The Big News

The big news that I hinted at yesterday?  We’ve sold Weddingbee!

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you guys about it sooner; we needed to wait until the deal closed.  As soon as it did, I called as many Bees as I could to let them know the news in person. (Can you believe we’ve had over 100 Bees?!)  While talking to the Bees, a number of the same questions came up ”“ so I thought I’d answer some of those questions publicly as well.

Am I going to leave Weddingbee?
Nope, I’m going to stay on and continue editing and managing the site.  Mrs. Penguin has been helping out with editing and applications for the last few months (thanks Pengy!), and she’ll keep helping out there.  I’ll continue to focus on adding new features and growing the site.

What does this mean for Weddingbee?
Weddingbee will have access to more resources, like programmers and designers.  That’ll help us launch more cool features faster!  I’ll also be getting help on the business end of things, where I haven’t been focusing as much energy (e.g. selling ads, hosting servers, etc.).

At the same time, I’ve been assured that editorial decisions regarding the Bees and the content on the site are still in my hands. I’ll continue to ensure that the site maintains its editorial integrity. :)

Why did we sell?
In a word: competition.

There are an increasing number of wedding websites (and wedding blogs) launching!  It seems like every week, we get a press release about a new vendor review site or wedding social network.  The wedding space has become very competitive in the past year, and will continue to become much more so in the coming years.

Earlier this year, we started to get emails asking if we would consider selling. A lot of the companies were big names in the wedding sector: magazines, media companies, and vc-funded dot coms!  A number of the companies were deciding between buying an existing site, and building their own to compete with us.  *gulp*

I’m very confident that Weddingbee has something unique to offer, but there’s just so much competition online now!  We don’t currently have the resources we’d need to stay competitive and take Weddingbee to the next level. Partnering though, would give us a lot of resources to stay competitive and scale up a lot faster. :)

But most of all, it’s been a tough two-and-a-half years!  Running Weddingbee has consumed my life completely; and I haven’t been able to really take vacations.  Mr. Bee and BIL Bee have been working nights and weekends too (they have day jobs), so it’s been tough on all of us.

Who are you selling to?
We’re selling to eHarmony.

Huh, a wedding site and an online dating site?
Yah, that’s what we thought too!  Most of our readers are past the dating stage, and are engaged or recently married!

But it turned out our initial thinking was backwards.  eHarmony’s stats show that they’re responsible for more than 2% of all the weddings in America.  That’s a lot of potential future Bees for the hive!  That strategic fit is a big reason they got in touch.

Once we both realized the potential fit, we started talking.  They were really flexible about me staying on, and were supportive of Weddingbee maintaining its own team and brand (viva la hive!).  And the people I talked to were just really nice.  It may sound corny, but I have a soft spot for nice people.  It felt like a fit, and so after a long discussion… we got hitched. :)

eHarmony also purchased Project Wedding recently — you may have received an email from PW about this if you’re a member.  We saw Project Wedding as one of the best sites in the wedding industry, so we’re really glad to be on the same team as them!

When I was in LA recently for my cousin’s wedding, I got the chance to meet with Project Wedding’s team: Margaret, Joe, and Srini.  They’re all super nice, and I’m really looking forward to working with them.  They said that the acquisition has gone well for them, so I’m optimistic about it going smoothly for Weddingbee too.

Am I somehow joining as a part of the acquisition?
Definitely not.  Your information will not be shared in any way with

Is eHarmony going to protect the information I’ve put into Weddingbee?
Absolutely.  eHarmony will abide by the current privacy policy on Weddingbee and any changes to that policy in the future will be clearly communicated in advance.

Will start sending me emails marketing their singles matching service?

Will it start to cost money to join Weddingbee?
No, Weddingbee is and will continue to be a free, ad supported site.

Will Weddingbee continue to have same-sex or queer brides?
Absolutely.  We have had same-sex and queer brides on Weddingbee in the past, and will continue to add more in the future (if you are interested, please apply here!).

What’s the plan for the future of Weddingbee?
I started Weddingbee to help other brides – that will continue to be the focus of the site. I really love the blogging format, and how it’s so personal and friendly.

Along those lines, I’ve been thinking about adding a new blog site to the Weddingbee family: this one focusing on blog posts by wedding photographers (and other vendors). We’ve been vigilant about not allowing vendors to blog on Weddingbee, as it would take us away from our roots as a brides-only site.  But lately, I’ve been amazed at all the great wedding vendor blogs so I was thinking it might be cool to have a separate site where we feature the best posts by wedding photogs, cake bakers, florists and wedding planners. I’m hoping it’d be a fun addition to the Weddingbee family? What do you think?

That’s just one idea we’ve been playing with over here.  Most of all, I just want to try and bring innovation to the wedding industry… while continuing to do my best to serve brides.

Speaking of which, I would like to give a huge shout-out and thank you to all the Bees who have helped build up Weddingbee into one of the top wedding blogs out there!  I remember when Weddingbee was just a personal blog on Xanga… and then I asked some blog friends like Miss Ladybug, Ant and Butterfly to blog with me (can you believe I once knew every Bee from following their personal wedding blogs?).  The first non-friend Bee was Miss Firefly.  I met her on the Knot boards, and she subsequently started a wedding blog. Her blog was awesome so I asked her to lunch to beg her to become a Bee. Luckily she said yes! :)

I can’t believe that people actually apply to blog on Weddingbee now… and that we’ve had 15 generations of Bees on the site.  A huge thanks to each and every one of you for all your love and support, from the first generation of Bees to the fifteenth!

I know you guys have put a lot of trust and faith in me over the years, and I promise to do everything I can to continue to earn that trust each and every day.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the above!  I will do my best to answer questions, both in the comments and in follow-up posts.

Mrs. Bee


Mrs. Bee

New York
Wedding Date:
March 2005
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Weddingbee and Marriage Equality
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Cee, Guest @ 5:41 pm

    @MsPurple92: I’m sure all of the bloggers were aware that this was a non-paid “position” when they applied. It is someone’s company and yes, they are going to make the money off of it. I’m sure it takes many, many, many hours to run this site. Many more hours than it takes to create a blog post.

    I’m sure if the bloggers had an issue with not getting paid, they would have said something long ago.

  2. Member
    Trebuchet 121 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:51 pm

    I respect the decision that was made, but I really think another company would have been a better fit. It was pretty obvious from the teaser post that the site was sold…I was rooting for MSLO or Harpo, organizations looking for creating sub-communities within their community.

    According to the FAQ, WeddingBee is “a wedding blog updated daily by 20 or so real brides across the world. They chronicle every aspect of their wedding planning journey sharing ideas, diy projects, research, and their personal wedding stories.” If e-harmony is a dating site, and I am getting married, I really have no more use for e-harmony. Although it is natural that after dating comes marriage, a dating site getting into weddings is a brand extension that’s tough to sustain.

    Bee, I recommend getting a hold of Lynn Harris and having her tell you the BreakupGirl story. BreakupGirl (an awesome comic/relationship advice site) was purchased by Oxygen, and within months the partnership fell apart. (read about it here: It took her YEARS to even be able to use the term “BreakupGirl” again and post on her own.

    To hear that e-harmony allowed the post following this one to be on the site makes me worry for you girls. WeddingBee is such a strong site and I fear for your future, and after my wedding this month I will be done with the site. I wish you the very very best in the future and thank you and the whole hive for all you have done to help shape my wedding.

    I subscribe to a daily meditation in my email that hit home today. It was:

    There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being. – MK Gandhi

  3. creampuff Member
    creampuff 227 posts, Helper bee @ 5:54 pm

    @Trebuchet: That is really beautiful. Thank you. :)

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    brendalynn, Guest @ 6:10 pm

    @Trebuchet: What do you mean by
    “To hear that e-harmony allowed the post following this one to be on the site makes me worry for you girls. WeddingBee is such a strong site and I fear for your future”???


  5. Guest Icon Guest
    StefK, Guest @ 6:15 pm

    Brendalynn, I’m pretty sure she was referencing the “eH “allowed” the post following this one” — where the bees got to speak out about their negative feelings about eH…eH “allowed” it. eH also edited mrs. GB’s post, and at least scrutinized the rest. I **think** that’s what she meant.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    may, Guest @ 6:52 pm

    i’ve been an avid reader of this site for 2 years and i love all that the bees do to put it together. mrs. bee is obviously very intelligent and business savvy to have turned her wedding journey into a full time paying job. it sucks that she hasn’t taken a monday off in 3 years but this site is her source of income, her JOB. i haven’t taken a monday off in 3 years either – big deal! what about those who work 2 jobs to make ends meet or the ones who have recently lost their jobs due to bad economic times. she made the conscious decision to sell this website to eharmony despite all the negatives because at the end of the day, it’s a business. goodbye weddingbee. it’s been fun……

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    JOy, Guest @ 7:07 pm

    Bee – Why would you every think that it was ok to sell Weddingbee to eHarmony?? I’m sure that during all of your strategy meetings with eHarmony that you discussed their company beliefs. Knowing where they stand, how could you still sell them your company? I think you saw the $$$ signs and forgot where your loyalty was. I’m very sorry to say this, but I think you made a horrible choice which will ultimately lead to the demise of weddingbee. I too, am planning on leaving this site.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    lovelettertypewriter, Guest @ 7:09 pm

    Wow.. I just read through most of those comments and I am suprised and sad to hear so many people are leaving.

    Mrs. Bee, I started reading your wedding blog on xanga, so I have been here since the beginning. I have followed each and every bee, used so many of your resources to plan my own wedding, and now I have been married two years, and I am still reading! I love this site.

    Congratulations on selling the site, and I hope you and Mr. Bee will take a nice, long, romantic vacation somewhere! I think it is incredible how far weddingbee has come!

    If you are anything like me, it would be hard to read some of these comments, but you did what was best for you! I think people should give this a chance. ((Maybe a silly comparison, but I remember when Pleasant Company (you know… the company that makes American Girl dolls) was sold to Matel. I was horrified. But everything stayed the same, and they stayed true to what the original vision was)).

    I will faithfully continue to read weddingbee, as I have for the last few years. :)

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    saundra, event engineer, Guest @ 7:19 pm

    Congratulations on your success!!! As another wedding vendor we would love to hear about your BeeVendor site! Too cool!

  10. Member
    Trebuchet 121 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:29 pm

    I’ll elaborate. However, I think Lynn Harris said it best…

    “It’s called “intellectual” property, but this — my work of many years — belonged to my soul. It was theirs on paper, as I’d sold it to them because of the amazing things they’d said we’d be doing together. But with me gone, the company had no intention of using it. While it was worthless to them, it was everything to me. Yet there it sat, crammed in a drawer sealed with red tape, accessible to no one. ”

    Now, I don’t know the specifics of the deal, but I hope upon hopes that WeddingBee does not succumb to the same fate.

    I certainly thought that BreakupGirl, a relationship site, being purchased by Oxygen, a women’s portal looking for a relationship anchor, was a layup…and it failed. I don’t necessarily agree that the match is as good between these two organizations, but times are different, the players are different, and stranger things have happened…so I am not ruling out that it could work.

    I fear about its future because if the partnership did fail, and the IP is owned by eHarmony, there may be a good long time that brides could be without WeddingBee. And that would be the worst fate of all.

    Again, I am hoping for the best. You are all very smart and I wish only the very best for the site.

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    MM, Guest @ 7:45 pm

    while i am saddened for many reasons that weddingbee was sold, i am also happy that bee and her family’s hard work has in some way paid off for them. (at least, i hope this has truly been a positive venture for them and not one that was forced in any way).

    it is really disconcerting to me that people are attacking bee’s decision to sell. it may be easy for us a readers to judge because we only browse and comment here and there, but we do not know anything about mrs. bee’s life and how much she really had to give up for this site.

    i respectfully disagree with may’s comment that this is her JOB, or even other’s who say that this was her life’s ambition. i highly doubt that bee treated this like another 9-5, nor did she want to dedicate her life to this blog FOREVER.

    please be respectful. she has worked hard. while i may not agree with the parent company whom she may have sold to, i also know that i don’t know the whole story.

    be kind. bee has a lot more integrity than most. she doesn’t hide behind an anonymous screen name. she’s a real live person who in the last 3+ years has obviously worked her toosh off to give a service to YOU.

  12. Member
    willworkforpeonies 24 posts, Newbee @ 8:52 pm

    I know that if I was Mrs. Bee and reading these comments right now I would be very conflicted about the decision I had made. I can’t speak for anyone else but I would like to say that the reason people are so upset is because you built something so great and it is now threatened. The future is uncertain, but you should feel honored that you created something so meaningful to so many people. And although I don’t entirely agree with the sale either, you did what you felt was necessary and no matter what the reasons we should thank you for creating the wonderful network this was and will hopefully remain.

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    Dani, Guest @ 10:23 pm

    Mrs. Bee’s post says:
    “Earlier this year, we started to get emails asking if we would consider selling. A lot of the companies were big names in the wedding sector: magazines, media companies, and vc-funded dot coms! A number of the companies were deciding between buying an existing site, and building their own to compete with us. *gulp*”

    And you couldn’t choose to sell to a company that doesn’t discriminate against an entire faction of the population?

    Yes, eHarmony is a private company and they have the right to cater to whomever they choose. I was once on a dating website solely aimed at plus-sized men and women and those interested in them. It’s a niche market, and it has a place. That doesn’t mean weddingbee needed to go into the hands of such a company.

    Mrs. Bee, congratulations on all of your hard work paying off. It’s a great benefit to you and those close to you who have put in more work than I can even begin to fathom, especially as a relatively new reader. I understand your choice to sell, and understand that it’s sink or swim out here in the big bad internet. Enjoy your vacation!

    I’m still sad by who you chose to sell to, and don’t know that I’ll continue reading. eHarmony is not a company I want my clicks to support. There’s little I can do to change their policies, but I at least don’t have to support them.

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Palila, Guest @ 10:37 pm

    @willworkforpeonies: I’m hoping Mrs. Bee is out getting a stiff drink right now.
    I’m also conflicted: I both agree and disagree with the sale. I’ve been part of a blog that eventually sold (out). I was really happy for the owner, because she had worked so hard to get the blog to where it was, but really was no longer interested in blogging any more. It’s one thing to help out a friend, but another to blog for a company. The feel of blogging had changed (and reading it has changed, too).
    I’m also conflicted about the purchaser of this site, eHarmony. While it totally worked for my Dad and his new wife, Mom wouldn’t be able to use it to find a wife for herself. Dad’s really enthusiastic about eHarmony and recommends it to everyone, but I don’t think he looked into eHarmony further than what it could do for him. It’s a pretty great match, gotta say, but as an engineer, I know that math doesn’t look at anything but the numbers. And eHarmony’s “math” seems to look at a lot more than just numbers.
    I’m interested in seeing what changes this sale brings, and how this community changes over this watershed moment. Only after evaluation can I make up my mind about how I feel regarding this sale.

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    Cara, Guest @ 11:38 pm

    Well, this has been said already, but I’ll add my two cents:

    First, congratulations are in order re: the creation of a wedding website that I, and many others, look forward to reading every day. MM, I hear what you are saying.

    But I too am very concerned and upset about the sale of the blog; not necessarily its sale in general, but specifically the sale of it to eHarmony. It’s not just that I am concerned the site will change in any particular way, as all things grow/evolve/etc. (although I would hate for this site to become less open and accepting), but it’s actually the mere association of eHarmony with a site like Weddingbee that is the issue. Regardless of whether bloggers here continue to support LGBTQ couples, the fact will remain that the site is being run by a company that does not… and that should be reason enough to have had it pulled from consideration.

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    Corey, Guest @ 11:42 pm

    I am happy for you Mrs. Bee for the freedom this sale is sure to give you!!! I am somewhat saddened about eHarmony’s stances on what they define as a marriage however…

    If your new site for wedding vendors isn’t sponsored/owned by eHarmony I would love to be a part of it!!

    Again, congrats!

  17. Guest Icon Guest
    whatever, Guest @ 12:13 am

    @MM: couldn’t have said it better. The personal attacks of “sell out” and on Bee’s character are just flat out disgusting. It’s very easy to pass judgment on someone else, and especially so on the internet. Bee’s choice is her own, and it should be respected, after all it’s not hard to express your opinion without being rude.
    I’m sure that Bee knew that this would not go over well, and was expecting some negative comments, but some people are just taking it a bit too far. This is just a wedding website, after all.

  18. Guest Icon Guest
    JessicaSpeak, Guest @ 12:54 am

    First and Foremost – Congrats to Mrs. Bee. You have worked countless, countless unpaid hours for this blog. You deserve a paid break.

    To all the bloggers/readers that have decided to depart for your personal conflict with the current purchaser of WedddingBee – Congrats to you for standing up to what you believe in. Most of the bloggers have shown us that this is about a cause or a personal right, and that it does not have to do directly with Mrs. Bee. I think one of the things that has been lost here is that we (the majority of the blogging community) have not been able to see what happened. WE don’t know who got what offered to them, or who approached Mrs. Bee about the purchase. Yes, one can make assumptions about who approached Mrs. Bee, but we don’t know, and even if she did spell it out, we still wouldn’t get into all the details about it. I’m sure it was very, very hard for Mrs. Bee to put a price on something she has pretty much slaved over and for. I hope that those of you that are choosing to leave get the opportunity to return one day. I certainly hope Eharmony moves into current day and time, and opens up their dating site to those who are interested in a Same-Sex relationship. One can only be positive, and while at this time, the outlook may be bleak, we have to remain optimistic that maybe this is a first step for EHarmony.

    Best of luck to everybody while we keep on with this journey. I hope that people can stop leaving such negative comments on these two posts, as while you may feel conflicted about EHarmony, Mrs. Bee made a big step in what I hope is the right direction for this site. I will be remaining for the time being.

  19. Guest Icon Guest
    Ngoc, Guest @ 12:59 am

    I found weddingbee about 6 months ago when I started planning my wedding. I was considering becoming a bee and have even started filling out an application. Sadly, I will not consider this anymore.

    I do not realize eHarmony’s stance on GLBT, but if it is anything like people are saying, I am afraid I will not continue to read weddingbee. I don’t want to make an uninformed decision so I will do some research and would suggest other readers do the same before making a decision.

    I am sad to know that weddingbee will become “bigger” than it already is. I’ve always felt this is a charming site due to it’s smaller community, unlike that of the Knot.

    Good luck, Mrs. Bee. I hope you get what you asked for from eHarmony.

  20. Guest Icon Guest
    Hello out there!, Guest @ 1:14 am

    For the bees who are staying and “fighting from within”, do you realize what you’re trying to do? I can understand the intention of wanting to prove to eHarmony that gays and lesbians do have loving/deserving relationships. However, do you really think eHarmony will care about your posts? Do you think that people at eHarmony, the same people who are against gay and lesbians relationships, will read your posts and think, “this sounds nice. I can see why gays should have equal rights.”

    Judging from the nature of the posts thus far, NOT many of them feature gays and lesbians relationships. And even so, it’s not like eHarmony would read your posts! Would you vote for McCain and then try to “fight from within” and convince him about abortions? As if he’d read what you have to say! As much as I love this site, it is after all a wedding site. People with this kind of viewpoint could care less about equal rights. All they care about is how many clicks this site has and how much money it would bring in.

    If you ARE against eHarmony’s viewpoint, wouldn’t it make sense to just not blog and give them the wonderful service that they want? When they lose money and readers because of their viewpoints, they may start READING the blogs and comments to try to understand. Keeping everything NORMAL may totally defeats the purpose of getting them to be supportive of GBLT.

    Just my two cents for your considerations.

  21. Guest Icon Guest
    ldsbride, Guest @ 1:59 am

    How ironic that it’s been almost a year since ldsgroom and got married and I came back to see how things were going and see that WB has been sold.

    Normally, I’d be very optimistic and happy for those involved, but seeing how livejournal has gone from open source/grassroots roots to where it is now. That, coupled with eHarmony being the new parent company, I’m sad of what someone else here called corporate creep, will most likely be the fateful end of this once quaint little blog.

    I understand this is a business, but associating and selling out to a company with known and public views that are openly NOT supportive of the GLTB community is makes me question how such an important thing could be overlooked in making this decision.

    Food for thought, ya know?

    Anywho, I won’t be recommending this site to anyone of my friends and loved ones any more, as I used to in the past, nor will I be back to visit unless eHarmony makes changes or WB goes their own ways, based on reader feedback.

  22. Guest Icon Guest
    peter, Guest @ 2:03 am

    I am a long-running blogger and a (gasp!) groom-to-be who reads the best of Wedding Bee every week in my feed reader. My fiancee is a daily WB reader and commenter; she keeps a regular wedding blog and recently applied to be a Bee.

    I will absolutely be removing Wedding Bee from my feed subscriptions, and I will certainly not be visiting the site itself ever again.

    We each have a choice in how our media consumption can send a message – especially on the internet, where every page load can lead to ad revenue in dozens of different ways.

    I want to make sure I do everything in my power to prevent my surfing and clicking from benefiting eHarmony – a company whose positions I do not support, and who have in the past used their revenue to support organizations that I oppose.

    Mrs. Bee, I will not join the other commenters in congratulating you and wishing you well. Selling doesn’t have to be selling out, but for you it was.

    It sounds like you had multiple offers for the site – it’s a pity you chose not to follow through on any that would be more in line with the diverse, multicultural, incredibly accepting community that you have worked so hard to cultivate.

    I look forward to spending the remaining three months until my wedding supporting one or more of your direct competitors that are more in line with my personal values.

  23. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs X, Guest @ 3:14 am

    @Trebuchet: I can see where you question the relationship between a dating site and WB (as Mrs Bee did initially, as well), but I am curious why you would think MSLO or HARPO would be buyers. MSLO already has a successful wedding blog written by Darcy Miller, and I the connection between wedding planning and Oprah is a much farther stretch than wedding planning and a dating service.

  24. Guest Icon Guest
    pinky, Guest @ 5:43 am

    One of the only liberties we have left in these times is who we patronize and make money for. That is sad in and of itself. I am glad for Mrs Bee and family for their success but am saddened at our measure of what ‘success’ entails these days. The blogosphere is not what it used to be. and I don’t blame you for doing what you had to do. Goodbye Weddingbee it was fun while it lasted!

  25. cupcake Member
    cupcake 1456 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:40 am

    I am late chiming in as newlywed life has been a lot busier than I expected…. but I wanted to say that I, personally, know that Mrs. Bee would never do anything to intentionally compromise the integrity of Weddingbee, as she has spent every waking moment over the last several years making Weddingbee what it is today. While eHarmony’s past practices have been questionable, I trust that Bee has Weddingbee’s best interest in mind and I think that we need to see what happens over time.

    I am staying on as a blogger with the hopes that WB will continue to be a great resource for brides and grooms of all cultures, interests and sexual orientation and that maybe, just maybe, we can be the voices that inspire change. I am optimistic that we can do this. Leaving now, to me, feels like surrendering and letting them continue their current practices without challenging them. Change takes time and I’m willing to wait it out and see what happens. I love this community and respect Mrs. Bee’s hard work and integrity too much to make any other choice at this time.

  26. Guest Icon Guest
    Jana, Guest @ 9:11 am

    SO well said. Everything.

    It has shocked me, in reading these comments, how little is understood re: how websites generate revenue. EVERY TIME you load a page on WB, you are handing money over to eHarmony. Every time a person decides to become a Bee, they are choosing to make money (LOTS of money) for eHarmony. In choosing eHarmony and not one of the other companies interested in buying, yes absolutely Mrs. Bee betrayed her previous stance on diversity and her LGBTQ/Ally bees and readers. This site is supporting and funding a corporation which violates the fundamental rights of many people. What more is there?

    Some have said they’re staying in WB “until” it changes, but as Lovebug said – it HAS changed, irreversibly. I have a deep respect to the bees and readers who have chosen to leave, their actions NOT to be confused with “silence”; they are withdrawing their support for eHarmony. They are choosing to go elsewhere, to give someone else their business. They are taking a stand against this shady partnership.

    I cannot express how disappointed I am that my time with WB is over. I will spread the word on this sellout fiasco and I will hope to support WB’s competitors. I HATE that this happened. SHAME.

  27. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss. Grace, Guest @ 11:26 am

    An open note to all of the readers and bees who are choosing to leave WB because of eHarmony’s policies:

    Us engaged folk are all dreaming about making our weddings unique – isn’t that part of why we’re here? Let’s keep striving for creativity in our celebrations, but who are we to think that we can redefine marriage?

    Marriage, by definition, is a covenant between one man and one woman for a lifetime. Families don’t always work out this way (mine included), but this doesn’t change what marriage *is* and has been since the earliest of times.

    I’m fine with GBLT people (including friends of mine) having the same legal protection as everyone else when it comes to property and freedom of speech, for example – part of what civil union legislation ensures in my nook of the world. What I don’t accept is the GBLT agenda that tries to force me to recognize something that I find morally repugnant. Where is the ‘tolerance’ in that? Where is the celebration of ‘diversity’ that GBLTs so value?

    It is not up to us to define “right” and “wrong”. (Indeed, my convictions – not opinions, not mere ‘beliefs’ – are grounded in something much deeper and more lasting than myself.)

    One thing I hope we can all agree on is that the choices we make for our families affect our communities, our countries, our world. For all the ironic vitriol that a pro-marriage post like mine is bound to attract on this wedding site, I cannot support an agenda that attacks the very fabric of a healthy society.

    Legality is not the issue; morality is.

  28. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Grasshopper, Guest @ 11:47 am

    Wow! Congratulations! This is such great news! You deserve it!

  29. Guest Icon Guest
    may, Guest @ 1:23 pm

    i think a lot of ppl are just voicing their anger/disappointment in the sale to eharmony. it’s THEIR right to do so. while, yes, this site is owned/operated by mrs. bee, the readers DO contribute to her daily life. Readers help generate ad revenues which is what Bee LIVES ON! also, without these readers, she wouldn’t have been able to sell the site b/c who would buy it if this site doesn’t generate any traffic. so yes, while its great news that she sold weddingbee, i think it’s perfectly legit for ppl to voice their opinion. she sold out. let’s just all acknowledge it and move on…. after all… its just a “wedding website”….

  30. Guest Icon Guest
    clq1976, Guest @ 1:42 pm

    Chalk me up as another avid reader who will no longer visit or use this site.

    I truly valued WeddingBee as I was planning my own wedding as I felt it valued individuality and weddings of all size, types, and expenses. It was a welcome breath of fresh air from all the sites and magazines which dictated what you “must have” for a wedding.

    However, I cannot in good conscience continue to visit a site which is now owned by a corporation I wholeheartedly disagree with, and whose beliefs are an anathema to my own.

    My mother-in-law is gay, and many, many of my close friends are as well. Knowing that visiting this site would add to the coffers of eHarmony, it is simply something I cannot and will not do. Doing so would be giving tacit approval and support to them. As a committed supporter of LGBTQ rights, I will not do so.

    I was always taught to stand up for what I think is right. I may be just one reader, but as they say, one whisper, added to a thousand others, becomes a roar that cannot be ignored.

    I do understand those who say they will stay and try to change things from the inside, but personally, I would feel as if I were cutting off my nose to spite my face.

  31. Member
    amandopolis 786 posts, Busy bee @ 8:00 am

    @missgrace we can redefine marriage because we made up the current definition in the first place. why can’t it be a covenant between two people who love each other?

  32. Guest Icon Guest
    Ann, Guest @ 11:09 am

    I’m curious – did someone remove Mrs. Gingerbread’s response? I am looking and I do not see it, but it is referenced several places.

  33. Guest Icon Guest
    Skyler, Guest @ 11:15 am

    Ann –
    No one removed anything. You’re just looking for it in the comments and it’s not there. It is in the next post:

  34. Guest Icon Guest
    Ann, Guest @ 11:17 am

    Never mind – I find it elsewhere! Sorry for the stupid moment…

  35. Guest Icon Guest
    MimsyB, Guest @ 1:08 pm

    I’ve enjoyed reading WeddingBee, shopping with its advertisters and keeping up with the bees. Sadly, I find the sale of WeddingBee to a company whose core values are in conflict with mine to mean that I can no longer visit this site in good conscience.

    Goodbye WeddingBee, it was fun while it lasted.

  36. Member
    JanieLeigh 581 posts, Busy bee @ 2:15 am

    reading these comments has left me aghast. genuinely.

    i want to cry for mrs. bee. she has put so time and love into weddingbee. as she said, she has practically given her life for this – for all of her readers, and yet they attack her. so very sad.

    mrs. bee, if you read this, and for all it’s worth – a thousand congratulations. this is a huge step in your life, and i believe you made the correct one. you deserve this wonderful thing that has happened. you deserve to be paid a living salary. you deserve to have a business that is growing and thriving. you deserve vacations and special time with your family. don’t have any regrets. don’t look back. this is your time to shine. i believe in your ability to maintain the things that weddingbee stands for, all the while helping us desperate and needy brides (and grooms!). you are fabulous. this is awesome – truly.

    i’ve only been a weddingbee member for a short time, but it has been an invaluable resource. i love it, and wouldn’t think of leaving! also, i am always recruiting new readers – i mean, seriously.. i talk about it all the time! :)

    again, congratulations! go out and celebrate!

  37. Guest Icon Guest
    Katie, Guest @ 3:07 am

    I have removed WeddingBee from my favorites list. I used to read it every day, but from now on I will not visit this site again. I am upset that the Bees would sell to a company like eHarmony, knowing their policies concerning same sex matches. I think that “but we’ve had gay bloggers!” is a poor excuse, and the sale to eHarmony makes it clear that they do not support same-sex relationships. No one who truly supports same-sex relationships would ever consider joining a company like eHarmony. Clearly, it’s only about the money.

    I simply can’t continue to read this blog while it is owned by a business that chooses to blatantly discriminate. This makes me very sad, because Wedding Bee used to be my favorite stop on the Internet, and now all of my fond memories will be tainted by the disgust at eHarmony.

  38. Guest Icon Guest
    Andy Brice, Guest @ 5:37 pm

    Congratulations. I hope you get that holiday now!

  39. Guest Icon Guest
    Jen, Guest @ 9:06 pm

    Oh my, I guess I should have reviewed the week I missed sooner! I’m sooo behind. I think Bee had good intentions, but I’ll have to stop reading for now, & research, cuz I don’t want to make E-Harmony money :(

    PS. Miss Grace was VERY offensive. “Moraly repugnant”? Are you sure those gay friends of yours are real? Also, I don’t consider your stand “pro marriage” I think it’s firmly “anti marriage”, as you want to keep people from getting married. Thus ANTI it is.

  40. Guest Icon Guest
    DessyBee, Guest @ 4:36 pm

    “Through blogs and wiki pages, Weddingbee gives brides the safe community they are seeking to plan their magic day. ”

    I am surprised that WeddingBee (eHarmony) would carry Google ads from is selling ‘fakes’ and illegally poaching our images.

    So much for WeddingBee being a ‘safe community’ :-(

    Someone over there should screen the Ad placements on the site and not take advertising from frauds.

    Alan Dessy
    President – CEO
    The Dessy Group

  41. Member
    BD 7 posts, Newbee @ 6:40 pm

    Wow, I missed this when it was announced and only realized it today, when I saw (c) eHarmony, Inc. on the bottom of the page.

    Sorry, but I’m gone. I realize you won’t miss me – I’ve only posted a handful of times – but I will not support such a narrow minded organization that actively discriminates based on sexual orientation. And Mrs. Bee, I’m a little disappointed in you as well. I would have hoped you’d sell your awesome site to people who deserve it.

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