And They’re Here!

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Walrus

My shoes are here! For those that don’t remember, I was having some difficulty deciding what shoes I would wear. I came across the company Design Your Pedestal on Facebook (which has since revamped their company brand). They are officially “Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes.” I was in constant contact with two very nice ladies, Katie & Kerry, who kept … read more

Watercooler: December 20, 2014

Posted 2 days ago by watercooler

WWBD Orca Style: Help! Our Wedding Day Doesn’t Flow! by Miss Orca A To Do List for Myself on My Wedding Day by Miss Squid Monumental Love: It’s the Little Things by Mrs. Pyramid Chunk’s Official Report by Mrs. Squid Chop Chop by Miss Walrus Monumental Love: I Sphinx I Love You by Mrs. Pyramid Drawing Up a Floor Plan … read more

A Napa Bachelorette Party: Part 2

Posted 3 days ago by Miss Border Collie

When we last left off, Bestie M and I had retired to our room at the utterly respectable time of 10:00 PM. I had taken a lot of steps to try to prevent a hangover. Bestie M swears by this stuff: Image via BevMo We each used the recommended amount (half the bottle before you start drinking, half the bottle when … read more

Bee Ornament Exchange 2014: Part 2

Posted 3 days ago by Mrs. Mouse

I’m back today with more of the bee bloggers’ awesome holiday ornament creations (and purchases!). You can catch up on part 1 right here. to — Finding a funnel cake ornament was a tough challenge, but I found something small on Etsy. I also grabbed a funnel cake scented candle while I was there. (My only crafty contribution was the … read more

Make Your Own Ring Pillow

Posted 2 weeks ago by Lauren Hittinger

If you will be using a ring pillow for your wedding, do not buy it! I guarantee that you can make one yourself, even if you’re a completely novice sewer. This DIY sewn ring pillow is so easy. I guarantee that you can make one too, even if you’re a newbie sewer. First you’ll need to select your fabric. A … read more

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