Grow Old Along With Me: It’s All in the Details

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things about Weddingbee is following a bride from planning to execution. The little details were always so fun to see being created, and seeing them in effect on the big day always further inspired me and gave me a sense of closure.

I had a ton of fun working on our wedding details, which is why a lot of them got done—being crafty makes me happy! I honestly did not expect our guests to really notice all my little touches, but to my surprise, a lot of them did.

Here they are for you to see!

Our gorgeous invitations, complete with our unofficial wedding quote.




Our Out of Town Boxes, which I think I wrote about more than any other project! Sorry!




Our basket of vintage hankies available to guests at the church – all of these went!



Our programs, a project that was extremely involved, and perhaps only questionably worth the incredible amount of work! :)



Our kiddo bags! These were well-received by our 8 little ones.


My gorgeous flowers. I can’t take credit for the execution, only the inspiration. :)


Our rings, including my wedding gift from Burger. Such a unique shot in the library!


Our Memory Table, which was set up outside the ballroom, was a true hit. It included family wedding photos, memory candles for our deceased loved ones, and our engagement album.




It also held our Love Story book, which people absolutely died over. They couldn’t believe that I had made it and that it was easier than scrapbooking! I still recommend this to anyone who is a pack rat, but who hates scrapbooking.


Our Photo Mobiles were hung from the gazebo surrounding the table – here is a close-up, but you can also see them behind the table in the picture above. Also a huge hit!


Our Quaker Marriage Certificate served as our guest book. You can see that at first people were only signing on the left, but our amazing coordinator reminded them to sign across. This worked out perfectly because we only have a few empty lines at the bottom, which I plan to cut off so that it looks complete!



Instead of individual favors, we made a donation to our favorite charity.


Our personalized drink stirrers were spotted in glasses throughout the evening.


And these personalized golf tees were tucked into the pockets of all the guys—we have none left of the 250 we started with! I guess our guests like to golf. :)


The guitar picks sporting our monogram are also completely gone! I love that this picture actually shows off the picks and the custom napkins which are also pictured below.



Our Cork Placecard Holders, a true labor of love, turned out wonderfully.


Because this project could not be finished until the seating chart was complete, I typed up everyone’s names and added the jewels to notate their food choice (purple for beef, green for chicken). Once the seating chart was complete, I hand-wrote their reception table name.


Our Gift Table, complete with birdcage for cards and our Merci sign.



A little detail that I completed early in planning, our super-easy napkin rings!


Our Table Name Signs – named for events and places around Penn State’s campus!


Our adorable cake topper.


Our two flip-flop baskets! A huge hit among both the ladies and the men. All 60 pairs were gone, and every now and then this summer friends let me know when they were wearing them!


And Our Wedding Tree, which was filled in by our bridal party and family members who attended our Rehearsal Dinner.

How did your details turn out?

Would you all be interested in seeing which details didn’t work out as well?!

Catch up!

all photographs except those of the Wedding Tree by the lovely and talented Jessica Ames


Mrs. Cheeseburger

Baltimore, MD/State College, PA
Wedding Date:
March 2010
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