Toss Me, Throw Me, Shake Me

Even though we are not planning on doing a formal ‘send-off’ at the end of our reception (we can’t do sparklers, so what’s the point really, right? That, and I’ve never been to a wedding with an end of festivities send off, so I highly doubt the absence will be missed by our guests). But, I’m thinking that having something tossed, thrown, or shaken at us on our way back down the aisle right after we are pronounced husband and wife might be a fun celebratory gesture.

Plus there are so many options for such an occasion. First, there is the traditional birdseed. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t hurt birds, and gives the couple a nice shower.


Photo by Luster Studios

There’s also bubbles. I actually bought a crapload of bubbles from a garage sale last year for a dollar hoping to use them for this very purpose, but I am terrified that these iridescent beauties will leave stains on my silk gown, so I am not sure these are the best choice for us.

But, then again, I already have them, meaning I wouldn’t need to spend any additional money and very little time sprucing them up to be wedding ready.


Photo by Red Lotus Photography / Via Intimate Weddings

Another idea I have seen a lot is rose petals. I love them not only because they are beautiful, but because they are a natural product (thus avoiding any potential cleanup at our venue). Their main drawback is they are hella expensive and I’m thinking I could use that money elsewhere right now.


Photo by A Bryan Photo / Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Ribbon wands seem like they are all the rage right now, and for good reason; they’re fun, no mess, no potential harm to expensive clothing—they’re practically perfect in every way. The huge negative of ribbon wands is the time that must be expended to make them. Time which is not currently on my side.


Photo by The Schultzes / via Ruffled

Yay flags are genius. I seriously love them, even though I think our guests would be supremely confused. Yet again, they take time to design, create, and craft. And, if you look at ribbon wands, supra, you’ll recall time is not on my side.

Weddingbee DIY by hivemember MidCenturyVee

Rather than tossing or throwing something our way, I love the idea of having bells shaken in our direction. Again, no clean up, no risking clothes for the sake of a photo, and they bring in the element of sound. But, the bells would need to be attached to something to be useful, which again takes time.


I love the addition of bells to these ribbon wands! / Photo and DIY tutorial via Chica and Jo

The confetti in this next picture almost has me sold on it; it’s so festive! Although you can buy biodegradable confetti, our ceremony is at a winery and cleanup would need to be done immediately. I can just see those suckers being an absolute pain to clean up.


Photo by Braedon Flynn / Via Snippet and Ink

Poms! All the fun and excitement of confetti but with an extra shot of adorableness. While poms would be easier than confetti to cleanup, I hate the idea of tossing these poms into the trash after the big toss.


Photo by Jill Thomas / Via Green Wedding Shoes

The thing I love about all of these photos, is the absolute joy on the faces of the couples as their guests literally shower them with happiness following the ceremony. And it makes for some awesomely fun pictures.

Now it just comes down to deciding which option works best for us. None of these options are perfect, but hopefully one will stick out to me in the next week so I can finally make a decision and get this project completed.

Did you have or are you planning to have anything tossed, thrown, or twirled at you when you walked back down the aisle?


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Bloomington, IL
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September 2011
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  1. cannon Member
    cannon 513 posts, Busy bee @ 4:28 pm

    I have been afraid of getting something thrown at me at my wedding since I was a little girl. I was big into Girl Scouts, and the founder of Girls Scouts in the United States (Juliette Gordon Low) was deaf in one ear from a piece of rice getting in it when rice was thrown at her during her wedding. Ever since then, I’ve been nervous about it, so I’ve been really happy to see that people don’t throw stuff as much anymore.

  2. Member
    kljean314 4 posts, Wannabee @ 4:30 pm

    I bought these in pink and green to use after we say I do I just love them. And since they will be on the guests fingers they can just throw them in the trash after!

  3. Member
    organicgal 259 posts, Helper bee @ 4:33 pm

    I think my first choice would be bubbles, but like you I have a silk dress and I can just picture bubbles popping on me and making stains :(

    I like confetti too, but we aren’t allowed to toss anything (ceremony outside) at our venue. To be honest too, I really don’t get the ribbon wand thing, not too exicting in my book. So I kind of doubt we will have anything, but in a lot of those pics the bride and groom have their heads down in protection mode. I’d rather get some pics with great smiles and be able to look around at all of our guests! :)

  4. hyena Member
    hyena 2537 posts, Sugar bee @ 4:41 pm

    We did paper airplanes, but I just attended my sister-in-law’s wedding a couple weekends ago, and instead of any of these things, everyone just lined up outside the doors and we did a human arch for them to run under toward their getaway car. I hadn’t seen that before, no effort in either DIY or cleanup, and it was still fun!

  5. elephant Member
    elephant 6339 posts, Bee Keeper @ 4:42 pm

    We did bubbles coming back down the aisle. Have you have a dress fitting yet? If your dress needs to be hemmed, maybe you can use the extra fabric to test the bubbles and see if they would leave a stain.

  6. Member
    Ms October 94 posts, Worker bee @ 4:59 pm

    We bought mini nerf-type guns and are asking people to shoot the foam darts in the air. Cowboy style! My FH has a love for all things Nerf, so it may not make sense for others. He even has a couple guns at work. I will have my DOC handle the clean up with my little cousins. :)

  7. Member
    Ms.Bookworm 214 posts, Helper bee @ 5:20 pm

    We’re going to do “lavendar buds” it’s like litte lavendar buds about the size of rice which smell great, are cheaper than rose petals, and are still a natural product!

  8. Member
    Oregon 99 posts, Worker bee @ 7:12 pm

    I am debating the same thing, between faux rose petals and confetti. We are having an indoor ceremony and reception at the same venue and they have given us clearance to do either.

    Since you are outside at a vineyard, I would go with the bubbles. You already have them and it would be really easy to do a test. As bubbles are usually made from soap…they don’t really stain unless there has been color added to them, but talk to the person you are going to have clean your dress after the wedding to be sure.

    Have fun!

  9. Member
    mandasaurus 16 posts, Newbee @ 7:20 pm

    My one suggestion would be to test the bubbles beforehand to make sure the bubble solution still works, just in case! Otherwise I’d end up wanting to do bubble guns and water pistols and ribbon wands and bell-laden yay flags <3

  10. tartlet Member
    tartlet 3227 posts, Sugar bee @ 7:33 pm

    Ah, the send-off–unrequited love! My favorite are the ribbon wands, and the bubbles are a close second!

  11. Member
    eeper 129 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:39 pm

    @Miss Cannon: So funny, that story has always stuck with me too, maybe that’s why I was never interested in anything being thrown at me!

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    sarah, Guest @ 2:32 am

    i was at the wedding of two pilots who had paper airplanes thrown at them as they walked back down the aisle. adorable, apt AND gorgeous pop of color as the airplanes were bright blue and it was a white sand beach wedding…gorg! :)

  13. macarons Member
    macarons 241 posts, Helper bee @ 2:44 pm

    You know where I stand! Good point about the Poms though, I don’t think I want 400 floating around our house as cat toys.

  14. magic Member
    magic 640 posts, Busy bee @ 3:35 pm

    Poms FTW! Love the poms. Love them!

  15. Member
    NoneOfYourBeeswax 77 posts, Worker bee @ 12:25 am

    There are also these streamer things:

    and premade wands:

    I have also heard of people doing coconut flakes, balloon releases, glitter, butterflies, sparklers, mini marshmallows, grass seed, potpourri, dried flowers, etc. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see what you choose. You made several valid points!

  16. jaguar Member
    jaguar 6490 posts, Bee Keeper @ 1:48 am

    Gorgeous recap of everything – we did a mixture of two. Wands for the church, sparklers in the evening. SO MUCH JOY!

  17. teacup Member
    teacup 631 posts, Busy bee @ 1:10 am

    Awww, I’m loving the ribbon wands with the jingle bells :)

  18. gazelle Member
    gazelle 1019 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:08 pm

    We went with ribbon wands – they were so easy and quick to make, plus our guests loved them, particularly the little ones!!

  19. Member
    weddingstars2012 479 posts, Helper bee @ 10:35 am

    Aw my heart is set on rose petals, but I didn’t realize they were really expensive. I’ll have to look into them =(

  20. Member
    weddingstars2012 479 posts, Helper bee @ 10:36 am

    p.S. I think bubbles are a GREAT idea! Have you looked into whether they would stain a silk dress?

  21. Member
    dustywrath 95 posts, Worker bee @ 10:51 pm

    You probably have already made this decision, but I wanted to point out that bells don’t necessarily require extra work/time. You could choose to not affix them to the stick, like this kind: Like I said, you’ve probably long since made your decision, but I figured I’d add this to the comments for future brides because this seems like a great reference post for this subject.

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