Repurposing Vintage Finds

I have some vintage-like furniture hanging out around our house, and I’m thinking it could make itself useful at our wedding. Like this!


Via Hostess with the Mostess


Via Bliss Wedding Blog


Via Bliss Wedding Blog


Via Green Wedding Shoes

Now, this furniture happens to be a hodgepodge of colors, so I guess I need to decide if we’re gonna paint it or just leave it as is. I started repainting one of these pieces years ago, by removing the knobs and sanding it down. But then I got tired and had to go lie on the couch and eat some Velveeta shells & cheese and watch Harry Potter. Now three years later, it looks like this:



This was my grandpa’s dresser, and is currently in our kitchen. It clearly needs to be repainted, right? I think it’d look awesome as our cake and brownie buffet table!

This could be our guest book table”¦


This could be a bench by our fireplace”¦


And this could be the table that holds our programs, outside by our ceremony site.


Our venue is kind of dark itself, with the wood barn-y thing going on, but the look we are going for is bright and airy and festive and awesome. So I was thinking about painting them white, and using this fabric as a runner.


You know, without Smizza. Also, this is the same fabric I used to make our button napkin rings.

And, I got these orange knobs on sale and used my 15% Anthropologie birthday discount coupon. I may have bought some clothes too. Why though, is the birthday coupon only 15%? That’s lame. Do you hear me Anthro? 20% is a real deal…15% is just meh.




Mrs. Magic

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October 2011
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  1. Member
    KCheer 370 posts, Helper bee @ 4:39 pm

    Wow, impressive vintage furniture collection Magic! It is going to be amazing with the rest of your theme!

  2. bunting Member
    bunting 687 posts, Busy bee @ 4:45 pm

    I LOVE the idea of using repurposed furniture at weddings. I’d be having some at mine if I actually had any neat pieces and could convince someone to lug it around for me.

    I’m digging the orange knobs and fabric, but if you really want bright and airy I’d suggest painting them bright colors, especially since none of the photos you posted are completely white. I do like the idea of a couple different coordinated colors so they’re not all the same, too.

  3. Member
    Misslizzy 282 posts, Helper bee @ 4:46 pm

    I love how vintage it looks the way it is! i think you could still use the fabric since it uses the same colors. Maybe just paint the desk and use the knobs on that.

  4. Member
    Safia 48 posts, Newbee @ 4:55 pm

    I agree with Misslizzy, I would only paint your grandfather’s dresser and then be done. The other items are perfect just the way they are.

  5. Member
    kate02121 3092 posts, Sugar bee @ 5:01 pm

    I LOVE THIS IDEA…consider me inspired! Agree that you should only paint your grandfather’s dresser. Everything else looks fantastic and well-weathered and vintage.

  6. Member
    Nini_Crown 148 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:05 pm

    I would paint your grandfather’s dresser white and use the fabric and knobs, the other furniture looks great as it is, the colors already go well with the bright feeling u want and also complements the soon-to-be white dresser whit the fabric :)

    Love your posts by the way… always looking forward to them, its gonna be such a beautiful wedding! :3

  7. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 5:05 pm

    I wouldn’t paint over them if you like the rough, eclectic look. But if you want a cohesive look, I think white (or other bright colors) would look great! You’ve got some great pieces to work with!

  8. Member
    Chocolatte 198 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:08 pm

    echoing everyone else here – what about leaving it all those fun colors w/ some more funky knobs from antho?

  9. balloons Member
    balloons 138 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:18 pm

    I die, I die, I die. I have a lot of the same type of inspirational pics & plan to use an antique desk for my guest book table too! You’re so lucky that you have those awesome pieces to use…I’m still trying to find mine & I’m not finding any good deals :( I think it’d be awesome to paint the one you plan to use the orange knobs & fabric on white, then rough it up some so that it still looks antique. The fabric & orange knobs would really pop that way, imo.

  10. Member
    Kcoleybear 683 posts, Busy bee @ 10:58 pm

    Paint it. I think it will look awesome with pretty paint, fabric, and buttons. I am so jealous of all the lovely vintage furniture, you have at your disposal.

  11. Member
    slicey19 3500 posts, Sugar bee @ 4:17 am

    I like the colors and am not opposed to painting, however, I think you could get away with only painting the first piece and I think the knobs would look good on it. I just don’t think white will be the best choice. White over black on old wood = a million coats and if you got bored after sanding, you’ll get bored after 1 or 2 coats (I know from experience). Maybe you could go for a blue or green to coordinate with the other pieces or think about where you would put it in your house after the wedding and what color would work. I think using the same fabric for runners would be cohesive and allow you to use the fun colored furniture. If you think it’s time for new paint, think about colors, white is kind of boring for such cutre pieces.

  12. Member
    Courtnee 153 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:14 am

    I don’t remember what your wedding colors are. I would paint the desk (ivory or another color)–black isn’t light and airy–but the other pieces are gorgeous as they are. Go with what color you want them to be in your home though–painting them twice is too much work

  13. Member
    eeper 129 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:21 am

    I love your furniture! I agree with Miss Pony.

    But, seriously, Anthro – where is the love? 15% b-day discount is totally lame. (Though I do make it add up. I typically go balls out for my birthday and try to reign it in the rest of the year). Anyway, thanks for the reminder, I have got one week left to use all my b-day coupons!

  14. snowcone Member
    snowcone 1141 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:51 am

    I’m a sucker for cohesiveness, so I’d go with white… but I really don’t think you can go wrong in this situation!

  15. Member
    Duckienz 45 posts, Newbee @ 9:19 pm

    Only paint it if you WANT it to be white after the wedding! Personally I think the mix of the different colours would look great. However if you want white then paint. You’ll be willing to put in the effort for the wedding when you might not be otherwise. Also if you have any family and friends offering to help then this would be a perfect job for them, no?

  16. Guest Icon Guest
    Jen, Guest @ 12:42 pm

    These are absolutely lovely and totally agree that the only one that needs painting is your Grandfather’s dresser… all the other bright colors are just pure awesomeness!

    Also, I’m getting married at the Barn this October too! October 8th to be exact! I was wondering how many people you’re planning on having and where your ceremony will be. We’re hoping to have ours by the fireplace, but our guest count may prove difficult for that location! Feel free to email me or what not… just thought it might be great to collaborate!

    Congratulations and Best of luck!

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