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Ugh, you may have noticed Weddingbee was slow earlier today! We thought maybe it was the Tags tab (which uses the database a lot), so we took that out… but that didn’t help. So my brother hopped on the phone with our webhost, and apparently one of their databases was having problems and was just fixed. Better?

Hmm, we upgraded to this new site host so that we could expand Weddingbee and add new features. But if our new host doesn’t start doing a better job with site uptime, we are going to have to move again :-( . Sorry about all this. We will do our best to get this resolved soon – thanks for bearing with us!


Mr. Bee

New York City, New York
Wedding Date:
March 5, 2005

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  1. Guest
    mr. techie, Guest @ 2:24 pm

    are comments working? this is a test.

  2. Guest
    Miss Ant, Guest @ 2:46 pm

    Thanks for all your work on the site! Weddingbee wouldn’t be nearly as great without you guys.

  3. Guest
    Tea, Guest @ 3:16 pm

    i appreciate all the work you guys do just so we can keep reading and writing. y’all rock. thanks!

  4. Guest
    aylee, Guest @ 3:32 pm

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I don’t end a day without visitng weddingbee :) . By the way, will you be putting back the tags cloud/list? I miss it, categories too.

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