Overturning the Home-Improvement-Store-Registry Conundrum (or Trying to Anyway)

After we got engaged, but before we starting talking about registering, we just knew there was one place that we couldn’t wait to tackle head on with a scanning gun: Lowe’s.

Being a bad modern couple who bought their house prior to tying the knot, we frequent home-improvement stores on the weekends and get lost in them—and lost from each other—as we gaze at paint, tools, planters, electrical boxes, sheet rock, and gardening supplies.

We were giddy with the excitement of unwrapping things that we desperately need as we hammer, revamp, and refinish our way through our adorable 1950s dream house.

Well…as many of you bees know, Lowe’s and Home Depot both discontinued their registries to the disappointment and outrage of brides- and grooms-to-be across the country. Trust me. Just Google “Lowe’s” and “registry.”

After digging and digging, I wound up finding this:


Image Via Home Depot Online

So…in the year 2011, Home Depot conveniently allows lovers of home improvement to register in store. Nothing will show up online, nothing anywhere—well, except for in that brick and mortar building. I checked with HD Headquarters, and they told me that they do old school registries in store.

Well! That’s better than nothing, and off to our local Home Depot we went.

The service desk was more than friendly handing me their registry sheet and a pen—no scanner guns here—and we could run through the store pen in hand, registering for anything we wanted.

Being a little obsessed with gift giving, I just knew that guests would want to log on to see the goods to know if it was worth the trip to the home-improvement mecca because…what the heck did we really want there anyway?

Enter Blogger.com.

We set up a Blogger account, took pics along the way through the big aisles and yards of lumber (including pics of our handwritten registry to get the sku numbers), and made sure to include the link to our finished makeshift Home Depot online registry in the shower invites.


We wrote a little welcome letter and explained to visitors that Home Depot doesn’t have an online registry, but we are registered at our local [insert town name] Home Depot. And then we included pics and sku numbers. The girl at the service desk suggested to do it this way since it is the same in all Home Depot stores. If guests go to a different location, they just call the local store and get it crossed off our registry. I promise it’s worded a lot more simply (see above!).

Now I don’t really know how this is going to work out. I’m not sure if we are going to get four mailboxes and 12 smokers. (Imagine all the waistline damage I could do with that!) I guess its a roll of the dice.

We are also registered at Target and Kohl’s, but we just had to give the Home Depot registry a try because there were some things that we just really, really wanted at our favorite home store!

Well, you may be thinking, what the heck did we really want there anyway??


We can picture this cooler on the deck we make after our wedding. Next summer we will be hanging out, cold beers in hand, thinking how clever we were to register this way (fingers crossed)!


I’ve wanted a smoker for as long as I could remember but never bought one. Now is the perfect opportunity to get one!


We desperately need a fan once we redo the kitchen. Mr. Sweet Cream hates the way the kitchen heats up with all the baking and cooking I do!


A shower head? Trellises that I will use to plant climbing roses? We need these things!

We also registered for a bird feeder, wood chips (for the to-die-for smoker), a tree trimmer, a bedroom ceiling fan, a mailbox, and a pressure washer, to name a few. Keep your fingers crossed that this runs as smoothly as I first imagined when I jumped for joy in front of Mr. Sweet Cream, telling him my devious master plan to overturn the home-improvement-store-registry conundrum.

I can’t wait to share with you how it goes down.

Is there somewhere that you are dying to register that just doesn’t have a registry? If you could take a magical little gun into any store with you to register, which one would it be?

*All pics are from our Blogger.com registry unless otherwise noted.


Miss Sweet Cream

Wedding Date:
October 2011
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  1. cannon Member
    cannon 513 posts, Busy bee @ 9:31 am

    I’m so glad you posted this! We, too, were outraged Home Depot didn’t have a proper registry, especially as my family is throwing a tool shower for Mr. Cannon. (Not because he’s a tool, but to give him tools.) Also, we don’t really need that much in the way of kitchen items but we really need lawn maintenance stuff. This is a great way to get around it. Once again, I’m stealing a Sweet Cream idea! You’re the best. :)

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Gingersa, Guest @ 9:37 am

    Good idea! It’ll be a great thing for your guests.

    Just a note about security for you, though – you really don’t need to cross off your name in the pictures of your blog. You can Google the title of your blog and it comes right up as the first search entry and then everything is displayed. You might want to take the picture of your blog down if you are concerned about that.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    hime, Guest @ 9:37 am

    try http://www.giftregistry360.com/ They have a tool that you can add to your toolbar which allows you to add products from any website onto your registry.

  4. Member
    gymdive22 184 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:38 am

    We really wanted to register at West Elm, our favorite home decor store, but they don’t do registries. So we decided to do an Amazon wedding registry, where you can include items on any website anywhere. Hopefully people will know how to use it!

  5. Member
    jessicar9010 12 posts, Newbee @ 9:49 am

    We registered at Home Depot also!! It actually turned out to be…somewhat of a headache. When our guests went into the store, the employees couldn’t find our registry (even by searching for my last name and searching for my fiance’s last name). The event code sometimes worked. We ended up with quite a few gift cards (hey, can’t complain about that!) because our guests gave up on looking for our registry and the customer service wasn’t very helpful. One of our guests told us that they were handed a paper copy of our registry that already had check marks all over it where other guests used it. On the day of our couple’s shower, it was hilarious to watch 3 step ladders come in one at a time. Oh well! We still had a blast unwrapping our gifts from our nontraditional registry!

  6. Member
    vanillabean 125 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:51 am

    @Cannon – So happy to help. Steal away, my dear, steal away! :)

    @GingerSA – I know, I know… I guess I just thought I wouldn’t make it THAT obvious… I guess I’ll just throw caution to the wind! 😉

    @hime & @gymdive22 – great tips! :)

  7. sweetcream Member
    sweetcream 216 posts, Helper bee @ 10:06 am

    Sorry! I am sooo confusing! For some reason my computer automatically logged me in as my former-blogging bee name. Oops!!

    @jessicar9010 – Oh geez! That sounds a little crazy. I am prepared for dups – even tho that stinks for guests… Surprisingly my FMIL just went to a shower for a co-worker who registered at Target (another one of our stores) and the same stinkin’ thing happened! Sheesh! Things can always be worse than owning several ladders at 1 time, right? 😉

  8. Member
    Miss Winter 260 posts, Helper bee @ 10:44 am

    We really really wanted to register at Lowe’s and are so disappointed they don’t have one :(
    My FI’s brother went through the Hope Depot process so we are aware of what we are in for if we go that route. Don’t these places know they could make a killing on wedding registries?!

  9. sweetcream Member
    sweetcream 216 posts, Helper bee @ 11:02 am

    @Miss Winter – I KNOW!!! I don’t understand it. Especially after seeing all the cries, disappointments & complaints on the good ol’ internet of couples just pining away for this!!!

  10. Member
    mariewest 304 posts, Helper bee @ 11:23 am

    I am shocked that Lowes and Home Depot got rid of their registries. What idiot in management made that brilliant decision? It is a really smart idea to register at a home improvement store. What better way to start a life together than fixing up a home. I could definitely see myself having some fun in there with my paper and pen (really?).

    Great idea to create your own online version. Hope it works well and that you get your smoker.

  11. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 11:27 am

    I can’t believe home improvement stores would do away with registries! Although, I’m pretty sure my dad would have hounded us until we started one (and we don’t need it). I think your solution is great, I love that you can really see what the product looks like from your website.

  12. highwire Member
    highwire 1021 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:31 am

    We just bought a house (like last month) so I added a Sears registry for some yard tools and whatnot. That stinks about Home Depot and Lowe’s not doing registries. Glad you found a way to make it work!!

  13. tartlet Member
    tartlet 3227 posts, Sugar bee @ 12:32 pm

    I’m stunned they would do away with their registries, but you found a creative way to get around their mistake! I wish I had thought of doing something like this for places that didn’t offer online registries (@gymdive22: like West Elm! We love that place, too!).

  14. Guest Icon Guest
    emily, Guest @ 12:34 pm

    a friend of mine is using this service: http://mygiftlist.com/ for her registry rather than registering at particular stores, and has used it to list a variety of things, from specific brand items they want (sometimes with links to the store or amazon if they’re available online) to general categories they want (eg “a big stoneware casserole dish”). You just click a box beside the item when you buy it or decide you’re for sure buying it. As a guest i loved being able to shop around for affordability and high quality, and the shopping process felt much more personal. Something like this would help you get around the problems with the home depot registry and let guests shop at a store near them…

  15. Member
    toshella 730 posts, Busy bee @ 1:35 pm

    We did what Miss HW did, and resistered at Sears. It’s not the best solution, because we really wanted to register at HD, but we weren’t quite as innovative as you! Hope it works out!

  16. Member
    missheathermcg 60 posts, Worker bee @ 2:10 pm

    I used to work at Home Depot. They do have a registry. We never had a scan gun registry though. You can ask the customer service desk. It is a pain to do but we do have one! And to be honest, I know a lot of ppl got mad that we didn’t have an updated registry but not a lot of people used it. In the 6 yrs I worked there- I’d say 15 people asked…

  17. sweetcream Member
    sweetcream 216 posts, Helper bee @ 2:29 pm

    Sears is a good idea too!!

    @MissHeatherMcG – I totally did “the registry” at customer service & they were super, super nice!! I just knew that most guest might not go b/c they would think we just wanted lumber, nails & tools — not cool things like that smoker!! I’m surprised that a lot of people didn’t ask — maybe because of the word on the internet boards that there is none??

  18. Member
    mak418 356 posts, Helper bee @ 4:14 pm

    Oh! I remember talking with you about Curacao months ago! (I recognize your old hive name.) cool!

  19. Member
    Season 99 posts, Worker bee @ 4:23 pm

    Myregistry.com works like magic. You can add anything from any website and people can cross it off even if they didn’t buy it where you suggested. I love ours.

  20. snowcone Member
    snowcone 1141 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:52 pm

    we did a Sears registry, which thankfully was Mr. SC’s first home-improvement store choice. I don’t know if I would have had the creativity to work around the no registry issue!

  21. Member
    stephbonthego 710 posts, Busy bee @ 3:17 pm

    I <3 Lowe’s!! What a great idea

    @Season: Thanks for the site tip.

  22. Guest Icon Guest
    Sarah, Guest @ 11:22 am

    We registered for some home improvement stuff on Amazon :) Great prices!

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