Me Llama Mrs. Llama: Bridal Party Photos

Posted 2 hours ago by Mrs. Llama

Hive, I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I don’t have any grand excuse—the school year just really started to pick up, and I started supervising an extracurricular, which seemed to take up all my spare time! My apologies. I’ll try to be back more consistently. I’ve loved reading all the other bees’ blogs, though! Particularly our newbees. So…anyway… Next on … read more

Before and After Questionnaire: Mrs. Funnel Cake Fills Us In

Posted 7 hours ago by Mrs. Funnel Cake

Hi bees! After reading Miss Border Collie’s questionnaire and Mrs. Barn’s, I decided to answer with our before/afters! 1. What was your biggest priority about (or for?) the event (e.g., catering, photography)? Photography was definitely my biggest priority, both emotionally and budget-wise. I would have been devastated if there was a problem. It paid off because I love our photos … read more

Bienvenu(e): Part One

Posted 8 hours ago by Miss Orca

As soon as we became engaged, I had venue on the mind. And with good reason! There’s really not much planning you can do without knowing where you’re getting married. At this point, we were still ball-parking a head count, and we had very few actual requirements. I knew I wanted something in Bend. I thought something outdoors would be … read more

Classifieds: November 20, 2014

Posted 1 day ago by classifieds

EmilySchmemily is selling a BHLDN Quillaree wedding gown. She is asking $1,000 for the size 6 dress. Have a wedding item for sale? Post it with pictures in the Weddingbee Classifieds, and you might see it featured on the blog! Other great items for sale:

DIY: How to Make a Flower Chandelier

Posted 1 week ago by Ashley Bennett

Your big day is right around the corner. A flower chandelier is a great way to pinch the pennies and add a little elegance. The tools you are going to need are simple. You will need to have a floral frame ring. The size of it is up to you. For this example a 20in floral frame was used. You … read more

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