Open Question: Cruise Gift Bags

Dear Weddingbee,

My girlfriend will be having a Bermuda cruise wedding for 5 days in September, and she would like suggestions on what to put in her goodie bags/baskets for her 50 guests?

Ms YuMMie


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    Mrs. Bee, Guest @ 1:31 pm

    towels, sunblock, lip balm, underwater camera, visor, aloe vera (for sunburns)…. hope that helps! also we did a previous open question on cruise gifts for kids here:

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    jlz, Guest @ 1:32 pm

    Dramamine or motion sickness patches…seriously!

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    linnybride, Guest @ 1:45 pm

    Ask your ship what their rules are about what you can bring on the ship. They may have some special regulations.

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    Mrs. Bee, Guest @ 1:46 pm

    yah i’ve read that some cruise lines won’t place gift bags in rooms, but if you hand them to your guests directly, it should be fine. :)

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    Laura, Guest @ 1:51 pm

    If there are kids, goggles for the pool might be nice. Maybe info about where in Bermuda you’re going.

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    LA, Guest @ 2:21 pm

    This is sort of random, but I think could be nice. My family is going on a family reunion cruise, and I am giving everyone a plastic travel mug with their name on it for the cruise. I’ve heard that it’s really handy for taking your morning coffee “to go” around the ship, or any other beverages you might want to take to go (wink wink). Another tip is to bring a sharpie along and once everyone has been assigned to a room, write the room number on the mug as well (for those who are forgetful).

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    Jayme, Guest @ 2:33 pm


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    Jen L, Guest @ 2:46 pm

    mini bottles of sunscreen for sure

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    LB, Guest @ 9:39 pm

    I found great cruise ship luggage tags on ebay for $2.50. If you buy them on other sites they go for $8.00.

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    Ms YuMMie, Guest @ 8:48 am

    WOW! These are AWESOME tips! Yes there will be kids, my 7 year old son will be going too. And thanks for the links! You ladies are the best!

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    Yach, Guest @ 6:56 pm

    I’m doing the exact same cruise in October for my wedding! I just placed an order with for individual sized packets of dramamine for 0.89 cents, trial size unscreen for $1.99 each. I also ordered the cruise luggage tags that LB posted about and seashell photo albums for about $2 each (they constantly have coupons and discounts on the web site (I got 25% off my order so it was a really good deal).

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    Laura, Guest @ 2:20 pm


    Given the nature of your enquiry I wonder whether I can help at all. Please see Cruise Gift Store (

    Although based in the UK I do ship internationally and where possible will always try to offer a discount for multiple items.

    My cruise countdown clocks would be a lovely pre-cruise gift for guests.


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