Makeup Trials and Tribulations

Posted 36 mins ago by Miss Crab

Last night I went to my second dress fitting and met my bridal bling in person for the first time. It’s pretty phenomenal! Standing around in the dressing room with my gown all fitted got me thinking about what I will look like as a bride. The dress is pretty spectacular on its own, but the look won’t be complete … read more

Bee Ornament Exchange 2014: Part 3

Posted 5 hours ago by Mrs. Mouse

I’ve got some more Weddingbee crafty goodness for the hive today…here is part three of this year’s Bee Ornament Exchange! (Do you have a favorite yet?) Catch up on the first two parts here. to

And They’re Here!

Posted 8 hours ago by Miss Walrus

My shoes are here! For those that don’t remember, I was having some difficulty deciding what shoes I would wear. I came across the company Design Your Pedestal on Facebook (which has since revamped their company brand). They are officially “Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes.” I was in constant contact with two very nice ladies, Katie & Kerry, who kept … read more

Watercooler: December 20, 2014

Posted 2 days ago by watercooler

WWBD Orca Style: Help! Our Wedding Day Doesn’t Flow! by Miss Orca A To Do List for Myself on My Wedding Day by Miss Squid Monumental Love: It’s the Little Things by Mrs. Pyramid Chunk’s Official Report by Mrs. Squid Chop Chop by Miss Walrus Monumental Love: I Sphinx I Love You by Mrs. Pyramid Drawing Up a Floor Plan … read more

A Napa Bachelorette Party: Part 2

Posted 3 days ago by Miss Border Collie

When we last left off, Bestie M and I had retired to our room at the utterly respectable time of 10:00 PM. I had taken a lot of steps to try to prevent a hangover. Bestie M swears by this stuff: Image via BevMo We each used the recommended amount (half the bottle before you start drinking, half the bottle when … read more

Bee Ornament Exchange 2014: Part 2

Posted 3 days ago by Mrs. Mouse

I’m back today with more of the bee bloggers’ awesome holiday ornament creations (and purchases!). You can catch up on part 1 right here. to — Finding a funnel cake ornament was a tough challenge, but I found something small on Etsy. I also grabbed a funnel cake scented candle while I was there. (My only crafty contribution was the … read more

Make Your Own Ring Pillow

Posted 2 weeks ago by Lauren Hittinger

If you will be using a ring pillow for your wedding, do not buy it! I guarantee that you can make one yourself, even if you’re a completely novice sewer. This DIY sewn ring pillow is so easy. I guarantee that you can make one too, even if you’re a newbie sewer. First you’ll need to select your fabric. A … read more

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