The Secret Life of Mr. Bee

Mrs. Bee asked me to write a post about the secret life of Mr. Bee.

I thought I’d start off with a secret about me, move on to a secret about Bee, and end with a secret about both of us!

1. My brother and I are identical twins.  BIL Bee is four minutes older, and I am definitely the younger brother.  A lot of people tell us that they have a twin too, but they usually mean they have a fraternal twin.  I hate to be a twin snob, but most identical twins don’t consider fraternal twins to be real twins!  We think of fraternal twins as more like having a sibling that’s the same age (sorry!).

That said, I would love to have fraternal twins some day ”” ideally one boy and one girl.  That way we’d have two kids in one shot, and still have one kid of each gender.  But even if we had fraternal twins of my own, I wouldn’t consider them “real” twins.  Is that mean?

EDIT:Oops!  I wasn’t at my desk and so I didn’t realize my post was offending my fraternal twin brothers and sisters :-( .

I guess I thought of it as sharing a secret with you guys.  Identical twins really do say these things!  I know it sounds awful.  I guess it truly is a secret… now I feel bad for even bringing it up.

If and when Mrs. Bee and I start our own little hive… I would prefer to have fraternal twins to identical twins!  So I hope that shows my love for fraternal twinship.  *offers tentative fist bump?*

2. Weddingbee is Mrs. Bee’s full time job! I’ve lost track of the number of people who ask if Weddingbee is Bee’s full-time gig. I am always surprised, since Bee tends to work 12+ hour days ”” usually at least six days a week!

Sometimes I wonder if Weddingbee has been bad for our marriage.  We used to have a lot more free time to do fun things pre-Weddingbee.  We don’t do those things anymore, and sometimes we worry that the site is making us boring (I help out with the site, and we tend to spend most of our free time talking about it).  It’s like a third partner in our marriage… and it’s definitely been the priority for both of us the past few years.

That said, we’re both super glad to have had Weddingbee in our lives.  When Bee first moved to New York, we both had no idea what she would do (she had been running a vocational school in LA’s inner city).  Then Bee started blogging about our upcoming wedding, and before you knew it… Weddingbee was born in February ’06 !

For those of you who have joined us more recently, this is what the site looked like back then!

The bride was designed by Paige Pooler, and the site was designed by my friend Marc.

3. Mrs. Bee likes to dress me up in somewhat obscure costumes for Halloween.  For example, one year we went as Falun Gong, the Chinese spiritual group that was heavily protesting the crackdown in mainland China against their group.  We both wore bright yellow shirts: hers said “FALUN” and mine said “GONG”.

We thought it would be funny, because Falun Gong protesters had been all over New York that year protesting.  They had literally been everywhere, and we thought it’d be a very New York outfit.  We had *zero* idea that Falun Gong was mega controversial in China… until we got on the subway, and an older Chinese gentleman gave us the evil eye (I seriously thought he was gonna stab us!).  Now I Google all of our outfits before I put them on.

Our Falun Gong outfit had all the trademarks of a Mrs. Bee Halloween outfit:

1) 90% of people didn’t get the joke.
2) I spent most of Halloween explaining to people what my outfit meant.
3) The people who did get the joke thought it was the funniest and most unique outfit they’d seen that year.

We didn’t celebrate Halloween this year (we left for the Philippines the next day), but our last outfit was classic.  Check out Bee’s outfit:


Can’t tell what she is?  You can highlight the white text to the right to see the answer: * Bee is a gold digger… get it?!  Wokka wokka wokka!*

My outfit that year was even more epic: Bee made me a custom outfit, with removable body parts and a red nose.  I carried around salad tongs, so guests could remove my detachable “wishbone” and “funny bone”.  If they did it wrong, a buzzer went off and my red nose lit up.  In other words, I was “Operation: The Board Game”.

I may post a picture of that some day.  It was definitely a test of how much I love my wife.


Mr. Bee

New York City, New York
Wedding Date:
March 5, 2005

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  1. Member
    Mrs. Espresso 1308 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:14 pm

    haha I love your costume Bee! And Mr. Bee- I want to see that Operation costume!

  2. Member
    Mrs. Cupcake 1456 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:10 pm

    I love this post! Mr. Bee, I loved seeing what Weddingbee used to look like. How far you have come! And I agree that we need to see a picture of the Operation costume…. with YOU in it! Will the mysterious Mr. Bee ever show his face?

  3. Guest
    ali, Guest @ 9:59 pm

    as an identical twin, i get what you’re saying.

    there’s usually a difference in response tho, don’t u think?

    person: you’re a twin!?!?
    fraternal twin: yeah
    person: fraternal or identical?
    fraternal twin: fraternal
    person: OH. cool.

    person: you’re a twin!?!?
    identical twin: yeah
    person: fraternal or identical?
    identical twin: identical
    person: AWWWWW!!!! that’s so cool. if i pinch you, will you feel it?

    please take this lightly…i’m quite silly. :)

  4. Guest
    ali, Guest @ 10:01 pm

    i meant…

    “if i pinch you, will she/he feel it too?”


    “when you were little, did u speak in a twin language?”


    “do you know what the other twin is thinking?”


    “when you were little, did you guys trick people?”

  5. Guest
    linda, Guest @ 10:17 pm

    oh mah gah!!! You are so funny. please post more!! You’re awesome..just because you love your wife enough to wear the operation game!

  6. Guest
    Cynthia, Guest @ 9:29 am

    I too would love to see the operation costume!

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