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I recently received a gift certificate for a European facial at Mario Badescu. I am sooo excited because frankly, I’ve never gotten a professional facial before. The only thing is that I won’t be able to get it done until this Tuesday, which is 11 days before the wedding. Some people say your last facial should be at least two weeks before the wedding. And as I’m reading reviews on-line, I am torn. While some people claim facials here to be the best, some claim extractions caused their face to scar! Yikes!

Since college I’ve had on-and-off mild acne. But my skin was doing really well UNTIL recently (geez when it counts most!!)¢¢”š¬¦ I think it’s the stress. So I really really want to do this before my wedding but is it worth the risk?? For those of you who are getting facials done, what’s the closest to the wedding date you are getting it done? Any good/bad experiences? Things to know before I go?


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    SusanneW, Guest @ 11:09 am

    I was advised by a few people on a skincare board not to get a facial if my acne was bad.

    I’ve gotten facials when I only had a couple pimples and the facial did inflame them. I can’t remember if the effects were long lasting or not.

    If it were me, I wouldn’t take the chance. Post wedding pampering perhaps! :)

    And good luck for the wedding, it’s almost here!

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    Stella, Guest @ 11:22 am

    I just got a facial this past weekend, my wedding is in early May. I have NEVER gotten a facial before and I was really scared to even try b/c I have sensitive/combination skin. The lady didnt’ do too many extractions. If you’re scared of scarring, just ask her to do minimal extractions. My face was slightly red for like an hour after the facial (but totally coverable with powder), but it was a GREAT experience! I wish I had tried sooner, didn’t know my skin could look and feel so great! I’d say to try a facial a couple months in advance and see what it does for your skin. I’m definitely going to have another one a couple of days before the wedding :)

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    Tanya, Guest @ 11:24 am

    I have been getting weekly facials for the past five weeks and will get my last one this Sunday (1 week before the wedding).

    I have never broken out as the result of a facial and they make my skin glow! If you have acne problems, maybe skip the extractions – although I have found that extractions help prevent breakouts before they occur.

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    seattleaug11, Guest @ 11:59 am

    Don’t do it! Well don’t get your first facial ever 11 days before the wedding. I worked in a spa for years and brides did all kinds of stuff right before the wedding and it would backfire 85% of the time. If you had normal skin I would say it might be risky but not so bad. But if you have any sensitivity I would be smart and hold off until after the wedding. If your wedding was further out I would recommend treating yourself and start with a regular regime.

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    scarlet16, Guest @ 12:28 pm

    I’ve used Mario Badescu products for years. I’ve never gotten a facial there (but have at other salons), but I hear they are amazing. I’d suggest calling them and asking their opinion before you go. They’re HIGHLY professional and will tell you the truth about when you should get the facial (or not). If you have time you can go in for a free consultation and they can tell you what you think.

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    Laura, Guest @ 12:31 pm

    Tanya if you’re getting weekly facials I would imagine that the reason your skin doesn’t break out is because you drew out all the impurities from your skin awhile back and now you’re just on “maintenance” if you get what I’m saying. Sounds great! But Miss Peach what I’ve heard is that the purpose of a facial is to draw out impurities and therefore after your facial, the impurities will come to the surface in the form of a breakout. So basically your skin will very likely get worse before it gets better. (Don’t be too scared of it though – they ARE good for your skin but you have to be prepared for the possible flare-up of acne right afterwards) I would strongly suggest waiting until after the wedding to get it done!

    Extractions should not scar your face in any way. They just cause your skin to get red and slightly swollen for maybe half an hour after the facial in my experience. I wouldn’t worry about them.

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    Amy, Guest @ 12:48 pm

    Hi Miss Peach, I agree with Laura. I receive facials every 4 weeks until my May wedding and my skin is a bit sensitive after extractions (though you’re right, no scarring). After each appt, my skin looks a bit dry and I get breakouts for a few days afterwards. It looks worse than before the facial but is great a week later. I would suggest having your last facial 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before your wedding day.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    seattleaug11, Guest @ 1:11 pm

    Oh I forgot you can also always ask them not to do extractions and just have a relaxing facial. But still your skin may react to the products they use, such as drying. Just a another suggetion.

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    Amma, Guest @ 1:31 pm

    Miss Peach, I’ve been going to Mario Badescu for over 10 years getting facials…they’re amazing, very relaxing, and the products rock. They steam ur face first to open the pores for when they do extractions, and yes, I have had times when they hae picked to far. So, the past few times (i was just there 2 weeks ago!) i have told them to just LIGHTLY extract, not to pick, and i have had NO problems. They will totally understand.
    May I also add…I think you should opt for the glycolic there, too. It’s $40 additional, i think, and basically it’s a light peel (verrrrry light, not scary) that just cleans away the dead cells at the surface and makes ur skin GLOW. My fiance just got that done last week and he looked AMAZING.
    Let me know how it goes!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Peach, Guest @ 1:37 pm

    Amma- do you have a favorite facialist there? I asked for Madonna after reading some reviews on-line, but if you’ve been going there for 10 years…! Thanks for the advice, I will def ask for light extractions just in case.

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    oojoy, Guest @ 2:16 pm

    I wouldn’t recommend it so close to the wedding. Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently, so it’s hard to judge what your experience is going to be based on other’s experiences. I think that having your very first facial ever only a week or so before your wedding is too close to be able to deal with any possible ill effects. Scarring is also different with everyone’s skin. While extractions done correctly shouldn’t cause anyone to scar, it’s possible that your skin might hyperpigment from the inflammation caused by the extractions or just leave you with a flat, red mark in the place of the pimple. Only you would know how sensitive your skin is to trying out new chemicals, etc, so I’d say just use your best judgement. If your skin is usually ok with product changes and such, then you may be ok. IMHO, you should probably wait until after the wedding.

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    rachel, Guest @ 2:35 pm

    i second what the pp said about the glycolic…i recieved a series of facials as a gift from my dad a ew years ago at mario badescu and it sounds dramtic, but they pretty much changed my life. i have had facials elsewhere, and agree that i have left with red welts and huge zits a week later. at mario badescu, i have NEVER broken out afterwards. i always get the facial with the glycolic peel and herbal seaweed wrap and my face glows for days…it’s AMAZING. they are incredible there….i am so excited for you!!

    strangely enough, i have had glycolic peels at my dermatologists office that didn;t make my skin glow the way the peels at MB do. don;t worry…they work magic there. you’ll be just fine! :o)

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    Miss Lemon, Guest @ 2:40 pm

    If you’ve never done it before…. eik… I just have had SO many friends have horrible reactions to facials… most being at the most amazing and expensive spas. You never know what your skin will react to until it happens, and if you’re not one to submit it to a lot of products, your chances of a reaction are much higher.
    I would just simply ask for the most mild treatment they have and be very honest about your product usage if you really want to go.

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    Mrs Ant, Guest @ 2:45 pm

    I strongly suggest NOT getting a facial for the first time that close before your wedding.

    Everyone’s skin reacts differently. When I tried my first facial during Spa Week, I found out that my skin is very sensitive and heals slowly. I broke out immediately after the facial and it didn’t completely clear up until more than 2 weeks later!! It actually made me look a lot WORSE because I normally have very nice skin.

    I wouldn’t risk it. Stick with tried and true methods.

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    Lisa P., Guest @ 3:07 pm

    Like scarlet16 and others, I just started using Mario Badescu products and LOVE it. As for facial, I agree, I wouldn’t get it done too soon to the wedding date even if everyone’s skin reacts differently… its just safe.

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    Jon70171, Guest @ 3:34 pm

    I have also had on and off mild acne (sucks, huh!). I just had a facial this past weekend, after not having one in a year. Right after the facial, my skin was red and it looked like I had even more acne than what I started with!! But, the next day it looked fine… I did get some new pimples though.. but easily covered up by makeup.

    I would say, if you do decide to get a facial that close to your wedding day, don’t get the extractions, because it might may your skin worse, especially, if this is your first time and you don’t know how your skin may react. Good luck.. I’m sure you’ll be beautiful either way!

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    christine, Guest @ 4:53 pm

    facials don’t really “show” unless you do them once a month for 6 months. i’ve been getting them for about 3 months now & it’s barely made a difference. they ARE incredibly relaxing though, so i think you should get the facial if only for the peace and quiet.

  18. Guest Icon Guest
    Annie, Guest @ 8:15 am

    tell the facialist you’re getting married in less than two weeks and ask for no extractions! good luck! (mario badescu is awesome)

  19. Guest Icon Guest
    Geneva, Guest @ 10:17 am

    Hi everyone
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    I used to use Merle Norman and other stuff from the drug store but Mary Kay is the absolute best and it will restore the natural essense in your skin to help you feel wonderful and fresh everyday.

    If interested in learning more and would like a FREE skin care consultation with me please email me or go to my website.

    it’s just awesome and I would be happy to introduce all the new skin care and cosmetics to everyone who is interested. At no cost to you. FREE is free, but the results are to die for.

    thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    I also do bridal skin care and makeovers with our new mineral makeup.

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    zoya hayat khan, Guest @ 4:17 am

    hi plzzzzzzzzzz suggest me which facial shld i try fr my skin which is normal n i only hav 10 day

  21. Guest Icon Guest
    zoya hayat khan, Guest @ 4:19 am

    hi geneva i need to go for pearl facial b4 wedding is it ok fr my normal skin i do hav some acne scars wat shld i do i dnt hav much time n i hav never tried facials b4

  22. Guest Icon Guest
    zoya hayat+khan, Guest @ 4:26 am

    @zoya hayat khan: @Geneva: @Geneva: @Geneva: @Geneva:

  23. Guest Icon Guest
    paddy, Guest @ 10:12 am

    hi.. im an indian gal.. same thing.. nevr did anythng to my face , skin is fine except sometimes i get acne. still i have one month for wedding. bu scared for any pre bridals after reading reviews, even lakme ..

    so , just want to know what to do for just getting rid of acne , and then cleanse and moisturize skin on my own …or may be a gentle course… please suggest :).

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