“Like A Sparkly Shroud of Turin” – The Veil Hunt – Part ONE


When I found my dress, my lovely and incomparable assistant Kelly at Stella’s Bridal Galleria gave me the matching veil to try on. It was, to the best of my knowledge/veil identification skills, a mantilla style, fingertip-length veil with scalloped edges and an intricate pattern of glass beads and Swarovski crystals.

I thought it looked quite lovely with the gown, but it lacked a matching blusher, and attaching a plain blusher looked, honestly, quite ridiculous. I’m dead set on having some sort of blusher/face shrouding apparatus, as I am completely and hopelessly in love with the idea of being “unveiled.”

(For example, check out
kayrose‘s blusher – pure romance. THIS is what bridal dreams are made of!)

But, the mantilla veil was sparkly, and as anyone close (or within a hundred feet of me) will attest, I have a not-so-secret obsession with things that bling. In addition, wearing a mantilla veil (traditionally Spanish) would be a sweet nod to my mother’s heritage.

However, such a nod would cost $560 dollars. OUCH. Luckily for me, the veil sold (to someone else) before I had a chance to make any foolhardy decisions based on emotion and not on account balances. I did a brief search on ‘da internetz’ and came up with a couple of alternatives for waist-length, sparkly, scalloped-edge veils:


Bridal Fashion Mall

Then I saw how breathtaking a drop veil could look and was smitten:

Knottie srpro

I searched again, and found a drop veil with Swavorski crystals:

Shop For Bridal

…and then I read this helpful thread on the boards. As some brilliant ladies suggested, you can have a mantilla veil and a blusher too! If you pull forward the front of the mantilla veil, and secure it so that it hangs over your face, it will look like a drop veil, and behave like a blusher.

Good idea? Grace Kelly thought so!

And so did Katharine McPhee from American Idol:

(pulled back for the big kiss)

What do you think?

Does anybody have any suggestions on where to find a non-lace, beaded, sparkly mantilla or drop veil in waist length or longer, for less than $200?

The Veil Bio
The Flirty Bride
Wedding Channel
I Bought My Veil Too Early (caring for your veil by Mrs Lime)
Veils (Mrs. Ladybug)

If you have a vintage style dress, make sure to check out these:

Perfect Details
BonBon Oiseau 
Leah C
Something Bold
Brides Head Revisited 


Mrs. Shortcake

Wedding Date:
October 2008
Paper Lantern Inspiration
Printing Problems

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  1. emerald Member
    emerald 1057 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:40 am

    *sigh* I wish I had gone with the drop veil, which was my first gut instinct. But nooo… I went with a 2 layer veil with a blusher. Much too *poofy* for my taste, but I just used it cuz I didn’t want to waste the $75 I spent on it =/

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    cheri, Guest @ 11:00 am

    I love your dress… I think I have the same dress.lol. Is it a Jasmine Couture?

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Katie, Guest @ 11:58 am

    try veilshop.com

  4. Member
    GetMarried4Less 911 posts, Busy bee @ 12:41 pm

    i tried on your dress! well, at least i tried on one very similiar by Casablanca.

    its gorgeous!

    i 2nd Katie’s suggestion of veilshop.com

    and thanks for those vintage pics….sigh….i love vintage. just started searching for a vintagey rhinestone choker myself. i figure now is a good time to look since so many places have a wide selection for prom.

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Jo, Guest @ 1:11 pm

    Sigh.. that pic of srpro gets me every time. She’s my main reason that I got a drop veil (got mine from Occcansey Designs).

  6. Member
    jayypeeee 39 posts, Newbee @ 5:21 pm

    ah.. thank you for posting these veil tips. saves me the trouble in having to go back and comb through these helpful posts. i know it’s important but i’ve been putting it off. my excuse is that my dress isn’t done yet. hee.

  7. shortcake Member
    shortcake 467 posts, Helper bee @ 6:50 pm

    thanks ladies! Cheri, it’s a Jasmine haute couture, and thanks :)

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Castle Bride - Boo-tee-ful Birdcage Veils » Weddingbee » The Wedding Blog, Guest @ 11:15 am

    […] already decided that a drop-veil is the type of veil for me – despite, as Mr. Shortcake noted, its tendency to make brides look […]

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    glittergrl, Guest @ 5:53 am

    Miss Shortcake — any luck on the veil hunt? I am looking for the same as you, I just didn’t know the tech terms, thanks for this thread!

  10. shortcake Member
    shortcake 467 posts, Helper bee @ 9:15 am


    You can try veilshop.com – I’ve ordered a cathedral and a waist length veil (one for ceremony, one for reception) – you can have the option of adding sparkly embelishments! HTH!

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Angelica, Guest @ 11:34 pm

    Dear Miss Shortcake,
    I bought a FANTABULOUS affordable veil on ebay!! check out my knot bio http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/user/page.aspx?username=angelicag93 also, check out weddingaccents.com I ordered a mantilla 2 tier fingertip veil and it came quite fast and was half the price the bridal shop qupted me!! I preferred the quality of Maria’s veils from ebay, I have the link on my bio. I also love your invites and put them in my bio for inspiration!

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