A-Mason’ Centerpieces

Did you like my little pun in the title? If you haven’t already figured this out, I am beyond obsessed with mason jars in general. Blue Ball mason jars, specifically. I’ve already found enough to serve as flower holders for the centerpieces at our wedding, so I thought I’d do a little research and find some inspiration for the flowers and settings of these beautiful jars. Here we go…

There’s just something about the combination of blue and yellow that slays me every time. I like both of these flower arrangements, even though they’re very different.


Apparently, I am not the only one who likes this color combination. I’d say the majority of blue mason jar centerpieces I found involve yellow flowers. Excellent!


I love the easy, wildflower feel of these flowers. The mason jars look so pretty against the yellow and green linens.


Now we move on to clear mason jars in this picture. I’m totally digging these flowers. I love how full this arrangement looks.


You can’t go wrong with peonies. Ever.


I believe (and please, correct me if I’m wrong, Mom) the white flowers here are dahlias. Love love love ‘em! I’m also appreciating the ribbon tied around the jar.


I want to do something similar to this one, tying (yellow?) rustic ribbon around each vase. I love the flowers in this arrangement, too.


My conclusions based on these pictures and the rest of my research is that the flower arrangements need to be big and lush in order for my wedding to feel country-chic and not country-cheap. Although I still want to keep things feeling organic and hand-picked, I need to tell the florist to keep the flower heads big and fill in all the empty spaces with smaller buds. All this inspiration has got me pretty pumped for our own centerpieces.

Finally, here’s a brilliant idea for what to do with all the leftover mason jars AFTER the wedding. :) Hello, Christmas presents next year?

So I ask you all: have you caught the mason jar bug, too? Or are you going for a more polished look with your centerpieces?


Mrs. Trail Mix

New York
Wedding Date:
June 2010

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  1. Member
    taffy 3081 posts, Sugar bee @ 10:43 am

    Lovely inspiration photos!

  2. Member
    potatochips 1193 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:01 am

    I love the easy-breezy feel of these!

  3. Member
    Mrs. Mouse 4789 posts, Honey bee @ 11:54 am

    I LOVE the 5th photo from the bottom–the “full” one with the white and pink and the smaller buds poking out haphazardly. What a beautiful arrangement.

  4. Member
    fromcharleston 651 posts, Busy bee @ 1:53 pm

    i think you could mix the daisies and the roses…if you keep the flowers in the same color family, they’ll look pulled together. baby’s breath will look pretty and casual and poufy, plus it’s inexpensive and you can mix it in with more expensive flowers. i also like french fries’s idea of mixing ribbon and twine or raffia.

  5. Member
    Lo 538 posts, Busy bee @ 2:23 pm

    I LOVE the blue mason jars! I have had the pic of the dahlias in the mason jar saved in my inspiration folder for awhile now. I’ve started searching out antique and thrift stores around Atlanta in hopes of finding some at a good price. If anyone has any suggestions of where to look let me know!

  6. Member
    firemuffy 204 posts, Helper bee @ 1:26 am

    Blue mason jars rock. Its a pity that I cannot find any here!

  7. Member
    Sandia 76 posts, Worker bee @ 1:44 pm

    Pretty! I have had this idea too.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Sarah, Guest @ 3:41 pm

    I am doing mason jars with raffia around the top. We are going to go pick our flowers at a pick our own flower farm the day before the wedding then assemble them all together. We are hoping to have cosmos, lilies, and other summer flowers that grow in the midest.

  9. Member
    KatelynG 6 posts, Newbee @ 8:03 am

    I think the mason jars add a touch of simple elegance. I’ve seen some other centerpieces that just come across as so impersonal and way over the top. I am totally in love with this idea and think its absolutely beautiful :D

  10. Member
    Sandia 76 posts, Worker bee @ 1:28 pm

    I have to agree with KatelynG…they do add a touch of simple elegance. I love Shabby Chic bedding and such that is sold a target. I am a country girl at heart, and the mason jars speak to me. They show who I am and who my fiance is too. We’re just simple people. No need to look fancy and stuffy.

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Table Numbers, Revisited | Weddingbee, Guest @ 9:12 am

    [...] I think they’re simple, sweet and will go well with our mason Jar centerpieces. [...]

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    missgracekelly, Guest @ 3:57 pm

    I am in love with the dahlia picture…do we think that the jar in that picture is quart or half gallon sized?

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