Dress Measurement Diagram

Where is a good place to find a diagram of how to measure for bridesmaid’s dresses? I want to include one in my bridesmaids newsletter but all the ones I’ve found have been rather blah. ~Elizabeth

I found this on Best Bridal Prices. (click and mouse over bottom right corner to enlarge)

bm dress.jpg


Mrs. Ladybug

New York/Philadelphia
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April 15, 2006

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  1. Guest
    Miss Poppy, Guest @ 2:04 pm

    always informative.

    i love you. *smooch*

  2. Guest
    mrs ladybug, Guest @ 2:09 pm

    i love you too poppadocious! SMOOCHIES!
    i gave you a wet one cause i know you like it like dat. haha

  3. Guest
    Miss Poppy, Guest @ 2:44 pm

    oooh mrs ladybug, how did you know i liked that?? ooohlala!!!

    seriously – you are hilarious :) i rub you. rots.

  4. Guest
    mrs ladybug, Guest @ 2:51 pm

    you rub my what?! pervert!
    hahahaha j/k. i rub you rots too rubber!
    rubber = lover

    get it? get it?! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
    ok not funny.

  5. Guest
    Miss Poppy, Guest @ 3:15 pm

    mrs radybug
    yes me rub you… haha rubbbbbbber!

    yes. SO FUNNY! muhahahahaha

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