Twisted Together: Inspiration vs Reality

I love when bees compare their inspiration boards to the real wedding. It is fun to see how inspiration changes over time and how things are executed. It was a lot of fun to look back at my first inspiration board and see how our wedding stacked up.


Credits: Cupcake toppers Birdcage Veil Pew Lanterns Dress Lights Amore Studios Dahlias Paris Hilton Spelled Converse All-Stars


Cupcake photo by Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}, all other photos by Amore Studios

Things that didn’t change from inspiration to execution:

  • Colors
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Veil
  • Aisle decor
  • Chuck Taylors
  • Photos with vintage vehicle
  • Wedding shoes

Things that changed

  • Flowers (Dahlias weren’t in season)
  • Although we used the pattern from my inspiration board, we shortened my dress, added a aqua and lace midriff and created more of a sweetheart neckline.

So, how do you think we did?

That, my friends, is the end of the Twisted Together recaps. I’ve been blogging on Weddingbee since October 2009 (whoa!) and this weekend Mr Pretzel and I will celebrate our one year anniversary.

As crazy as it sounds, I am not finished with Weddingbee. In November 2010 we had a rustic hometown reception that I am dying to share with you guys, but for now this Pretzel is taking the summer off from wedding blogging. So this isn’t me saying, “Goodbye,” it’s me saying, “See ya soon!”

Until then, you can find me over at Parker Haus Roles where Mr Pretzel and I negotiate life as newlyweds.

Twisted Together Recaps

Wedding Week

Getting Ready

The Ceremony


The Reception


Mrs. Pretzel

Wedding Date:
July 2010
Rehearsal Dinner Dilemma
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  1. Member
    cosmo_gmr 488 posts, Helper bee @ 12:15 pm

    I think you did great! I saw your recaps and loves your wedding and your colors!!! I’m all for the vintage in anything!!!

  2. Member
    pookiepie 317 posts, Helper bee @ 12:24 pm

    you did great with all your color inspiration! Happy one year anniversary to you! :)

  3. Member
    Miss Winter 260 posts, Helper bee @ 12:26 pm

    Wow – you stayed right on line! Looks great – I love seeing the comparison to the inspiration boards.

  4. tartlet Member
    tartlet 3227 posts, Sugar bee @ 12:30 pm

    You rocked the colorful palette! And, glad that it’s only “till next time.” Enjoy the rest of your summer, lady!

  5. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 12:40 pm

    Happy Anniversary to the Pretzels! I think you completely accomplished your inspiration! Have a great rest of the summer and I look forward to seeing your rustic reception!

  6. pretzel Member
    pretzel 670 posts, Busy bee @ 12:41 pm

    @pookiepie: Thank you! I cannot believe its been one year already!

    @Mrs. Tartlet: 😀 Till next time is a lot easier than goodbye! I still have so much to share!

  7. sewing Member
    sewing 2649 posts, Sugar bee @ 1:03 pm

    happy anniversary, pretzels!!

    i read through your recaps kinda in big chunks, but it really felt like i was right there celebrating along with everyone else! you’re a great writer, with a great wedding! :)

    i’ve got your new blog on my reader, can’t wait for more pretzel adventures! 😀

  8. elephant Member
    elephant 6339 posts, Bee Keeper @ 1:07 pm

    Happy Anniversary!! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding, can’t wait to see your rustic reception when you come back!

  9. spaniel Member
    spaniel 6778 posts, Busy Beekeeper @ 1:14 pm

    I can’t believe how close you were from inspiration to execution… it’s amazing! I got so sidetracked :).

    Can’t wait to read about your later reception… enjoy your summer off! :)

  10. Member
    tocarat 324 posts, Helper bee @ 1:15 pm

    I adore your brightly colored wedding, I think you did an excellent job executing inspiration to reality!

  11. ostrich Member
    ostrich 2402 posts, Buzzing bee @ 1:22 pm

    Mrs. P, your color-filled wedding is one for the ages. I’m going to miss you tons and will be counting down the days til the hometown reception recaps. :)

    Have an awesome summer!

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Kate, Guest @ 1:31 pm

    Ahh, I have just loved your recaps so far! I’ll miss you this summer, but am so glad you’ll be coming back!

  13. cardigan Member
    cardigan 8645 posts, Bumble Beekeeper @ 2:33 pm

    I think your wedding turned out absolutely beautifully, and I’m so glad you shared it with us! Can’t wait to hear all about the hometown reception!

  14. Member
    eeper 129 posts, Blushing bee @ 2:34 pm

    I love bright colors, but I would never be bold enough to pull off a colorful wedding like this – that’s why I love the Bee, to live vicariously through others! Your wedding was funky & fun & it looked amazing! So happy you’ll be back soon! Happy Anniversary.

  15. Member
    maureen9004 2465 posts, Buzzing bee @ 3:18 pm

    I think you did better than the inspiration board! Absolutely gorgeous wedding!

  16. msseal Member
    msseal 1179 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:48 pm

    I’ve loved your recaps, Pretzel! I’m glad that you don’t plan on straying too far—we’d miss you too much! You really stuck to your board but I agree with others that your wedding turned out even more fabulous than your inspiration 😉

  17. Member
    lisamarieloves 19 posts, Newbee @ 5:00 pm

    Wow! Amazing execution!

  18. turtle Member
    turtle 776 posts, Busy bee @ 5:56 pm

    Wow! I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for us since November of 2009, that’s such a long time! Enjoy your summer off, and happy anniversary to us! I’d forgotten that we got married on the same weekend! :)

  19. Member
    future.mrs.f 85 posts, Worker bee @ 10:40 pm

    i love this! great idea to make a “reality board” and compare when it’s all said and done. great way to tangibly see all that you’ve accomplished!

  20. Member
    miss.qwerty 206 posts, Helper bee @ 12:58 am

    Wow! Love seeing how you turned your inspiration into an awesome wedding. Happy anniversary, have a great summer, and looking forward to your hometown reception recaps in the fall!

  21. earrings Member
    earrings 2611 posts, Sugar bee @ 2:48 am

    I think your wedding blew your inspirations pics out of the water! Love it :)

  22. Member
    MissCasey 223 posts, Helper bee @ 10:09 pm

    Your wedding is one of the cutest weddings I’ve ever seen. I absolutely LOVE the bright colors!

    Happy Anniversary, and see ya soon!

  23. Member
    MissCasey 223 posts, Helper bee @ 10:09 pm

    Your wedding is one of the cutest weddings I’ve ever seen. I absolutely LOVE the bright colors!

    Happy Anniversary, and see ya soon!

  24. hyena Member
    hyena 2537 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:55 pm

    Totally impressed you stayed so true to your inspiration board! I’m going to have to revisit mine, but I’m pretty sure EVERYTHING about mine changed! :)

  25. eggsbenedict Member
    eggsbenedict 347 posts, Helper bee @ 1:28 pm

    I love this! You did a great job sticking to your vision :) So happy it’s not goodbye forever- looking forward to your hometown reception recaps!

  26. Member
    Miss Hearty 101 posts, Blushing bee @ 10:03 pm

    I’m impressed that your wedding turned out so close to your inspiration. The colors were beautiful!

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