Dancing Myself Into a Corner

Hive, I need your help! With a week to go before the wedding, I haven’t picked a father-daughter dance song. Well… that’s not entirely true. The two songs I picked were shot down by Daddy PaC. And we haven’t come up with anything suitable since then.

Some helpful background information:


I’m so proud of my dad.

  • Daddy PaC is a musician. He taught himself to play guitar in high school, rocked in a band before I was born and continues to play music in a band and at church. He really has an ear for music! The man owns enough guitars to fill my old bedroom—just ask Mom!

  • We share a love of The Beatles.
  • Neither of us is an experienced dancer. A choreographed dance number is not going to work.

When I excitedly suggested my two favorite father-daughter dance songs, Blackbird and  In My Life by The Beatles, he nixed them for tempo reasons. Straight from Daddy PaC: “‘Blackbird‘ is a fast tempo song… and ‘In My Life‘ has a bit of a strange ‘beat.’ It’s like 3/4 time and does change in several parts of the song. They are both very nice songs but I don’t think danceable is their strong suit.”

Oh, I was bummed! Here we had sentimental, slower songs by one of our favorites artists… and no.

Daddy PaC gave it some more thought and came up with  Ann by David Gates, the same artist they selected for their wedding song. He also suggested if I wanted to pay homage to our French heritage,  French Waltz by Nicolette Larson (my namesake) would be nice. These traditional songs were lovely, but nowhere near what I had in mind.

Thinking that if Daddy PaC saw our playlists, he’d understand the vibe and be able to utilize his music knowledge to suggest a really cool song, I emailed over the song list. Here’s a representative sampling:

Mother/Son: Wildflowers – Tom Petty


Rock, Alt, Indie and a little Reggae

He didn’t recognize 90% of the songs and the remaining 10% didn’t jump out at him, so he bowed out of the decision. Which left me feeling sad… and guilty. (I had no idea the father-daughter dance was so emotionally charged!)

When I asked my married friends what they danced to and/or would suggest, I came across three schools of thought:

  1. Dance to what you want
  2. Dance to what he wants
  3. Don’t stress out over the song. You won’t remember it years from now. (I would.)

So hive, I’m putting it out there. I need help. You guys are the experts. Wow me with your recommendations!


Mrs. Pain au Chocolat

Wilmington, DE
Wedding Date:
June 2011
It's Spelled with One "O"!
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Bonnie, Guest @ 11:58 am

    Father and Daughter by Paul Simon is a really great song with some awesome guitar!! My fave part” I’m gonna take guard like a postcard of golden retriever!” So sweet!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Jo, Guest @ 11:58 am

    My dad, also a musician, and I danced to “Thank you for the music” by Abba (Amanda Seyfried does a nice version from the mamma mia movie sound track). Difficult-ish to dance to, but hit the right chord for sure.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Bonnie, Guest @ 11:59 am

    * stand guard

  4. Member
    chrispygal 1472 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:04 pm

    Why don’t you look for alternate versions of In My Life? It’s a perfect song, beautiful, and I’m sure it’s been re-made multiple times. Bette Midler’s version is definitely danceable.

    This may show my age a bit, but what about “Trouble Me” by the 10,000 Maniacs?

  5. Member
    redheadartgirl 46 posts, Newbee @ 12:07 pm

    Landslide—Fleetwood Mac. :)

  6. Member
    doxie 166 posts, Blushing bee @ 12:11 pm

    @redheadartgirl: that’s the song i’m using! :)

  7. Member
    mcmillan0529 114 posts, Blushing bee @ 12:14 pm

    My dad is also a musician.. I picked “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan, and when I told him, he said he actually has a recording of his band doing a cover of the song. So, we’re actually dancing to my dad’s band’s cover of the song, so my dad will essentially be singing to me, while dancing with me. I’m sure I will cry, as will he (even if he doesn’t want to admit it to himself).

  8. Member
    Miss Palmetto 52 posts, Worker bee @ 12:19 pm

    My dad is a classic rock freak…seriously he would quiz my sisters and I in the car on the way to school which results in my crazy knowledge of 60s-70s music…

    I think its so sweet you are taking your dad’s musical loves into account when choosing a song!

    We ultimately decided on “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones. It was so perfect for us. I hope you find the best song for the two of you!

  9. Member
    Crabbabs 1030 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:19 pm

    That sounds tough! I can imagine how the decision can be unexpectedly emotional.
    Surprisingly, I think I might have my father/daughter dance already picked out. My bf and I are not yet engaged, but close. One day when I was visiting my parents, my dad was dancing around to crash test dummies (one of his favorite album, lol) and jokingly said we should use “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” for our father/daughter dance. I casually mentioned that I was thinking something like “Beautiful Tonight” by Eric Clapton (his absolute favorite artist ever). He immediately got choked (and he is a typical never-show-your-emotions dad) up and gave me a huge hug. I was caught off guard at his reaction, but happy he was happy about it.
    Personally, I think Blackbird is really sweet and not necessarily fast if you sway on the first and third beats of each measure instead of each beat. Maybe if you practiced once with him he might change his mind.
    I’m sure you guys will find something that is perfect even if it takes a bit longer.
    P.S. I love each and every one of your choices on your song list!

  10. Guest Icon Guest
    Ally, Guest @ 12:20 pm

    My dad and I danced to “Dancing on Daddy’s Shoes” by Leone Redbone. I don’t remember if it fit the rest of our music (probably not), but we had a lot of fun dancing to it and that’s what really mattered to us.

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    Heather Ash, Guest @ 12:22 pm

    I am planning on dancing with my dad to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” I know it’s not a typical father-daughter dance song, but I have a feeling that what you and your father are looking for is not typical. I think this song has a really beautiful message and will be a beautiful song for a father and daughter share their special moment to. Hope this helps!

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Tina, Guest @ 12:26 pm

    We’re dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”.

  13. Member
    PandaPanda 33 posts, Newbee @ 12:38 pm

    Glad to see someone else is considering ‘In My Life’ – The Beatles will be a part of our father daughter dance, because it’s special to us. What about “I Will” from the White Album?

    “Love you forever & forever,
    Love you with all my heart;
    Love you whenever we´re together,
    Love you when we´re apart.”

    So sweet! :)

  14. Member
    Jess1054 99 posts, Worker bee @ 12:47 pm

    My pops sounds a lot like your father – he’s been rockin’ in the free world since before he could drive a car! He instilled that love of music in me and took me to my first rock concert when I was 12 – we’ve been loving music together since then! So we had a tough time picking a song that spoke to both of us, until we found Landslide, by The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a sweet song with tear-jerker lyrics that was originally done by a classic rock band (Fleetwood mac) but covered by a newer, alt-rock band (My favorite, the smashing pumpkins) – Now that we’ve picked it, I can’t listen to it without crying, even 3 seconds in. The wedding is in August, I can’t wait to hear it that day! 😀

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    Kelly, Guest @ 12:52 pm

    We’re doing “Hold My Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish

  16. trailmix Member
    trailmix 6663 posts, Bee Keeper @ 1:13 pm

    What about John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy”? We had our band change the lyrics to “beautiful child” but even without that, it’s a lovely ode from a parent to their child…

  17. Member
    SummerCamp 220 posts, Helper bee @ 1:57 pm

    I’m thinking of using the Moody Blues Wildest Dreams. It’s the only song that really reminds me of my dad but it’s awfully fast and too long…

  18. Member
    occhiblu 220 posts, Helper bee @ 8:49 pm

    Could you use “Sweet Pea” as the father/daughter dance, instead of as just one of the playlist songs?

  19. Member
    lifegavemelimes 125 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:41 pm

    My dad and I danced to Nat King Cole’s version of “You are My Sunshine,” because he used to sing it to me when I was a baby. My mom was the one who actually suggested it.

    Before I settled on that one, I considered Loudon Wainwright’s “Daughter.” It still chokes me up!

  20. Member
    okpharmbride 34 posts, Newbee @ 10:19 pm

    Are you Jimmy Buffett fans? I thought about “Little Miss Magic” for a long time. The reason I had to say no is that it has a line about “your mother’s still the only other woman for me” and my parents have been divorced for over 20 years. It’s definitely worth a listen! Good luck!

  21. painauchocolat Member
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:09 pm

    @chrispygal: I considered covers of both Beatles songs but they lose a little specialness without John & Paul singing them.
    @mcmillan0529: Had I planned a little bit better, asking my dad/dad’s band to perform a song for the dance would have been super sentimental/sweet. Love that you get the best of both worlds for your father-daughter!
    @Miss Palmetto: “Wild Horses” by The Sundays made our dinner playlist!
    @Crabbabs: My dad also loves Clapton. Any great guitar player really gets his attention. Mr. PaC and I danced to both of the Beatles songs to determine which was more “danceable.”
    @Heather Ash: “Imagine” is a great choice! Sure to get some tears at your wedding!
    @PandaPanda: omg, “I Will” is one of my favorite Beatles songs. Paul’s voice is so clear and earnest in it. I think we have that on the dinner playlist too.
    @Jess1054: Smart! You get a modern version of the song you both like. I’m afraid the tears will start and won’t stop. They’ll need a mop for the dance floor by the end of it.
    @Mrs. Trail Mix: We have a DJ so can’t change the lyrics, but what a clever idea for that song.
    @occhiblu: Good idea! That was one of the songs under consideration if we couldn’t find a Beatles tune. “Sweet Pea” is an adorable song that matches the relationship my dad and I have.
    @lifegavemelimes: I’ve never heard that version; will have to give it a listen. Nat’s voice is like buttah!
    @okpharmbride: Daddy PaC likes Buffett. I came across a list with that as a suggestion.

  22. snowcone Member
    snowcone 1141 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:40 am

    I’m on team “let dad pick”… I think it’s an awesome way to let his true feelings with the situation come through via song selection. Hope you find something awesome!

  23. Guest Icon Guest
    Devon, Guest @ 1:16 pm

    Hey Miss PaC! Just wanted to extend a “rock on and good luck” to a fellow DE bride :)

  24. painauchocolat Member
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 10:25 pm

    @Devon: Thank you! We are so close!!!

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