After the Wedding: How the Palm Trees Are Growing Together

Posted 12 hours ago by Mrs. Palm Tree

Hi, hive. Mrs. Palm Tree here, excited to be back in action as a participant in the “After the Wedding” series. This part’s prompt focuses on what we’ve learned and how we’re different as a couple as well as individuals since being married. Mr. Palm Tree and I are almost at exactly a year and a half of marriage—my most … read more

Make Me Over

Posted 14 hours ago by Miss Border Collie

One really awesome thing about having a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is that my hair and makeup for the wedding day are included! One crap thing about having a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is not having a makeup or hair trial in advance of the big day. (Technically I could make an appointment with the resort … read more

Squid Invitations: The Inside Bits

Posted 15 hours ago by Miss Squid

Yes, I’m still talking about our invitations, concentrating today on the inside bits. This gets fairly technical so I won’t be offended if you choose to skip the words and just look at the pictures. Design. I designed our invitations in Power Point. I searched far and wide for the perfect fonts and finally settled on Jellyka—Nathaniel a Mystery (the … read more

Top 10 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: October 22, 2014

Posted 17 hours ago by beehive

Check out our top wedding ideas you’ve pinned this week: Mrs. Crab’s “Be My Bridesmaid” gifts

Figuring Out This Ceremony Thing

Posted 18 hours ago by Miss Walrus

Ceremony, ceremony, ceremony. Thinking about our actual wedding day ceremony gives me slight anxiety. I’m so excited to be exchanging vows with the love of my life, and heck, that’s the most important part of the day! So why all the dramatics? Unknown to my friends and family, I am a very private, quiet person. But I’m not an introvert. Kinda strange. My … read more

10 Ways to Utilize Vintage Frames at Your Wedding

Posted 2 weeks ago by Elizabeth Seward

Try using vintage frames at your wedding in one of these 10 ways. So you want your wedding to have a beautiful vintage vibe, but you’re on a budget and can’t afford expensive antiques? No problem! Vintage frames can help you give your wedding a classically cool feel and they are incredibly inexpensive. Regardless of your wedding colors, location, flower … read more

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