The Time of Our Lives: The Calm After the Storm

Before I go on I just want to say that you all are way too sweet with your comments. And since a few of you mentioned it, I also have to assure you that I am no "hero" for smiling through the storm that happened on our wedding day. Sure I could have been a little upset, but in the midst of all that love it would have been awfully ungrateful of me. And besides, when the sun came out it was so beautiful that it was almost worth the rain.

When we heard there was a rainbow, Mr. Tiramisu and I rushed down to the water to see it. The time we spent down there on the rocks felt like the calmest of the whole day. It was just the two of us””with a few onlookers. The rain had stopped, and we were married!

All photos by the talented Samantha of Samantha Warren Weddings.

I think we ran all the way from the tent to the water. We just couldn’t believe the change in weather. You saw that hail””it had been just minutes before this:

Can you tell we were just a little excited at this point? There was enough sun that we had to squint!

Ta da! The rainbow:

Sunny, but still a little windy:

This is one of my favorites of the day:

I tossed my bouquet aside and held on to my cute new husband instead:

Speaking of my new husband:

I was one of those brides who just didn’t care about a little dirt on the dress:

I am just in love with the way the rocky Maine coast shows up in these pictures. It makes me a little homesick just to see them:

Cannot. Stop. Smiling.

Any guesses as to what the groom’s thinking in this series?

We weren’t the only ones who wanted to check out the rainbow:

We found it pretty easy to pretend we were the only ones in the world though:

Until Sam came in for our close-ups!

Although I could have stayed down on the rocks with my new husband all night, there was, after all, a reception to get to.

Next up: A little acoustic music -or- No power? No problem!

1. The Pre-Game
2. We Practice the I Dos and the Party Part Too
3. The Day is Here!
4. Going to the Chapel
5. We Do
6. Sweet Little Details Part I, Part II
7. A Few Formal Pictures and An Uninvited Guest
8. Free Fireworks!


Mrs. Tiramisu

Annapolis, MD/Maine
Wedding Date:
July 2008
Which Do You Prefer?
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    hazel, Guest @ 11:50 am

    I love all of your pictures! I’m wearing the same dress and its so nice to see it in action. You look gorgeous. I can’t wait to wear it.

  2. Member
    NSTAR 6 posts, Newbee @ 11:54 am

    There are no words to describe how incredibly happy and radiant you two look. Congratulations again.

  3. Member
    elle1009 120 posts, Blushing bee @ 11:56 am

    Seeing the slide show with the music makes me impatient for my own wedding. You guys look so happy. There is just no other way to put it. I wish you both the very best!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    From Single to Married, Guest @ 11:57 am

    sooo pretty! I love Maine too – what a beautiful setting! I’m glad the weather cooperated!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs X, Guest @ 11:58 am

    Your pictures are fantastic! I, too, was a bride who didn’t care about dirt, as I drug our wedding party through a muddy nature preserve for the sake of outdoor photos! The dress can be cleaned…right?

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Kat, Guest @ 12:00 pm

    Oh, Mrs. Tiramisu! I am so happy for you–what a crazy, wonderful day! What a great wedding story! I am from the East Coast (Annapolis area, and also lived in CT and VT–New England is my heart’s home), but have been living in So Cal for the last 10 years. Your pictures make me sooooo homesick (guess that’s what I get for falling in love with a CA boy)! Congratulations to you and Mr. Tiramisu! I truly admire you both and wish you all the best!
    PS-it rained on my parent’s wedding day–they have been happily married for almost 40 years, now! :)

  7. balletflat Member
    balletflat 852 posts, Busy bee @ 12:13 pm

    Aww…you and Mr. Tiramisu look so happy! The Maine landscape is beautiful too…I’ve never been, but wow, that’s just gorgeous! Congrats to you!

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    linda, Guest @ 12:35 pm


  9. toucan Member
    toucan 1326 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:36 pm

    you two are just so cute! :) The maine coast looks beautiful – what a perfect setting!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Shasha, Guest @ 12:59 pm

    What a happy ending to that dreaded storm. Those pics are pretty amazing. You guy are totally glowing. I love it!

    Good for you for willing to get just a little dirty. Like I said, the pics are amazing. I was glad to see you sat on the rocks.

    I absolutely cannot wait to see more pics…SO HURRY! Please?? Hehe

  11. mschampagne Member
    mschampagne 1337 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:59 pm

    I love the rainbow!!! What a perfect touch:) You two look SO HAPPY.

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    mhb, Guest @ 1:07 pm

    If you two have kids, those tots will have the most expressive faces ever. These pictures don’t need captions: Your beaming faces say it all. 😀

  13. margarita Member
    margarita 369 posts, Helper bee @ 1:18 pm

    you guys are such a cute couple! the rainbow is really beautiful and such a happy surprise for your wedding day :)

  14. Member
    rzblna 303 posts, Helper bee @ 1:21 pm

    You look beautiful. I love your dress!

  15. hotcocoa Member
    hotcocoa 2098 posts, Buzzing bee @ 1:53 pm

    I mean, really? Could you guys be any more adorable?

  16. Member
    bonniebelle101 366 posts, Helper bee @ 2:36 pm

    Oh Ms. Tiramisu! Your expressions are simply priceless! I am so thankful to be sharing in your big day. The hem of my dress got soooo filthy dirty, and when people kept asking me if they should hold it up, I kept laughing and saying, “Why? It’s not like I’m every going to wear it again!” Your carefree attitude is going to be such an inspiration to so many brides-to-be! Congrats!

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    furkids, Guest @ 3:19 pm

    you are just so beautiful and expressive! you should be a model!

  18. avocado Member
    avocado 1538 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:24 pm

    Both of you are so adorable! I love the series of you whispering in his ear. I might have to work a few shots like that into my own day :)

  19. Guest Icon Guest
    Jessica, Guest @ 4:30 pm

    I absolutely love your hair! i am going to send pictures of you to my stylist! :)

  20. Guest Icon Guest
    honeymyheart, Guest @ 6:04 pm

    Love that a rainbow made it into your photos :) Gorgeous all around.

  21. Member
    puffykins 86 posts, Worker bee @ 9:52 pm

    do you have a closeup picture of your hair flower? look super cute! :)

  22. tiramisu Member
    tiramisu 390 posts, Helper bee @ 10:23 pm

    Thanks all! It’s great fun to share these with you :)

    @hazel: Wonderful! A dress twin :)

    @Mrs X: Yes, hopefully it can be cleaned… unfortunately mine is still balled up in a bag somewhere!

    @Kat: We think the rain will be lucky too 😉

    @puffykins: Thanks! I blogged about it here:

  23. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Bluebell, Guest @ 11:20 am

    Wow, those literally gave me chills!! Incredible!!!!!!

  24. Guest Icon Guest
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    […] we headed up from the beach after our on the rocks photo session, I had the faintest hope that maybe our power would be miraculously back on. It […]

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    Maine / New England Wedding Vendor Reviews » Weddingbee » The Wedding Blog, Guest @ 6:35 pm

    […] hard to pick favorites, but I’d have to say the ones I love the most are the photos she took of Mr. Tiramisu and me, all the great detail shots, and the wonderful shots of our guests enjoying themselves. A lot of […]

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