Getting Ready Pro-Pics

The flowers arrived soon after my veil was on. Since I hadn’t given the florist an incredible amount of ‘vision’ I really didn’t know exactly what to expect. I was so happy when they were delivered and they were so very, very beautiful.

Taking one last moment to breathe before getting into the dress… you can see a half-finished margarita in the background and the Skechers box was for my in-case-my-shoes-start-to-kill-me-during-the-reception back-up flip-flops.

The obligatory shoe shot… I wish I had taken out the foot petals before this was taken. Incidentally, the foot petals worked fairly well at keeping my feet comfy… but the Insolias saved my night!!

Ok… so I know you are supposed to wear a button down shirt when you are getting ready for your wedding so that you don’t have to take your shirt over your head, but I had other plans. I worked at Disney in entertainment for four years after college and the v-neck T is a staple for any role that requires makeup and/or wigs. I HAD to wear my ratty, old, threadbare shirt for getting ready for my wedding day, and when it was time to take it off, I just had my bridesmaid, Kristy, cut it off me. It was actually bittersweet, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

So this picture really makes me laugh, because I never realized how complex it would be to get me in my dress until this moment. Since my hair and makeup was done and the veil was on, I couldn’t dive into the dress. But if I had my crinoline on, I couldn’t step into the dress either. So we took the crinoline off and I stepped into the dress. Then I held the dress up while my bridesmaids helped me step into the crinoline. Then they held the dress while my mom fastened the crinoline. Finally they let go of the dress while my mom laced me up! It is a wonder I wasn’t exhausted after all that!!

My mom was in charge of lacing me up… she did a great job!

This was the last time that my dress was laced so loosely. I lost a bit of weight just before the wedding and my dress already fit perfectly. I noticed that whenever I walked around, my dress would shift and fall a bit and my bra could be seen!! Rather than have that happen while walking down the aisle, I had my mom cinch the dress as tightly as she could as soon as we got to the Fort. It meant having some ‘bat-wing’ overhang, but at least I didn’t walk down the aisle with my bra showing!

My MOH, Sara, was kind enough to put my shoes on for me.

This is the first time I was getting to see the ‘whole package’. I actually rented the mirror from Party by Design, a large-scale event production company in Boston that also does rentals. I knew the condo didn’t have a full length mirror, so I am glad that I had the foresight to rent a mirror!!

I scheduled some extra time for us to take some pictures of the bridesmaids and I walking down Thames Street in Newport. I am really glad I did that because I loved getting to walk down the street and be a bride!!

This is my favorite picture of the bunch on Thames Street. Just before this shot was taken, I saw my reflection in the window and my immediate reaction was “ooooh, look! A bride!”


Mrs. Corn

Newport, RI
Wedding Date:
September 2015
DIY Flowers
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Christie, Guest @ 10:40 am

    YES YES YES for the white v-neck, fellow cartoon! At which park(s) did you work and when? I wish I had kept my blue smock…

  2. Member
    Maegan 272 posts, Helper bee @ 11:33 am

    You look so pretty and just beaming with happiness in every picture. I love it!

  3. daffodil Member
    daffodil 598 posts, Busy bee @ 12:25 pm

    oh mrs corn, you look absolutely beautiful!! love the pics of you getting dressed up and laced up (and your flowers are beautiful too!)

  4. mrsbee Member
    mrsbee 3235 posts, Sugar bee @ 1:37 pm

    i think you looked so beautiful on your wedding day. your makeup looks flawless and you look sooooo happy! :)

  5. violet Member
    violet 284 posts, Helper bee @ 2:18 pm

    lovely bride indeed!!

  6. jasmine Member
    jasmine 1170 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:07 pm

    You were such a lovely, beautiful bride! And your bouquet is gorgeous!!!

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs Corn, Guest @ 4:48 pm

    Awww…you guys are too sweet!

    It was such a great day; I think you will see how in every picture, I look like I am smiling like an idiot! But I wouldn’t trade the joy of that day for anything in the world :)

  8. bubblegum Member
    bubblegum 143 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:11 pm

    So pretty! Your dress is gorgeous!

  9. Guest Icon Guest
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  10. corn Member
    corn 1130 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:38 pm

    hee hee, Christie…I worked at MGM from June 1997 until November 2000. For most of that I was in shows and parades; VOLM, Muppet Vision 3D, Hercules/Mulan parades, B&B…but I also did Maleficent at MK in the Everyday’s a Holiday show and did equity for Doug Live, Streetmo and Christmas around the world, which is where my tattered v-neck with EPCOT splayed across the boob came from :)

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  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Barbara, Guest @ 5:03 pm

    my daughter is getting married in Boston and wants to use hydrangeas in her wedding. Your flower bouquets look beautiful. Who was your florists?

  15. corn Member
    corn 1130 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:46 pm

    @Barbara: Jeremy Giroux was our florist. He used to be at Check the Florist but now he is with Darlings Flower Shop: Jeremy was AWESOME to work with and I totally recommend him!!

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