Honeys Do: Dudes in Snow

After Mr. Honey and I stole a few moments to ourselves with the photographers, I headed inside to warm up. The guys took this time to get their turn in the snow. It was fun because I got to observe the playfulness of the guys shoot from inside our venue.

They trekked through the snow—that was getting super deep super quick, to an open space just down from the venue.


The guys didn’t go anywhere that weekend without their mugs (I seriously nailed it with this gift!) filled with beer!


In true male fashion, a snowball fight broke out, with Mr. Honey being the target. These pictures make me laugh because I think had Mr. Honey been a groomsmen in this situation, he would have playfully gone with the snowball fight…but being the groom he tried to convince the guys not to throw snowballs at him. This is SO not Mr. Honey’s style, he is usually the instigator not the stopper! He took his role as groom seriously, he’s a good man!



Zak was able to refocus the dudes and get some amazing pictures of our guys. This is quite possibly the only picture of the guys without their beer.


Ah, not for long though. The mugs made their appearance once again :)


I absolutely love this next picture; all smiles on our dapper dudes, even in the midst of the hard-falling snow.


Wet and in need of a refill, the guys headed back to reunite with the ladies for a ultra-quick wedding party shoot.

*All Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography



Mrs. Honey

Durango, CO
Wedding Date:
January 2012
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  1. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 6:48 am

    I love how much the guys love the mugs, definitely makes you feel great about your gift giving :) And that last picture is perfect!

  2. Member
    KristenK 189 posts, Blushing bee @ 6:53 am

    I love love love the last picture! Soooo neat!

  3. unicycle Member
    unicycle 476 posts, Helper bee @ 6:55 am

    hahahah I love the beer pics!

  4. Member
    MaggieL 494 posts, Helper bee @ 7:10 am

    I have a feeling my pictures will be similar- as in the guys won’t want to put down their beers!!

    I absolutely love your pictures though!! Pictures in the snow are so pretty

  5. msdragon Member
    Mrs. Dragon 814 posts, Busy bee @ 7:21 am

    They look like they’re having so much fun! And I agree, that last photo is frame-worthy.

  6. hawk Member
    hawk 1117 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:26 am

    Ahh! These pictures are adorable!

  7. Member
    Miss_Manda 301 posts, Helper bee @ 7:46 am

    Honey, your wedding rocks. Love how much fun your Mr. and his dudes had together – and love how much they loved their gifts!!

  8. Member
    JlovesM 1186 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:55 am

    I love that! Our guys will be the same way, they love their beer lol GREAT pics! I’ve always loved the fun pics over the seriously posed.

  9. honey Member
    honey 1684 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:35 am

    @Mrs. Pony: Right, it makes me smile that they really liked their gifts!
    @KristenK: Thank you! I love everything about it!
    @Miss Unicycle: Who woulda thought wedding pictures could be so infused with beer and still look good?! Ha!
    @MaggieL: Personality over formality, perfect in my book :)
    @Miss Dragon: Don’t they? I love that taking pictures wasn’t toooo boring for them!
    @Miss Hawk: Thank you!
    @Miss_Manda: Thank you so much!!
    @JlovesM: Couldn’t agree more :)

  10. archer Member
    archer 551 posts, Busy bee @ 9:36 am

    this may have just sold me on beer mugs as our groomsmen’s gift!

  11. honey Member
    honey 1684 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:57 am

    @Miss Archer: :) Do it!! I also thought of shot glasses or flasks, but this seemed the most logical, and I liked the size.

  12. coyote Member
    coyote 1933 posts, Buzzing bee @ 10:20 am

    Hahaha these photos are so fun!! I love the snowball fight! 😀

  13. mink Member
    mink 2178 posts, Buzzing bee @ 11:02 am

    Your pictures make me want to have a winter wedding! :)

  14. Member
    alicia1745 1118 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:12 pm

    I loooooooooooove these pictures!!! Did you get the mugs engraved?

  15. honey Member
    honey 1684 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:12 pm

    @Miss Coyote: Such a dude thing!
    @Miss Mink: Oh to have a wedding in each season! Trust me, I drool over everyone elses summer/spring/fall weddings too. Each season is just so different!
    @alicia1745: I etched them myself! It was super easy (I did a post on it), but feel free to message me if you have any questions :)

  16. turkey Member
    turkey 654 posts, Busy bee @ 2:21 pm

    Tough to pick, but I think I love the last picture the best. Agree with others…I realllly want a winter wedding now :)

  17. Member
    Miss Ariel 83 posts, Worker bee @ 10:30 am

    Mr Honey, I always get so excited when I see a new post of your recaps! You’re wedding day just looks so magical and I can’t wait to see more of it

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