Figuring Out This Ceremony Thing

Posted 15 mins ago by Miss Walrus

Ceremony, ceremony, ceremony. Thinking about our actual wedding day ceremony gives me slight anxiety. I’m so excited to be exchanging vows with the love of my life, and heck, that’s the most important part of the day! So why all the dramatics? Unknown to my friends and family, I am a very private, quiet person. But I’m not an introvert. Kinda strange. My … read more

Building Our Bridal Party IV: Divvying Up Responsibilities

Posted 1 hour ago by Miss Crab

Being invited to participate in someone’s bridal party is such an honor and can be so much fun, but it can also be a big commitment in terms of money, time, and responsibility. GIF/Image credit: E! Online / Movie: Bridesmaids (Universal Pictures, 2011)

My Heart Bleats for You: A Surprise Performance

Posted 20 hours ago by Mrs. Goat

When everyone was done eating and the food had been cleared away it was time to head out onto the dance floor for our first dance. Billie and I danced to our song, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.

After the Wedding: How the Funnel Cakes Are Growing Together

Posted 21 hours ago by Mrs. Funnel Cake

More than one male colleague warned Mr. Funnel Cake during our engagement that “everything would change” and that marriage would ruin all the good in our relationship. For a while FC was legitimately worried that the relationship he was enjoying so much would be lost if we married. I assured him that this was crazy and that nothing would change … read more

Squid Invitations: The Outside Bits

Posted 22 hours ago by Miss Squid

OK, time to get into the details of all the parts and pieces of our invitation suite. Today we’ll focus on the outside bits. Pseudo-calligraphy. Some of you might remember that I had a hard time finding the perfect calligraphy pen to address our envelopes. I ended up favoring the Marvy Calligraphy 2.0 pens. It was not too thick but … read more

10 Ways to Utilize Vintage Frames at Your Wedding

Posted 2 weeks ago by Elizabeth Seward

Try using vintage frames at your wedding in one of these 10 ways. So you want your wedding to have a beautiful vintage vibe, but you’re on a budget and can’t afford expensive antiques? No problem! Vintage frames can help you give your wedding a classically cool feel and they are incredibly inexpensive. Regardless of your wedding colors, location, flower … read more

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