Traditions & Superstitions

Posted 28 mins ago by Miss Border Collie

Weddings are steeped in traditions, aren’t they? Here are a few wedding traditions and superstitions with a brief history…some that we’re doing, and some that we’re not! White Wedding Dress: check! In Western culture the white wedding dress was adopted after Queen Victoria wore one in 1840. Dang! What a trendsetter! Can you imagine the color of your wedding dress … read more

The NewlyJets: Owners of Lonely Hearts, No More

Posted 3 hours ago by Mrs. Jet Setter

After the bridal party settled into the reception, it was our turn to make our (second) big entrance of the day…our official announcement as Mr. and Mrs.! Mr. Jet and I wanted our entrance song to surprise everyone. Something fun. Something upbeat. Something…totally random. The first 0:24 seconds of this song crack me up so hard, to this day. A … read more

Watercooler: July 26, 2014

Posted 2 days ago by watercooler

Let There Be Light by Miss Squid Trash the Dress & Wedding Regret by Miss Border Collie Becoming a Mrs. by Miss Barn Sock It to Me, Groomsmen by Miss Hen Built for Two: Introductions and First Dance by Mrs. Bicycle Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Serving Champagne at a Wedding by Miss Hen Our Ring (and Antique … read more

Love and Marriage

Posted 3 days ago by Mrs. Milk Cow

Hive, the Milk Cows are married!! Don’t worry—the car was not actually moving during this shot. Safety first! At 5:17 last Saturday, I joined my best friend at the end of an aisle.

Find Your Seat

Posted 3 days ago by Mrs. Clover

Before the wedding, I told you about everything I hoped our place cards would do: Guest’s name Guest’s table assignment Entree choice Room assignment So how did it turn out? Exactly like I hoped. All photos from Caili Helsper Photography unless otherwise noted

Sailing to the Bahamas – Part 2: Excursions and Ports of Call

Posted 3 days ago by Mrs. Goat

As I stated previously, we sailed with Royal Caribbean on the Grandeur of the Seas for our honeymoon. After two wonderful days of sleeping, eating, swimming, napping, eating, eating, shows, swimming, eating, napping and eating we arrived at our first stop—Port Canaveral, Florida. We batted around several options for excursions: 1) Universal Studios—which we nixed because the boat didn’t arrive … read more

Mooning My Honey, Part 1

Posted 3 days ago by Miss Squid

Between regular summer vacations to the Philippines, a study abroad program in Rome, and seizing the opportunity to visit friends and cousins in international countries whenever I could (um, hello, free lodging!), my passport and I have seen a good chunk of the world together. In fact, I am procrastinating my renewal this year because I don’t want to give … read more

Handmade Sailboat Table Decorations

Posted 7 days ago by Heather Burcham

Nautical themes are becoming increasingly popular for spring and summer weddings. With clean lines and rich navy blue and crisp white colors, this look can “anchor” your wedding décor, adding a masculine accent to what can become an almost exclusively feminine look.

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