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Whose name do you use on a return address of an invitation if you and your fiance live together and are hosting the wedding, but obviously have different last names at this time. I’d like to purchase an embosser with our married name and address, but is it “jumping the gun” to use my future last name as a return address when my last name isn’t really his yet? Should I just save the embosser for after the fact and print our different names on the invite?



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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    n, Guest @ 2:41 pm

    It’s inappropriate to use your married initial before you’re actually married. I’ve heard it said that it shouldn’t even be used for programs at the ceremony, because you won’t officially be a “X” yet.

    For the return address, I’m just putting the address, no names. People will be able to tell from the invitation itself who is hosting and if you went this route, you’d be able to use the embosser after the wedding also!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    thistleorchid, Guest @ 2:42 pm

    The USPS doesn’t require a name on the return address. According to Miss Manners, the return address on a wedding invitation shouldn’t have a name on it as the implication of the host is given in the invitation and on the reply envelope. That way you can order an embosser with just the address and no names on it as all. Miss Manners and Emily Post and any etiquette books you come accross also all recommend that you never use your future married name until the wedding is official and never before then. That goes for thank you cards that you send out before the wedding too. Get a generic set of thank-yous that you can use before the actual date for showers and that sort of thing.

    As for your reply envelope, just list one of your names as the person that will be taking tabs on the RSVP’s.

    Good luck!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    turtle, Guest @ 2:44 pm

    My FI and I live together. Because our names have a certain “zing” to it, I added them to our embosser. “Chris and Christina.” I know the bride’s name should come first but I love the way it sounds, so I kept it.

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Kymberli, Guest @ 2:48 pm

    i did the same as turtle, just wrote our first names

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    chrissie, Guest @ 2:58 pm

    We’re in the same boat. Since not all of our relatives know that we live together (think great aunts, etc.), using just the address was a good way to get around that. For the reply cards, I listed my name and our address.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    May, Guest @ 3:07 pm

    i used just our first names on our STDs… for our invites i will be using our monogram and the address

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Pencils, Guest @ 3:15 pm

    I’m not changing my name, and we live together now, so the invites will have both our names and our address.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Becky, Guest @ 3:30 pm

    I just put the address, no names, so far no gripes about this either! On the RSVP I put my name and address as the address and return address.

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    Maggie, Guest @ 3:39 pm

    We did our future last name, but its my fiance’s apt and his last name, so it could go both ways.

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Barbie, Guest @ 3:58 pm

    same situation and we put only our address … no names :-)

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Petra, Guest @ 4:03 pm

    I purchased an embosser, like you, and intended to use it on my invitation envelopes. I used only our first names, “bride’s name” & “groom’s name”, then the address. However, be warned that embossers will not work if the paper is too thick. I found this out the hard way after ordering the embosser. What happens if the paper is too thick- is that it doesn’t emboss the whole stamp. Our names, for example were cut off when I tried to emboss my envelope. My invitation envelopes, however are a bit thicker than average. Just a word to the wise…

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Iris, Guest @ 4:27 pm

    According to the very proper elder lady who does invites at Michael C Fina — the embosser should use the address only (without a name). THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING AND IS 100% PROPER! Yea, how often does that happen?

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    I, Guest @ 6:20 pm

    you probably shouldn’t use your new lastname already.

    I purchased an embosser with our future address only. No names. :)

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Adrienne, Guest @ 9:32 pm

    My response cards had my name on them. My invites had our address, handwritten, no names. Worked fine.

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    Peggy, Guest @ 2:28 pm

    For our thank you return address do I put both of our names even though I will be the one writing and sending them out?

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    kota, Guest @ 7:23 pm

    Would it be okay if i put

    For Example:

    Soon To Be:
    Kota & John Smith
    123 Ocean Drive.
    Ocean, CA 83938

    or is that to much??

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    kota, Guest @ 7:24 pm

    i also thought about

    Mr & Mrs John Smith
    123 Ocean Drive.
    Ocean, CA 83938

    or is that to much also??

  18. Guest Icon Guest
    kota, Guest @ 7:25 pm

    What i meant was:

    i also thought about

    Soon To Be:
    Mr & Mrs John Smith
    123 Ocean Drive.
    Ocean, CA 83938
    or is that to much also??

  19. Guest Icon Guest
    Wm Vannatten, Guest @ 9:25 am

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