The Cutest (Naughty) Shower Gift Ever.

Last weekend during my shower in Pittsburgh I was given some amazing gifts. We really cleaned up and were reminded how insanely generous our families and friends are! And while I could swoon over the registry gifts we received all day, I wanted to share a little something different with you all.

Ladies, meet the Panty Parfait.

(please notice that there is even a “cherry” on top!)

The Cheeseburger Bridesmaids really wowed me with this one! The entire vase (and what a beautiful Waterford vase it is!) was filled with undies of different colors, materials, and styles, and quite a few of them were accompanied by notes!

And then I found out that these notes told a little story when read in order. Come on, follow along with me:

Panty #1: A beautiful eggplant pair, our wedding purple!

Ooooh a sexy underwear parfait!? I was intrigued…

Panty #2: Beautiful Bride panties from VS for our wedding day!

I was blushing for sure at this point… nothing like announcing to a room full of my great aunts that I’m not so “innocent”. :)

Panty #3: A sexy red pair for our honeymoon!

“The next pair are for your honeymoon

So sexy – red and lace

We hope you leave the hotel room

‘Cause Riviera Maya’s a gorgeous place!”

At this point, I decided to hold off on reading these out loud to 60 family members… I revisited the rest for a smaller group later on in the afternoon

Panty #4: A beautiful black pair, the note reads -

“For your first knock-down, drag out fight

As a married couple

When Dan sees you in this little number

He’ll forgive you on the double!”

Panty #5: A pretty white pair for our first anniversary :)

Panty #6: A pair the same color blue as our scrubs! This one is to signify our graduation from medical school:

“When you and Dan become M.D.s

and begin to wear your “blues”

(they needed something to rhyme, haha )
These will help you keep your sex life

From taking a little snooze”

Panty #6: These are my favorite pairs, hands down… take a look at that poem, too cute!

“When the time is right for you and Dan
And don’t be saying maybe
You’ll wear a little pink or blue
In honor of your baby!”

Panty #7 & 8: For later down the road, some gorgeous pairs!

Panty #9: And lastly, a pair of granny panties… the sexiest ones I’ve seen!

In addition to the ones with notes, I got a bunch of other beautiful pairs! I have to admit, it’s going to be hard to hold off on wearing these, but hey, I think they wanted me to wear them sooner rather than later anyway!

Were you gifted lingerie in a less than traditional way? Anyone going to bust out this gift to a friend or family member?


Mrs. Cheeseburger

Baltimore, MD/State College, PA
Wedding Date:
March 2010

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