Wedding Planning Is Weird

Posted 4 days ago by Miss Tiara

I haven’t left you out of my whirlwind life cycle—I’ve been around the block. This isn’t my first rodeo. The girl I was when I planned a wedding for the first time is most definitely not the woman I am today. My first wedding was a major production with every little detail planned down to the minutiae. It was a … read more

Legal Requirements for Mexico Wedding

Posted 4 days ago by Miss Stingray

I did some research when we first decided on our beach wedding location to determine the requirements for getting married in Mexico. I found it is quite involved for two foreigners to be married in Mexico and for the marriage to be recognized in the United States. This is not an exhaustive list, and I’m not sure how up to … read more

Launching Our New Ring Porn Series (and How You Can Be a Part of It!)

Posted 5 days ago by beehive

UPDATE: We have created an “other gemstone” category, so anyone with a gemstone ring that is not included in any of the other categories can submit their ring now!  We know the hive loves engagement rings. Just take a look at the Gallery or our Rings boards, and you will see all kinds of e-rings, discussions on what kind of … read more

More Bridal Style

Pool Noodle Pomanders

Posted 5 days ago by kat27

Personally, I think they look best lining the aisle at your ceremony but whatever you decide, one thing is for certain: to get the right look, you need lots of pomanders. And while your florist can easily make them for you, you can also cut costs by making them yourself, especially if you start early. Grab your glue gun and … read more

More Projects

Infinity Hair Clips

Posted 2 weeks ago by emilysuhr

One way to get them something they’re all bound to enjoy is to make them infinity hair clips. read more

More Projects

Eco-Friendly Heart Wreaths

Posted 3 weeks ago by kat27

Hearts are the quintessential expression of love. In this post, I’ll show you how to make an adorable, eco-friendly, heart-shaped wreath to dress up your wedding. You can hang them from the doors at your reception to greet your guests, lay them on your sweetheart table for some added pizzazz, or even display them on shepherd’s hooks to line the … read more

More Projects

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