Bridal Boudoir (Live! Nude! Brides!)


Yeah, this post isn’t going to be nearly as salacious as it seems. But Iris’ comments on my last post had me thinking about what moments you will and won’t let your photographer and/or videographer capture. When my mom and I were first looking for wedding photographers, we checked out about, oh, a million web sites. After my mom checked out a few she called me quite frantically telling me I absolutely *had to* check out a certain web site. So I did. And I saw butts! Naked bridal butts! For reals!

Now, granted, the butts in question were very fine butt examples. but(t) still–they were butts! On the internet! For all to see!

So, then we went to meet with photographers and it was more of the same. Buttocks and boobies and thongs, oh my! My mom actually asked one of the photographers if the brides in question knew that their private parts moments were part of the photog’s portfolio for all to see. In a surprisingly honest moment, the photographer kind of shrugged and was all, “Huh. I never really thought about it.” Ummm. Yeah. So it was a little amusing but likely not as amusing for the brides who were, unbeknownst to them, on display.

When booking my photographer I was super clear that I was ok with bra shots, but no unclothed lower body pics were to be allowed (see: my fat ass). This was about as naked as I got in any of the photog’s shots:
But check out the video guy in the shadows, which I’ve cleverly brightened for your viewing pleasure (yeah I’m no photoshop genius. Sue me!) This guy apparently *did* capture the moment where I maneuvered into my dress and it made the rough cut of our video. Happily, it was upper body only (score!) and it was actually perfect in context. (Not so perfect–the awkward moment where we watched the rough video with our friends Mrs. A and Evil A and I wasn’t exactly sure *how* much of me was about to be revealed).

But if I were a bit less chubs more confident in my body image, I think the semi-clothed bridal shots can be really great. Searching around for some less-than-dressed brides produced some really scary images, but also this amazing photographer, Kelly Moore– I’m not going to post her copyrighted pics but here’s a link to her photoblog (AMAZING stuff, by the way) and a couple of examples of–to me–half-dressed done right:

sixth pic down:
second and fifth pics:
top row:

Yeah, besides taking stellar pics, it also seems that Kelly Moore specializes in gorgeous brides too… (that might explain the willingness to be captured candidly).

This one, by Bryan Morgan of New Zealand won an award, so I think it’s ok to show. Totally cute since everything worth seeing isn’t facing the camera:

It’s another story for the people on the other side of the window, though…

So, what are your thoughts on a bit of bridal skin? Is preserving you in the altogether on the–arguably–day you look your best the way to go? Or is your to-be-Mr. the only one who ought to see you undressed? And would you feel differently if you had a female or male photographer?

Would you try to escape the lens?
Award winner Marianne Todd of Mississippi

And is turnabout fair play?
Another award winner, this one by Michele Waite of Washington.


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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Sarah, Guest @ 10:36 am

    The other day, I emailed our photographer a preliminary day-of schedule, which began with rehearsal at noon, lunch, formal photos at 2. She responded “It sounds like you’ll want to start at about 1 for the getting-ready shots.” Welll…not really, no.

    I’m pretty low-maintenance here. There will be no hair stylist, no makeup people, nothing. I can all but guarantee that at least two of the bridesmaids will take vastly more time getting ready than I will. My hair will be the same as I always wear it, my fancy-pants wedding-day makeup scheme takes about five minutes, and the dress has one zipper and one hook. Okay, two hooks.

    It just doesn’t sound like compelling photography to me: here’s Sarah’s armpit as she reaches around for that second hook she’d forgotten about.

    On the other hand, guys in boxers are always amusing subjects. I just fear there may be some tighty whities in the group, and that’s just not something I want to be thinking about. Ever.

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    ManicBride, Guest @ 10:43 am

    I actually discussed this with my photographer at the initial interview. Not only does he have experience shooting weddings, but he is also a fashion photographer. I don’t have a problem of him taking pictures of me in various stages of dress. I guess I’d be more uncomfortable of a picture of me in my foundation undergarments fighting with a pair pantyhose than a picture of me in a cheesecake pose. I would imagine that is because I feel more vulnernable in body-altering garments (e.g. Spanx) than in lingerie that suits me. In body-altering garments, you’re trying to eliminate or downsize your flaws. In lingerie, you’re accenting your assets. It’s a different focus.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    fizzy, Guest @ 10:43 am

    I’m with the above poster. I had zero interest in getting ready shots.

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Julie, Guest @ 11:04 am

    It never even dawned on me to discuss the “getting ready” shots with my photographer… it’s something I’ll have to bring up at my next meeting. I think I’m definitely too private of a person to want those pictures out there — especially because my photographer posts all her pictures on her website and leaves a card for guests to take so that they can see the images. Sorry, I don’t need my fiance’s uncles looking at barely-clothed pictures of me!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    HC, Guest @ 11:14 am

    Sarah – Keep in mind that the getting-ready shots are also the detail shots – the hanging dress, the shoes, the waiting accessories. Those are often beautiful shots of the day. Also, the shots of putting on earrings, adjusting lipstick, etc. Even ones of your mom giving you a hug, or giggling with the bridesmaids. If you don’t want the partially clothed shots you can kick the photographer out for that time. Don’t sacrifice all the events around getting ready for the couple of half-clothed moments.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    kandaceandjason, Guest @ 11:48 am

    Eeek, Julie, that’s definitely something to think about beforehand!

    As for us, when we were looking for photographers I was specifically interested in finding a husband and wife team – or a male and female team, instead of just two of one sex. That way, the wife can be with me while I dress and the husband can be with FH when he dresses. I trust them taking pictures of us dressing because as a woman, she won’t take any pictures of me she wouldn’t be comfortable with. That was my reasoning anyway. Cottage cheese thighs aren’t attractive no matter what kind of lighting/angle/lens you use!

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Iris, Guest @ 1:09 pm

    Great post. Love the last picture — Looks like the guys got stuck changing behind the house!

    I banished the photographer from taking getting ready pictures, mainly because I wanted that private quiet time all to myself to prepare myself in every way (mentally, spiritually, not just physically) for the huge step I was about to take. Later the photographer captured a hair touch-up moment which looks like a getting ready photo. I think the photographer was disappointed I was opting out of the getting ready photos but once I made it clear that I was treating that time as private and secluded for myself and not even my mother was invited to be there while I was getting ready, they fully respected that. There is something romantic about the first photos of me being my arrival at the church.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    jmnz, Guest @ 3:32 pm

    There actually was a getting ready shot that I saw on that I saw and loved. It was the bride stepping into the gown wearing nothing but a thong and her veil but it was shot at an angle from the side. Very tasteful and all you saw was the body – no head – and just a glimpse of side boob. I would seriously consider something like that.

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    Didi, Guest @ 5:35 pm

    no way! no butts or partial boobie shots! i’m not shy but i just don’t think that’s appropriate in any way no matter how “tasteful.”

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Lin, Guest @ 4:19 pm

    mrs. daisy, mrs daisy!!!

    i dunno if you saw this, but it made me think of you (she even mentions the cameron diaz outfit!)


  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Chrissie, Guest @ 4:58 pm

    Yeah, be super clear with your video and photo peeps. I had to ask my photographer to leave so I could put my bra on. It was way awkward (semi-freakout), and could have been avoided by better communication on both ends!

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    nude brides, Guest @ 4:27 am

    […] my! My mom actually asked one of the photographers if the brides in question knew that their private Cheri Mon Cheri Mother of the Bride Dresses Style 26906NJ House of brides presents the Montage […]

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    amir, Guest @ 10:32 pm

    Plz. tell me what is name of pretty model above. Thanks

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    amir, Guest @ 10:07 am

    Plzzzzzzzzz what is name of the model on this page

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