Bridesmaids’ Dresses in Real Life

Posted 2 hours ago by Miss Coral

I am so excited to say that my bridesmaids’ dresses are finally in and they are even better than I expected! I went back and forth forever and finally decided on several shades of teal of the Allure 1310. However, I only got to see the lightest shade in person before ordering. So, I was a bit nervous about how … read more

How I Planned an International Destination Wedding: Part 1

Posted 3 hours ago by Mrs. Border Collie

Hey guys! I’m back! And totally enjoying the post-wedding love haze. While I’m waiting for my pro pics, I figured I’d share my experience of booking an international destination wedding. I’m a details person; I like knowing what to expect. When I was first working on planning I was pretty bummed out that there was barely any information out there … read more

Monumental Love: Liturgy of the Word

Posted 6 hours ago by Mrs. Pyramid

In order to make our nuptial mass helpful to any other Catholic brides, I’ll be including our readings, song choices, and some of the prayers.  And in order to make all of that manageable to write and read, I’ll be splitting our ceremony up into three posts.  Today, I’ve got the liturgy of the word to share with you, which … read more

Looking at Traditions

Posted 8 hours ago by Miss Narwhal

OK, I’m sure if you have learned anything about the future Mr. and Mrs. Narwhal, it’s that we want our wedding to be a representation of us. We want our backyard forest wedding to be filled with little touches everywhere of who we are as a couple. So, it might not surprise you that we’re skipping quite a few traditions when … read more

To Look or Not to Look

Posted 9 hours ago by Miss Tractor

With the decision made to move the cocktail hour to before the ceremony, we now needed to make space in our wedding-day schedule for portraits. Easy fix—let’s do a first look! It doesn’t work for everyone, but with beautiful photographic inspiration like this, it’s hard to resist a first look! Mrs. Poodle’s first look! / Photo by Next Exit Photography

Introducing Miss Clownfish!

Posted 10 hours ago by Mrs. Penguin

Our newest bee is a student and a pro photog! We can’t wait to see what this creative gal has up her sleeve for her wedding. Please join me in welcoming Miss Clownfish to the hive! Miss Clownfish, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Age & Occupation: 22, Full-time student and Professional Photographer Fiance’s Age & Occupation: 23, Full-time student Engagement Date: January 5th, 2014 … read more

Rethinking Wedding Party Gift Baskets

Posted 5 days ago by Emily Regan

Are you tired of all the traditional, monogrammed wedding party gifts? Try making customized gift baskets! Here’s a how to create something fun and personal without breaking the bank. You’ve picked your wedding party—yay! They’ve been there for you through all the crazy ups and downs of wedding planning and now the big day is almost here and you want … read more

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