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This contest is now closed!  Congrats to winner mooshoe, and thanks to everyone who entered~


Today we have a giveaway from iTheesnap, a cool new company that wants to make using disposable cameras at your wedding a breeze!  Here’s how it works: You order and receive your cameras in the mail.  After the wedding you return the cameras in a postage prepaid box.  By the time you return from  your honeymoon, a photo dvd and 4×6 prints of all the pictures will be waiting for you!  A secure website will also be set up where guests can view, download, and comment on the pictures.  And if your guests sign up for a Snapfish account, they’ll even get 20 prints for free!

Today we’re giving away a complete package with 20 cameras, prints, a dvd, and a guest accessible website valued at over $300!  To enter, simply comment below by 1/19 8pm EST and we’ll select one random winner.  Good luck!



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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Katie, Guest @ 10:30 am

    Awesome idea!!! Good luck to everyone!!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    lotuslover, Guest @ 10:37 am

    This would add such a nice touch to our June 08 wedding. I would be honored if you would consider me. :)

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Jennifer, Guest @ 10:56 am

    How much fun!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    jean, Guest @ 10:56 am

    pick me! pick me!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    tberry, Guest @ 11:14 am

    What a great idea. I love the lack of hassel!

  6. Member
    holeycao 6 posts, Newbee @ 11:18 am

    oooh how fun!

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Brynn, Guest @ 11:54 am

    A great way to capture all the fun moments at a wedding! I love the idea!!! What a great giveaway!!!

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Marla, Guest @ 12:04 pm

    I can’t wait to win this! :)

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    silverstar, Guest @ 12:15 pm

    Just what I need!

  10. Member
    agentrv007 77 posts, Worker bee @ 12:20 pm


  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Krista, Guest @ 12:57 pm

    We were thinking about doing disposables at the wedding but this company has great features we didn’t know were possible!

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Snowflake216, Guest @ 1:35 pm

    These are perfect! Even kids can snap pictures using disposables.

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    natalie, Guest @ 1:48 pm

    brilliant! what a terrific idea!

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Danielle, Guest @ 1:56 pm

    I had previously vowed NOT to have these at my wedding. But I have some family members for whom it would absolutely make their day to have disposable cameras on the table. My family is ruthless with these things.

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    drea, Guest @ 2:11 pm

    awesome idea!

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    Lisa, Guest @ 2:24 pm

    What a FANTASTIC idea!!!

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    jamella, Guest @ 2:56 pm

    coolest thing ever!!!

  18. Guest Icon Guest
    Lexi, Guest @ 3:01 pm

    I love this idea!

  19. Guest Icon Guest
    sometimeslisa, Guest @ 3:05 pm

    That sounds awesome. What a great giveaway!!

  20. Guest Icon Guest
    kerac5, Guest @ 4:18 pm

    Awesome idea! What a great way to get some candid shots

  21. Guest Icon Guest
    leah, Guest @ 4:40 pm

    pick me!

  22. Guest Icon Guest
    KaPe, Guest @ 4:50 pm

    DIY all the way!

  23. Guest Icon Guest
    ilona, Guest @ 5:22 pm

    what an awesome idea and great giveaway!

  24. Guest Icon Guest
    fmcin2008, Guest @ 5:54 pm

    great idea!

  25. Guest Icon Guest
    Steph, Guest @ 5:55 pm

    Can’t wait to learn more! Thanks for the chance :-)

  26. Guest Icon Guest
    Juyon, Guest @ 5:57 pm

    With my wedding only a few months away, this is something I would love to budget for … hopefully I can get lucky … =D

  27. Guest Icon Guest
    Jenny, Guest @ 6:02 pm

    Yes! With the cost of the wedding going higher and higher, I’d really like to win this!

  28. Guest Icon Guest
    soojong, Guest @ 7:36 pm

    this is a great idea.

  29. Guest Icon Guest
    Jason, Guest @ 7:39 pm

    This looks like a great idea. I can’t believe no one thought of it sooner. : )

  30. Guest Icon Guest
    Laura, Guest @ 7:40 pm

    What a terrific idea!

  31. Guest Icon Guest
    amy, Guest @ 9:36 pm

    that is such a great idea!

  32. Guest Icon Guest
    Kaci, Guest @ 10:24 pm

    ooh fun! pick me please!

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