Hurricane, Hurricane Go Away

I check religiously, but not so much for our wedding day as I do just to see what my week in traffic will be like due to the weather. Today, with the fear that Hurricane Ike will be hitting the Texas Gulf Coast, I have been checking the weather a little more often to stay up to date.

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Texas weather can be pretty unpredictable at any time of the year, but the end of September is always a toss up. You could be in 100 degree heat, a nice 85 degree fall day, or, on the rare occasion, freezing your butt off! I’m hoping for the middle of these, or somewhere close. Right now, the weather is really unpredictable as the hurricane season edges towards my home state.

Luckily, our wedding is still sixteen days out and all of our wedding is indoors, so rain won’t affect it too much … except the outside photos before the ceremony that I’m coveting!

I just wanted to write this post to gather a little support for my fellow Texans (and really, anyone that is being affected by this weather) and, also, to the brides in these areas. While I know that it’s not the most important thing – getting out of there safe is – you can’t help but have a special place in your heart for the girls who have planned for so long and so hard to have this unexpected weather arrive so quickly without much warning.

How has the weather affected your wedding – do you all have any good advice/positive words?

*For those of you locals, HERE is a link to help and/or donate.


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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Mary, Guest @ 7:04 pm

    It’s usually the other way around, but everyone is welcome in New Orleans if you need to evacuate — i took advantage of Texas Hospitality last week for Gustav. I hope y’all won’t have to leave, but good look and be safe!!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Sara, Guest @ 7:59 pm

    I have been checking the weather constantly too, but I live in Houston! We (FH and I) are about as set as we will be. We had planned to be in Baton Rouge and Nola next weekend to get our marriage license two weeks before the wedding and have nights out, but because of Ike, I will probably be at work next weekend helping bring the refinery back up. He will get his night out and get the license for both of us, or we will have to do it the weekend before the wedding. At least the courthouse has power again in BR!

    I also had a wedding shower planned for me here in Houston, but of course we canceled that and the hair trial scheduled for Saturday.

  3. Member
    cbkj 78 posts, Worker bee @ 9:22 pm

    You ladies will be in my thoughts and prayers. A few years ago I was in a wedding that was supposed to be in Destin, FL. But the hurricanes destroyed the venue 2 weeks before. The bride regrouped and replanned the whole wedding in 7 DAYS in Atlanta and it was SO much fun. I think it was much better than if it had been a destination wedding.

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    jasmine, Guest @ 9:27 pm

    Good luck TX brides! My grandparents live in Galveston and had to evacuate this morning. It’s all so scary! My FI is in New Orleans for his bachelor party this weekend and when Ike was first forecasted to be in the Gulf, I was nervous for him like crazy! Now it’s leaving him alone yet affecting my grandparents. Boo!

  5. Member
    kbok 82 posts, Worker bee @ 11:51 pm

    aww! thanks for thinking of your fellow texans. my parents are in houston and i just called them and told them to move all their potted plants and patio furniture into the house in case the winds pick them up and throw them through the windows. hoping for the least damage/flooding…

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    TBerry, Guest @ 8:36 am

    Get a couple great umbrellas because I have scene the most amazing photos of weddings where people are walking along with thier umprellas and rain boots.

    Also, I was in a wedding a couple years ago that was bonbarded with the residual rain from a hurricane. It poured for days before, the day of in the morning and the power was out the mornign of the wedding. This was an outdoor ceremony and reception with a big tent for the reception. The ground under the tent was a mudhole and the ceremony had to be crammed into the livign room and entry oft he maine house where the fire alarm went off as the ceremony was about to start because the caterers didn’t turn on the fan over the stove in the kitchen.

    Despite all of this I think it was the most fun I and most people at there ever had at a wedding. And I was the one putting out a lot of the fires since it was on the property where the bride and I lived. People just kicked off thier shoes and danced on the muddy dance floor (men and women alike) and the bride changed into a simple shift so that her dress wouldn’t be ruined. People were more relaxed and just enjoyed themselves because of all of the hoopla related to the storm.

  7. Member
    amysue 1492 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:39 am

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve got friends in Galveston and family around Houston and I’m very worried for their sakes.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    ist, Guest @ 10:00 am

    I live in the mid-cities area and I work in Carrollton/Addison. We’re just sitting here talking about the hurricane and how it will affect us up here! Good luck to you guys and hopefully things go over without a hitch! Good old unpredictable Texas weather…

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    KSW, Guest @ 12:52 pm

    My fiance’s family is currently evacuating Houston! Thinking about everyone down there- stay safe!!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    KamieJane, Guest @ 12:55 am

    Thanks for thinking of us Miss H! I live in Houston, but I’m in Brenham right now riding this thing out with some of DH’s family.
    Ladies, please keep everyone in South Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers as well… lots of them got hit hard by Gustav just last week and the outer bands of Ike are hitting them again tonight. My parents just got their electricity back after 10 days and they’ll probably lose it again tonight. :( I feel even worse for those who are having their houses flooded for the 2nd time in a week.

    Anyways, I love seeing how evident the Houston-Louisiana connection is even here on WeddingBee! I’m from LA, got married there in May, but live in Houston…. sounds pretty similar to your situation Sara!

    Anyways, stay safe everyone. Hopefully the worst will be over by morning!

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    LR26, Guest @ 9:40 pm

    I was supposed to get married today at 7:30 pm. As you all know that is not happening. It was kinda sad today when my alarm on my phone went off remiding me it was my wedding day. We are planning on rescheduling the only problem is finding a date where all of my vendors are available and one MAJOR glitch….my mom is currently working in out of the country and is in town for the wedding. She is supposed to go back later this week and will not be able to come back until some time next year. I would really like to just get my money back from the vendors and go somewhere to get married. I don’t think that is going to happen. All they keep saying is that they are willing to reschedule. I don’t know what we are going to do but I am trying to figure it out.

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