedding pics to the Weddingbee Gallery to see them featured here on the blog! Remember, your images must be under 1MB in size, or they won’t load. If your photo is featured as the Gallery of the Day, you’re eligible for a … read more

Sock It to Me, Groomsmen

Posted 1 day ago by Miss Hen

Details are a double-edged sword. On one hand, “attention to detail” is something to be admired. You have to hand it to a couple who goes the extra mile to make their bash sing from head to toe. On the other hand, “the devil is in the details,” and if you think long and hard about every little piece of … read more

Be My Bridesmaid? Box

Posted 7 days ago by Lauren Hittinger

Having good friends as bridesmaids can be a total lifesaver. Not only do these gals agree to wear whatever dress you select, they also listen to disappointments and help with projects. That is why it’s nice to start off on a high note.

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DIY Decorative Initial

Posted 2 weeks ago by Rebecca Richey

My favorite wedding decorations meet two important criteria. First: they must be inexpensive. I love decorations that are cheap. Any bride can tell you that wedding expenses add up way faster than you would ever imagine. I am in favor of anything that reduces the overall sticker shock of the wedding. Second criteria: the best decor serves a dual purpose. … read more

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