Spoonful of Love: Hands in Pockets

I think if our photographer had a tape recorder on our wedding day, it would have said, “Boys, hands in pockets,” in every photo…especially for the family photos! We all lined up outside the church for a big group shot from the balcony on the level above.


My mum had taken with her a bag of flower petals and handed them out to a few people, so we did a little rose petal photo. I was a little excited!


Then, of course, there was the aftermath of wearing a strapless dress and having people throw rose petals on you. At least it was amusing!


We then headed upstairs to the roof of the chapel to have our formal family shots. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you are incredibly interested in seeing all 58 photos that we took during the family photos session, but instead I’ll just stick to the immediates. The top of the chapel has the most amazing view! I am totally in love with the backdrop for our family shots.

Let’s get things started with Mr Teaspoon’s family—his parents and two little brothers:


My family: my parents and little bro:


I didn’t even think about grabbing a picture of each of us with our mothers, but I absolutely love both of these photos. The first is Mr Teaspoon with his mum and, and the second is of me with my mum. I am also really glad that we not only have a formal photo, but a more casual funny photo with our mums, too.





Of course, we had to get a shot of our bridal party with this beautiful view. How could we pass that one up? It included both the bridge and the opera house, plus a few boats thrown in for good measure.


How did you decide on your backdrop for your formal family portraits? Did you travel to it or choose a location at your reception or ceremony location?


Mrs. Teaspoon

Sydney, Australia
Wedding Date:
September 2011
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  1. Member
    mtnhoney 1311 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:12 pm

    lovely photos. and i LOVE your Mom’s dress, where did she get it? I was hoping my Mom would wear something like that….

  2. Member
    Coffee cup 2319 posts, Buzzing bee @ 12:30 pm

    The las picture’s view is amazing!

  3. Member
    bRooklynRocks 4048 posts, Honey bee @ 1:11 pm

    Gorgeous pictures and that view, oh that view :)

  4. teaspoon Member
    teaspoon 768 posts, Busy bee @ 1:34 pm

    @mtnhoney: It was Carla Zampatti, more info here: http://www.weddingbee.com/2011/08/15/tangerine-mother-of-the-bride-dresses/ It was such a great colour for her!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Christina, Guest @ 4:17 pm

    Awesome pics! And I think your photog must be related to ours, our guys also got the ‘hands in pockets!’ for oh…about every single picture!

  6. Member
    Lexy 404 posts, Helper bee @ 4:33 pm

    Beautiful! Could you ask for a better backdrop? I don’t think so.

    Our winter wedding has a high probability of rain in which case my backdrop plan will be ruined, but there’s a public garden across the street that my fiance’s family helped to fund when he was a kid, so that’s the plan if we don’t get rained out.

    My photographer (who is a good friend) has begged me to still do outdoor pictures if it’s raining because he loves how they look, but I don’t want to look like a wet dog during the ceremony and pictures are before.

  7. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 4:42 pm

    That view is amazing!

  8. turkey Member
    turkey 654 posts, Busy bee @ 4:45 pm

    The view. Wow.

  9. unicycle Member
    unicycle 476 posts, Helper bee @ 8:32 pm

    that group shot is amazing!

  10. teaspoon Member
    teaspoon 768 posts, Busy bee @ 9:13 pm

    @Lexy: Do it! Could you allow for outdoor photos post ceremony if it rains?

  11. Member
    TinyTina 3312 posts, Sugar bee @ 8:09 am

    Wow beautiful photos.. And that view is amazing!

  12. Member
    sugarbox 226 posts, Helper bee @ 11:45 pm

    These phones are so beautiful and i like your dress.

  13. ostrich Member
    ostrich 2402 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:25 am

    Love love love the group shot photos, Mrs T. Our group shots are some of our faves, too. :)

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