Are You Crazy, Lady?!

I have a feeling that’s what people are going to say to me when they find out that I’m DIY-ing all of my own flowers. That’s right—all of them. I’ll tell you why.

I am a genius who decided that it would be a great idea to get married in one of the most expensive cities in America. Awesome. NOT. I thought that I would at least be able to get my bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets from a florist there…I mean, how much could it really break the budget? *gasp* I almost fainted when I started receiving price quotes. I’m sorry, I just cannot justify paying almost $300 for a freaking bouquet of flowers that I’m going to use for a few hours. I know what you might be thinking: “But they’re going to look so pretty in the pictures…” OK, but so would a bunch of wildflowers picked from alongside of the road. Now calm down, I’m not going to pick wildflowers from alongside of the road to use for my bouquet. I’m crazy, but not that crazy.


Photo by James Christianson via Style Me Pretty

Remember this gorgeous arch from the wedding that made me decide to have our wedding in Colorado? I had my heart set on having it, too, until I found out it was $1,200! Um, no thanks…I’m pretty sure the place doesn’t need a $1,200 enhancement to make it any more beautiful anyway.

After researching more options, I decided against fake flowers as well. Good, real-looking fake flowers can still be pretty pricey, and after searching high and low on Etsy and every other site recommended, I just couldn’t come up with a bouquet that I would really be satisfied with (especially since I heart peonies so much, and it is nearly impossible to find fake ones that really resemble the true soft beauty of real ones). Oh, speaking of peonies—I love them oh so much that if I would have known that they wouldn’t be in season for our early August wedding, I probably would have moved our date up just to accommodate being able to have them! I’d definitely have a bouquet similar to one of these pretties:


Photo by Steve Depino Photography via The Knot


Photo by Kristen Weaver via Style Me Pretty


Photo by Hazelnut Photography

Unfortunately, there’s no magic way that I’m going to be able to make them grow in August, so I started looking for backup options. That’s when I discovered these pretty substitutes:


Peony Rose Pink Metropole at (36 stems for $149.99)


Helga Piaget Cream Garden Rose at (50 stems for $189.99)

The option that I ended up deciding on: Ordering wholesale online through I’m going to have them shipped to our hotel, and I’ll assemble the bouquets in our room. (We booked a suite with lots of extra room.) I enjoy arranging flowers anyway, and with pretty flowers like these, you can’t really go wrong no matter how you put them together. I researched a lot of reviews of the site, and most people seem to be really pleased with the product and customer service. I also like the fact that they have free shipping and a 100% wedding-day guarantee. The only bad reviews I could really find were from brides who weren’t happy about the colors of the flowers that actually arrived. For someone who really has their heart set on a bright hot pink and receives a light pink instead…I can understand how that would be a problem. For me personally, though, I’m not too concerned that the color would be messed up because as long as they show up in some shade of pink and some shade of white, I’ll be a happy bride. The roses pictured above are some options I’m liking, but there are many other pretty options on the site (like ranunculus!).

OK, so moving on to our at-home-reception flowers. I’m growing them myself (and by “I” I really mean FMIL, Dad, and I ). FMIL already grows a plethora of beautiful flowers every year. Dad and I went and picked up as many flower-seed packets in shades of pinks and whites as we could find. For the reception back home, most of the flowers are going to be placed in various sizes of pretty blue Ball Mason jars, and I think more of a mixed, wildflower-type look would be great. If for some reason the flowers don’t grow well this season, or some other unknown catastrophe happens, I’m just going to remain calm and use as a backup option.

Normally, doing something like relying on a website to ship me fresh flowers for my bridal bouquet would totally freak me out, hence the title of this post; I would assume that everyone is going to think I’m crazy for doing it this way. I’m determined to remain calm and stress free, though—it’s the foundation for even wanting a small, intimate wedding, after all. So I just keep repeating to myself: Remain calm…and possibly have a cupcake. :)

Image and poster via artylicious on Etsy

Do you have any tricks you’re using to save money on flowers? Anyone else used an online wholesale site to purchase real flowers?


Mrs. Balloons

Aspen, CO
Wedding Date:
August 2011
Kids Versus No Kids: The Argument
Yeah. So We Got Married.

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  1. highwire Member
    highwire 1021 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:47 am

    We’re getting maried in a rose garden…so we don’t have to buy many flowers at all! They weren’t a big priority on my list, plus they are EXPENSIVE for something that is just going to die. Ugh I can’t wrap my mind around the expenditure.

    We are getting bouquets/boutineers and just a couple of peices that we’ll have on display for the ceremony and then move to our tent for the reception. Our centerpeices are going to be mostly vitnage nick nacks, lanterns, and cute little cactii.

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Nicole, Guest @ 11:47 am

    My mom and I are DIY-ing all my flowers as well! (Although my mom used to be a florist….) Anyway, I’m ordering mine from Sam’s Club – super cheap! And if something is wrong with them, they will pay to buy you replacement flowers from a local florist :)

  3. Member
    TheFutureMcBride 4485 posts, Honey bee @ 11:48 am

    Love peonies. I made our flowers from clay and everyone loved it. Plus, I get to look at the everyday.

  4. Member
    neontl 1136 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:56 am

    We did our own flower arrangements and we got tons of compliments on them! PM me if you want to see photos! We were able to purchase from a wholesale flower place in town (you’ll need a business license) and it helped being able to see the flowers to figure out quantity, colors, and types. My BMs loved the bonding time the morning we spent doing them and I was so proud of them!

  5. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 12:00 pm

    I love those roses, they definitely give you the peony look without the ridiculous price tag and incredibly small season. I don’t think you’re crazy, I think a $300 bouquet is crazy.

  6. Member
    didymoose3 84 posts, Worker bee @ 12:06 pm

    I don’t want to scare you, but our very own Mrs. Socks had some flower color drama from I hope it works out for you, but you may want to think about shopping around review-wise to make sure you are using a vendor that won’t dissapoint! Hopefully it all works out!

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    CameraGirl87, Guest @ 12:09 pm

    While I LOVE ranunculus, when I went to a florist meeting, they told me that ranunculus don’t do so well out of water – like hydrangeas. Just a thought!

  8. Member
    Zinzerena 4207 posts, Honey bee @ 12:13 pm

    mmmm… loooove peonies!!! My mom has several bushes that bloom and I always loved picking ’em. 😉

    We’re doing fake flowers. Ribbon roses, to be exact, for the girls and my own bouquet. And, with luck, I’ll also be able to make a “second” bouquet using artificial black roses.

    If it weren’t for the fact there is no TRUE black rose in nature and they “made” ones are bloody expensive, I’d splurge on a bouquet of black roses, lol.

    The guys are getting guitar pick bouts with picks that have our logo on ’em. gotta love the internet! LOL!

  9. Member
    kumquat11 116 posts, Blushing bee @ 12:14 pm

    My FMIL did the bouquets, and I did all the decorations! We ordered flowers for the bouquets from King Sooper (local grocery store in CO, way cheaper than any online wholesaler and no shipping costs. And you pay on pickup so if you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them), and while my FMIL felt the roses weren’t up to her exacting standards, I thought they were gorgeous. I did the centerpieces the day before with the cheapest grocery store flowers I could fibd (2 bunches of mixed daisies and a bunch of waxflowers: total $21!) in mason jars. I got so many compliments, and it was such a relaxing way to spend the morning before the wedding! Go for it!

  10. Member
    tocarat 324 posts, Helper bee @ 1:08 pm

    I’m DIYing mine too! So if you’re crazy, I’m crazy. I too loooove the peonies, so thanks for opening my eyes to the alternatives. I’ve already looked into fiftyflowers, so I’m excited to hear your review. We can do it!!

  11. gazelle Member
    gazelle 1019 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:16 pm

    Beautiful flowers that you have chosen! And seriously, $3000 for a bouquet? Crazy!!! I’m not DIYing our bouquets, but I will be doing the bud vases on our tables at the reception.

  12. Member
    matthews.jenn 19 posts, Newbee @ 1:38 pm

    Hi Miss Balloons read this post by Mrs. Socks. She had a not so good experience with fiftyflowers!

  13. Member
    hrm 19 posts, Newbee @ 1:45 pm

    If you’re crazy, I am too! My fiance and I are doing our own flowers too. Our local grocery store does 3 flower sets for $12. We can make our centerpieces and bouquets using 1 set for each piece. We’re looking in wholsale flowers too, just in case.

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    Victoria, Guest @ 1:50 pm

    I don’t blame you for making all the flowers yourself! I’m doing the same thing! The only flower I was dead set on having was hydrangeas, and it’s easy to find reasonably priced, good looking ones at hobby lobby. So that’s what I did. I made all the bouquets, bouts, and I’ll be arranging all the centerpieces a few days before hand.

    Good luck with your flowers though!

  15. cola Member
    cola 2827 posts, Sugar bee @ 2:01 pm

    My mom, aunt and I did all of our own flowers too. I’m sure you’ll do fine, especially if you do a couple trial runs first (be sure to time how long it takes to make each arrangement). We got a lot of our flowers from a local flower market, and also ordered some from Fifty Flowers with no issues. Maybe just make sure you schedule them to arrive a day before you need them, just in case there’s a shipping delay. As long as you have a cool, dark place to store them in lots of water, and extra day probably won’t make much of a difference. Good luck!

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    em123, Guest @ 2:22 pm

    We did all our own flowers! It wasn’t so bad at all – took most of the day before the wedding. I would recommend having a day-of coordinator or someone friendly to make sure all the flowers get on the tables without you having to deal with it.

    We did look into FiftyFlowers, but even aside from the bad reviews, I didn’t love having to commit to wholesale amounts of each type of flower. I wanted more variety. Sadly, my area doesn’t have a flower market that’s open to the public. We ended up ordering flowers from Whole Foods and picking them up ourselves, which was amazing. We met with their floral counter two weeks beforehand and they got all the flowers we asked for and more. They were supremely helpful and I really don’t think it cost more than FiftyFlowers would have cost. I felt a lot more comfortable dealing with a real person.

  17. Member
    kristindesigner 63 posts, Worker bee @ 2:38 pm

    DIY flowers over here, too! Let’s hear it for crazy brides!

    All that CO prettiness doesn’t need too much dressing up, anyway :) BTW, I’m insanely jealous that your venue is in Aspen. I tried to push for Telluride, but my folks put the kibosh on that immediately!

  18. tartlet Member
    tartlet 3227 posts, Sugar bee @ 5:43 pm

    Beautiful flower choices all around! So impressed with all the ladies who tackle their own flowers. :)

  19. Member
    lisamarieloves 19 posts, Newbee @ 6:44 pm

    I admire you for choosing to do flowers yourself. I agree that if you use gorgeous flowers, you can’t possibly go too wrong with arranging them. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

  20. earrings Member
    earrings 2611 posts, Sugar bee @ 6:45 pm

    We DIYed our reception flowers- in my opinion, it is a great idea! Love your flower choices.

  21. Member
    lisaelanna 530 posts, Busy bee @ 9:40 pm

    I’m using costco for all of my reception flowers – 100 roses for $90 and, same as your 50flowers site, the only complaints I saw were about getting different colors than ordered. I’m not really worried about that, even if I got pink roses rather than orange roses I don’t think it would really bother me much – they will still be beautiful. I don’t think costco sells peonies though – and I’m with you on their wonderfulness. A woman down the street from me has a gardenful of pink peonies right now and I’ve changed up the route of my morning dog walks just so I can go by and see them. Totally makes my day every time.

  22. Member
    sulaii211 770 posts, Busy bee @ 9:25 am

    It can be done! Just a tip, especially if you’re doing the flowers at a hotel- bring a tarp and extra trash receptacles. Since the flowers need prepping- it makes more trash than you’d ever imagine and the last thing you want to do is clean it all up afterward! You have made some beautiful choices.

  23. Member
    MELIS5A 304 posts, Helper bee @ 12:58 pm

    I admire you… Im going to attempt to do all the bouquets and the guest book table arrangements myself… our centerpieces defiantly have to be professional made

  24. Member
    Mrs.Macaron 106 posts, Blushing bee @ 4:12 am

    Good luck! I was thinking Peonies too! …I really wanted to try this for soo many awesome reasons, but in the end both of my Moms had a problem with DIYing for one reason or another.
    They just die! I dislike that waste of money :(

    So lame, but at least it won’t be my monies! hahaha.

    I hope that site works out, totally reading those bee posts on it. It’d be great for some other celebration where I can DIY.

  25. Member
    ms. rice crispy treat 943 posts, Busy bee @ 4:17 pm

    I’m DIY all of my PAPER flowers. Yes, paper flowers. I think I am insane! But, it’s way cheap.

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