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Mr. Poppy and I are still recovering from our wedding smiley1051 but I thought a review was in order!

Dress: David’s Bridal – Oleg Cassini
Grade: A


I can’t complain too much about my dress. I tried it on, got alterations and that was pretty much it. I loved my dress and loved the bustle that David’s provided. Even though I heard horror stories about DB, thankfully I didn’t experience any of it.

Ceremony/Reception: The Astoria World Manor
Grade: A+


We worked with Nick at AWM and we can’t complain at all. The ceremony was downstairs and the max time we were allowed was 30 mins – which was fine since we didn’t want a long ceremony anyway. We were provided with a cocktail hour, food at the reception, cake (for an additional price they will customize it the way you want), linens for the tables and a photo studio. We were also provided a bridal suite for the guys and girls that can be locked during the reception. (A huge plus!) Loved having our wedding at AWM!

DJ/MC: Pinilla Studios
Grade: A++
Pinilla was absolutely wonderful with all of our requests. We don’t like pushy DJ/MCs and we asked them to keep it upbeat, encourage people to dance but don’t force them to dance. We asked for 80s, reggae, hip hop, pop and we didn’t want slow songs otherwise it wouldn’t feel like a party to us. They handled the introduction of the bridal party, cake cutting, garter/flower toss and clothing changes (Korean, Chinese and American Dresses) that they announced each time. They also had leis, sunglasses, hats and other props which were kind of cheesy, but our crowd really loved them. We went with Pinilla since AWM recommended them but I have to say that I’m totally sold by them!

Flowers: Beez Designs
Grade: A


Betty is the florist that we worked with and she is incredibly talented, I know that Miss Violet is working with her also. smiley309 Betty was really helpful since I don’t know much about flowers and when she arrived with them, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She set up everything, she was on time and most of all the flowers were even better than I hoped for. She was recommended by a friend of mine and I really do have to say that recommendations from friends are the way to go. (Thanks Betty!!!)



Limo: Five Towns Limo
Grade: B-


Mr. Poppy: We got a 20 passenger Hummer Limo with free bottled water and champagne. The driver was friendly, courteous and on time. We had 3 hours to go anywhere we wanted to go – We went from New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn and then Queens. Although they advertised the limo for 20 passengers it was quite small… it was tight for the 18 of us that were in there and trust us… we’re small or average in size so it’s quite puzzling how 20 people could fit in there. The AC was a bit weak even though we had it at the highest setting, hence the minus in the rating. We weren’t sweating, per se, but still… we’d like to stay cool. We did enjoy our time in the limo and the service was really friendly and done to our request.


Overall we’re very pleased with everyone we used, and really can’t complain. The jewelry I wore was a beautiful pearl necklace and earring set that my BIL & FSIL (Mr. & Miss Peony) gave me as a wedding gift. The Chinese jewelery was from family and the Korean jewelry/attire was all from Sydney. smiley1051 So a lot of things were given to us as a gift and we couldn’t be any more blessed!

More to come… our professional pics. smiley309


Mrs. Poppy

New York
Wedding Date:
July 2007
Scent of a Woman
Showing A Little Love
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Peony, Guest @ 12:41 pm

    You forgot to mention Wenona, the awesome photographer that Mr. Peony got for you guys at half price! Ooooh imma tell on you and email her right now….jk! 😛

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Poppy, Guest @ 12:42 pm

    LOL Miss Peony… I can’t review Wenona yet since I don’t have the pics back 😛 I’ll review her once I get the proofs :)

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Kiwi, Guest @ 12:53 pm

    Mrs. Poppy, loooooooove the flowers!!! It all looks sooo pretty! Welcome back!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    jen, Guest @ 1:09 pm

    are those pearls on the bottom of your bouquet? Please explain — I LOVE!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    kelly, Guest @ 1:15 pm

    Mrs. Poppy – Did your MC speak in Chinese or Korean? I’m Chinese and my fiance is Korean and one of the biggest problems we’re running into is finding a not-too-cheesy MC that speaks either language. And I agree with Miss Kiwi, your flowers are beautiful!

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Poppy, Guest @ 1:25 pm

    Miss Kiwi – 😀 awwwwwww thankie! How’s your planning going girl?

    jen – HI! Yes, on the bottom of the bouquet my wonderful florist Betty attached a pearl brooch. She showed me and I loved it! She even found fabric that matches our dresses perfectly and everything that was embellished as far as the flowers/cake is all Miss Betty!!! She’s fabulous!

    kelly – Our MC only spoke in English. Are you in NYC? And when is your wedding? I can ask around if you’re in the NYC area. :)

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    miss eggplant, Guest @ 2:03 pm

    Congrats Mrs Poppy!!

    Your dress looks fabulous on you and your flowers– so lovely! can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

    PS: That limo is stylin’! 😉

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    sarah, Guest @ 2:35 pm

    Mrs. Poppy- I LOVE the style of the bridesmaid dresses. Where did you get them- if you don’t mind? I’m looking for something similar in sage and cream.

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Poppy, Guest @ 2:39 pm

    Miss Eggplant you are the fabulous one 😉

    sarah – the bridesmaids dresses are from david’s bridal actually :) they have the same dress in light green:′ defer=’defer

    good luck!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Poppy, Guest @ 4:11 pm

    *sigh* commenting again cuz i’m so happy 😀

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Poppy, Guest @ 4:12 pm

    again thanks for the kind words ladies 😉

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Betty, Guest @ 4:37 pm

    Mrs. Poppy, you’re too sweet and you look stunning on your wedding day!

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    kelly, Guest @ 9:54 am

    Hi Mrs. Poppy – Yes, I am in the NYC area and I will be getting married in December. Thanks for your help!

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Daphne, Guest @ 11:17 am

    Mrs. Poppy, I love the look of that ballroom. How would you rate the food at AWM?

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Poppy, Guest @ 3:06 pm

    kelly – I was going to email you back but I don’t have your email sadly. I tried asking around for a Chinese MC and my resources are not good in that department :( Maybe you could try and ask Mrs. Butterfly? She might know :)

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    Wedding Ideas & Tips » Pearls on the end of a Bouquet, Guest @ 1:40 am

    […] So Pretty, Thanks Wedding Bee […]

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    Sarah, Guest @ 3:31 pm

    I am doing the flowers for my grand daughters wedding and she loves the pearls on the bouquet. Is it hard to do?

  18. Guest Icon Guest
    Sarah, Guest @ 4:56 pm

    How do you do the pearls on the bottom of the bouquet?

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