Ankle Biters

We have only one ankle biter in our family — Miss Zoe, who takes the title literally. As a herding dog, she likes to nip our heels to propel us forward on walks.

Actual children? Totally foreign! But many of our friends have little ones now, and (once we finally realized “Oh, yeah … kids … some of these people have … kids?”) we chose to include their children in our day of celebration. I know the “kids or no kids” issue can be controversial, but in the end I’m thrilled the little ones shared our wedding day. They are a cherished part of our friends’ lives, after all. And they were so sweetly excited to celebrate with us.

Plus, adorable photos!!!

(My MOH’s oldest son is the sweetest, happiest little boy in the world. When they left the reception, he told me “I love you” in a tiny voice. And my cold, cold heart grew three sizes that day.)

(His brocade Chinese vest, above, was dwarfed in cuteness only by this awesome overcoat!)

(Younger brother. Still mostly known for his drooling skills at this point….)

(The beautiful daughter of the couple at whose wedding Mr T and I first met. Here, fiercely clutching post-ceremony bubbles.)

(We actually first met this little girl at the wedding. She was a hoot!)


And finally, this boy and his brother went through herculean measures to arrive at the wedding on time. There were major snowstorms in Chicago on our wedding weekend (we thought late March would be safe, grr), which disrupted plane travel throughout the country and sadly prevented several guests from joining us after their flights were canceled. When this family’s flight was canceled, the boys were crushed at the thought of missing the wedding. So the whole family piled into their car and drove all night from Milwaukee to DC, arriving 5 minutes before the ceremony began!!


He filled out one of our guestbook pages for us, and, where it asked, “What is your advice for Mr & Mrs T?”, he shared this nugget of wisdom:

To be married forevermore, think about each other, not anybody who you could of married.

(And to “What should Mr & Mrs T name their next animal or firstborn child?”, he was strongly in favor of “GARY!” — capital letters, exclamation point, and all!)

Will there be children at your wedding? What’s your own favorite memory from attending weddings as a child?


Mrs. Tulip

Wedding Date:
March 2015
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    jen, Guest @ 9:51 am

    i couldn’t have imagined my wedding w/o kids! my memory? when i was a flower girl who got nervous and chickened out… i must’ve been about 4.

  2. Member
    KateMW 2704 posts, Sugar bee @ 9:53 am

    That’s so sweet! How do you know the little boy? Are they family or do they just really like you? I’m trying to decide weather or not to invite children to our vow renewal. The issue is that I really want to have a wonderful 6 course meal with wine and champagne and I know our friend’s kids….they’d rather poke their own eyes out. We have a daughter and my best friend who is performing the renewal ceremony has two (could have more in two years!), so I think I’ll invite them and then have somebody take them all home after cocktails.

    If I hadn’t eloped we were planning on inviting children. I love them and they always add such a great vide to an event. My mother had 8 kids in her wedding to my step-father with me as MOH. She said it was the best thing she did. Great pics!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    s.h., Guest @ 9:54 am

    we aren’t having a ring bearer or flower girl, no children participating in the wedding. guests are allowed to bring their kids, but there are absolutely no kids allowed at our reception, we have a over-16-years-old policy. i just don’t think a wedding is a day for kids. i remember being dragged to a few as a young girl, and thinking they were totally boring and stupid. with an open bar at our reception, i just don’t think that’s a place where little kids should be running around.

    the past 2 weekends i actually was at weddings where there were quite a few kids in the wedding and even more running around the reception hall, and it was annoying. sorry, that probably sounds harsh, but it was.

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Zizzie, Guest @ 10:19 am

    I have to say that I am one of the few people I know who attended many weddings as a little girl and I LOVED them. I am the youngest of 17 first cousins on one side of the family and we made the rounds to various weddings over the years – all joyful, wonderful and happy celebrations. We weren’t allowed to misbehave so that was never an issue but I like to think it added to the celebration to have everyone together, not just the older cousins. That being said I will probably have only my niece, nephews and the children of the bridal party. Those 17 first cousins now have about 50-60 childen of their own (never mind the 22 cousins on the other side of the family and their 40-50 plus little ones!)

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Zizzie, Guest @ 10:25 am

    Oh I almost forgot – in the era when most of these weddings took place the California Raisins were a HUGE advertising campaign so as soon as ‘I Heard it through the Grapevine’ was played at the receptions the ENTIRE wedding (and I mean everyone!) would start a ‘raisin-like’ conga line through the entire venue. Being a 7 year old at the front of those lines was very, very cool… I think your pics are lovely Mrs. Tulip – what a wonderful celebration for you and your loved ones!

  6. Member
    AOEBuckeye 316 posts, Helper bee @ 10:27 am

    Oh my goodness, he’s sooo adorable! We aren’t having children at our wedding. It will be fairly small-70 people. I guess it was decided just b/c we thought of the children that would be invited. His siblings children are terrors, absolute terrors. Their parents are from the thinking “They are just expressing themselves”. If they were actually well mannered I’d love children there! But, last wedding they attended…during the toasts one ran screaming at the top of their lungs into a champagne glass fountain….yup all 100 crystal champagne glasses broken…

  7. Member
    chibride 112 posts, Blushing bee @ 10:48 am

    I never considered not having some chittlins running around, but yikes if I had any like APEBuckeye describe…I would have to hire some bite size bouncers!

    Mrs. Tulip I heart your photographer’s work.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Joyful2, Guest @ 10:50 am

    That is the sweetest advice! We’re not having kids in the ceremony, but there will kids in attendance. We’re hiring two of my cousins to man the nursery at the church during the ceremony so the littlest ones won’t make a lot of noise. My favorite part of weddings is looking at the kids faces and seeing their awe.

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    sillyinphilly, Guest @ 10:52 am

    right now, the baby wave has just started to hit our friends and family, so while kids are invited they will either be younger than 3 yrs. old or older than 14. I think we have one 8 year old who’ll be there and he’s hilarious. the FI and I are definitely big kids at heart and are planning a laid back brunch reception, so it just seemed fitting. I LOVE this set of photos by the way!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    mhb, Guest @ 11:32 am

    We didn’t have any child attendants, but both of us have the cutest (and, to be fair, best-behaved) baby cousins that we couldn’t imagine excluding from the party. As I suspected would happen, the 3-year-old twin girls kept the dance party going… until one of them fell asleep on the dance floor! That’s one of my favorite pictures from our reception.

    I loved weddings when I was little – they usually meant seeing my grandparents, eating cake, and dancing… still three of my favorite activities. 😀

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Erin, Guest @ 12:00 pm

    We are going to have a ton of kiddies at our wedding, since many of our friends and siblings have started their families. My cousin will be flying in with her first child, who I haven’t met yet! While they are more than welcome to join the adults in the main reception, we’re preparing a “children’s room” with coloring books, a DVD player, and sleeping bags (so parents can stay out passed bedtime). I’m not worried about accidents, since child-proofing has become second-nature by now!

    However, we aren’t having child attendants for many reasons, but partly because I’ve been to weddings where it was a strain on the poor children. Certainly not always the case! But I wanted to avoid the possibility of “I’m tired, uncomfortable, and don’t want to take any more photos” tantrums.

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Amy H., Guest @ 12:24 pm

    Oh my . . . those are some of the most gorgeous photos of children I’ve ever seen! That first little boy looks like something out of a Renaissance painting. Makes me think twice about our so-far plan to invite only adults. . .. HMMMM.

  13. mrsbee Member
    mrsbee 3235 posts, Sugar bee @ 1:05 pm

    i wish i were half as photogenic as children are! they always take the sweetest most honest pictures. :)

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Becca, Guest @ 1:58 pm

    We are definitely having kids at our wedding. From babies to teenagers. As a teacher I’m used to having kids run around all of the time and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m even inviting some families of students that I have become close with through the last three years, including the students and their siblings!

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    BrideDIY, Guest @ 2:34 pm

    We had about 14 kids under 12, including our ringbearer, at our wedding and I cant imagine the day without them. Two of my husbands cousin (ages 6 and 3) kept coming up to me throughout the night going “You’re soo pretty” and their brother (5) kept following me around bashfully smiling at me. He went up to his mom and asked for a dollar to dance with me during the dollar dance and then when he was done went back and got a second one so he could dance with me again. We were joking that I had a back up husband in 20 years if something happened to the one I just married :).

    I know a lot of people say weddings are no place for children and yes I agree if the children in your family are demons then yes probably not a good call. But honestly as long as you think about them and take them into consideration when you are planning the day it will go fine.

    I put together bags for each kid that contained a coloring book, crayons, a pinwheel, glow braclets, finger puppets, silly putty, and miniture slinkies and they were thrilled with their bags and it kept them occupied during the boring parts (dinner, toasts etc.) Total each bag cost me 2 bucks (24 dollars of sanity as I look at it, best investment in the whole wedding). I had both kids and parents come up to me during the wedding and thank me for thinking of them. The parents were impressed that we had taken the time to think about the kids and that it allowed them and the kids to have a great time.

    Plus like Mrs. Tulip I got some incredible pictures because of them. I have one with a little girl and boy in the foreground with her leaning her head on his shoulder watching us in the background during our first dance. That is an amazing picture! Not only that our 5 year old ringbearer helped keep things light during our posed pictures by making some very silly faces, keeping us all laughing :).

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    KatyStardust, Guest @ 2:57 pm

    That first little boy is totally Gerber Baby material. AWW!

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    CarolineG, Guest @ 3:06 pm

    Our wedding is capping off what we’re turning into a sort of mini-family reunion weekend. I couldn’t imagine not having our niece, nephews, godchildren, etc. there.

    Of course, it probably helps that they are well-behaved. If they were little monsters I’m sure I’d ban them : )

  18. tulip Member
    tulip 662 posts, Busy bee @ 4:17 pm

    Good points, everyone! It definitely sounds like the major considerations are (1) what type of celebration are you having and (2) are the kids in question relatively well-behaved….

    AOEBuckeye, can’t even IMAGINE the champagne glass scene you described!! In real life, it was probably horrifying. Though the part of me that enjoys the absurd probably would have been really tempted to point and laugh.

  19. frenchbulldog Member
    frenchbulldog 1088 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:38 pm

    So cute! and I love The Grinch reference :)

  20. lovebug Member
    lovebug 712 posts, Busy bee @ 5:00 pm

    LOL! I love that you asked guests to volunteer baby names. Sooooo brilliant, and must have made for some hilarious reading. In other news, your post makes my ovaries throb.

  21. Guest Icon Guest
    With My Compliments » Weddingbee » The Wedding Blog, Guest @ 5:37 pm

    […] make that my favorite compliment till now. Because my MOH recently emailed this story about her adorable little […]

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