Watercooler: September 13, 2014

Posted 1 day ago by watercooler

Secret Life of Bees: Squid Edition by Miss Squid Annual Appreciation by Mrs. Campfire Pyramids in Polynesia: Some Logistics by Mrs. Pyramid Me Llama Mrs. Llama: The Guys Get Ready…or Something by Mrs. Llama Crafty Creations: Paper Present by Mrs. Campfire Tips on Choosing a Wedding Venue by Miss Coral The Goose Migration: Land Lubbers in Boca by Mrs. Goose … read more

Catching Up with Mrs. Bracelet

Posted 2 days ago by Mrs. Bracelet

Hi bees! A brief reintroduction is probably best as I’ve been absent for over a year! Mr. Bracelet and I met in Japan in 2010 and had two weddings in 2012. We first had a civil ceremony (and a Polterabend) in Germany followed by a traditional wedding in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. We now live in Montana. September 15, 2012 … read more

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The Goose Migration: The Reviews

Posted 2 days ago by Mrs. Goose

Since we used quite a few different sources for travel and accomodations, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a short summary on all of them individually. Please note that these are based on my own experiences solely on this trip, and may differ from others. Greyhound Canada Something that I think all Torontonians (and GTA … read more

My Heart Bleats for You: We Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

Posted 2 days ago by Mrs. Goat

After a late night of fireworks and all, the ladies and I headed back to the hotel suite for the night before the wedding for a big slumber party. We got to bed about midnight and at about 3:00am I was wide awake. In an effort not to annoy everyone around me, I spent a few hours trolling Facebook and … read more

Hand Lettering Class

Posted 2 days ago by Miss Coral

I recently had the fun experience of taking a hand lettering class at Space Craft Studios in Charleston. I actually signed up for the class before we got engaged, because I just love fun writing (I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to it!), but now I am extra excited to hand letter my wedding invitations and maybe some other … read more

Gallery of the Day: September 12, 2014

Posted 2 days ago by Weddingbee Gallery

SKyAlex shares a photo of herself and her new husband with their bridal party, decked out in beautiful brights. Keep on loading your inspirational wedding pics to the Weddingbee Gallery to see them featured here on the blog! Remember, your images must be under 1MB in size, or they won’t load. If your photo is featured as the Gallery of … read more

Dressing His Fellas

Posted 3 days ago by Miss Border Collie

Mr. BC is in town right now. WOOHOO! One of the things we wanted to check off the list while he was here was picking the groomsmen outfits. So, like the true lazy bums we are, we did this on Labor Day Monday from the comfort of our couch. (I love you, internet shopping!) This was another fairly easy decision. … read more

Custom Bunting Cake Topper

Posted 2 weeks ago by Lauren Hittinger

This DIY bunting cake topper is perfect because it adds some hipster flair, is completely customizable, and is so inexpensive! When I got married, choosing a cake topper was a process. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something classic, something with people in it, or something completely abstract. But I didn’t want to spend too much cash on my cake … read more

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