The Venue, Part Dos

When we left off, Mr. Panther and I had officially booked a venue without a) being engaged or b) having seen it. No big deal. The venue is only one of the most important parts of the wedding.

Luckily, when I arrived at the Inn at Longshore—even though it was the middle of winter—it was everything Mr. Panther and I had imagined. Phew!


Yay, we’re here! (personal photo)


Oooh, um, snowy! (personal photo)


There’s the ceremony site! (personal photo)

OK, I admit it was tough to picture what this frozen tundra might look like in July. But the interior really was beautiful. The Inn at Longshore is very old—it used to be a country club where F. Scott Fitzgerald was a member!—and it’s got that historic feeling.


This is a view of the whole ballroom from a raised area on the side, which is where our photobooth will be! The stage in front was a major deciding factor for Mr. Panther. (personal photo)


Even the bathrooms are pretty! (personal photo)

So, the venue visit was a success, and I went home really excited about our choice. But you ladies might not be convinced by my crappy Cyber-shot photos, so here are some pro pics to give you an idea of what the Inn might look like all decked out in midsummer.


Now that’s a ceremony site! (Source)


The cocktail hour will be on the lawn next to the ceremony area. (Source)


Yum, ballroom. (Source)


Beach! Boats! Rocks that will probably destroy my shoes! (Source)


A view of the Inn from the lawn. (Source)


Now that’s what I’m talking about! (Source)

So that’s our wedding venue! Not too shabby for something we picked off the Internet, right?

Did any of you ladies pick your venue without seeing it? How about without visiting any other choices? For those of you who went the traditional route, how many venues did you visit before you made your choice?


Mrs. Panther

Atlanta GA/Westport CT
Wedding Date:
July 2011
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  1. Member
    jgoulart 1069 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:35 pm

    The waterfront ceremony site is fantastic! Wonderful choice Panther!

  2. Member
    earrings 2611 posts, Sugar bee @ 4:19 pm

    it looks perfect! Great choice :)

  3. Member
    HolyVowels 338 posts, Helper bee @ 5:10 pm

    Beautiful venue!

  4. Member
    frenchfries 2168 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:19 pm

    I would totally take pictures of the bathroom, too — great minds. :) Also, this? “Beach! Boats! Rocks that will probably destroy my shoes!” is hilarious.

  5. Member
    ktmcculloch 129 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:29 pm

    love all the pictures!

  6. Member
    eeper 129 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:48 pm

    The stage & the raised bar & lounge area totally sold me – it’s the best layout. We had a photo booth too – it was totally the hit of the party! It was great that guests didn’t have to leave the ballroom to get to it!

    What also sold us was Plan B – I was so excited for the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour, but it poured on my wedding day :( Moving indoors for Plan B still worked out great!

    PS – I live 10 minutes away from this venue and used all local vendors, feel free to PM me if you need any info!

  7. Member
    barrettes 913 posts, Busy bee @ 5:52 pm

    Gorgeous! Not too shabby for not even being engaged =)

  8. Member
    panther 1112 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:14 pm

    @Mrs. French Fries: My poor shoes are very delicate. I might need a back-up pair just for the beach pictures!
    @eeper: LOVE that bar! I can’t believe I forgot to post a picture of it! I’m glad to hear that your Plan B ceremony/cocktail hour worked out well, though I’m sorry you missed out on the outdoors! I’m prayingprayingpraying for a dry day, but it’s definitely nice to know that we’ll be OK if it does rain.

  9. Member
    windmills 742 posts, Busy bee @ 9:24 pm

    It’s absolutely beautiful. Great choice!

  10. Member
    cheetah 1192 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:59 pm

    Love it! Congrats on finding such a great venue!

  11. Member
    seashell 1689 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:22 pm

    Such New England wonderfulness!!!

  12. Member
    feministbride 283 posts, Helper bee @ 10:33 pm

    Looks amazing – and LOVE Fitzgerald, what a cool factoid about your venue.

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    Wedding Beaches, Guest @ 6:17 am

    The ceremony site view is marvelous. I love your venue..

  14. Member
    panther 1112 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:59 pm

    @feministbride: Isn’t that awesome?! Allegedly, “Rockefellers” and “Roosevelts” were also members … not sure which ones, though. ;-)

  15. Member
    jordynrose 6351 posts, Bee Keeper @ 11:29 pm


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