The Biggest Lie

Seven months ago, I bought my wedding dress and didn’t show you guys any photos because Mr. Warbs reads my blog religiously (like a good husband). It was really important to me to keep the dress a secret from him, and I’m not good at keeping secrets or lying. I can’t even tell little white lies usually. I’m the worst because I either admit it right away or over-complicate simple things. Whenever I tell a lie, it usually goes something like this:

Mr. Warbs: So, did you eat the lunch I made you?

Me: Um…yeah. I did.

Mr. Warbs: Did you like it?

Me: OK, I went to Curry House instead. I’m sorry.

Mr. Warbs: Why did you lie? And why did you admit it right away?

Me: I don’t know. Sorry. I felt guilty. Sorry.

Mr. Warbs: It’s OK. I knew you were lying. You’re terrible at it.

Me: I know.

So after I bought my dress, I vowed to keep it a secret from Mr. Warbs until the wedding. The best thing I could think of was to keep the dress out of our apartment. However, the dress didn’t need any alterations (because it was obviously perfect and meant to be), so I was able to leave David’s Bridal with it. MIL Warbler offered to keep it at her house, but I was afraid that it would be the first place Mr. Warbs would look. And I kinda didn’t want the dress out of my possession. I loved it so much!

That’s when I came up with the kind of stupid-at-the-the-moment lie that I usually end up blowing. I decided to tell Mr. Warbs that the dress was still at the shop and really hide it in our apartment. And you guys, I pulled it off! After lunch, MIL Warbler and I snuck the dress upstairs and stuffed it in the back of my closet. I know that doesn’t sound like a very secure place, but there’s so much crap in our closet, I knew Mr. Warbs would never notice it. And he didn’t. After a week, I told him that I picked up the dress and BM E was holding it for me. It was the only lie I think I’ve ever successfully kept up. Several times I thought I had given myself away, but Mr. Warbs later said he had no idea. Woohoo!

Looooonnng story short, here are the photos I couldn’t show you from my first dress post. Introducing my tulle Oleg Cassini dress from David’s Bridal. Or as I affectionately call her, Olga.




I loved my veil!




Me and the lady who found the dress, BM Tata!


Sneak peek of my walk down the aisle

Guest photo

Did you keep your dress a secret from your partner?

All photos are personal unless otherwise noted.


Mrs. Warbler

Long Beach/Malibu
Wedding Date:
April 2012

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  1. Member
    Future Army Wife 2213 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:38 pm

    You look beautiful! And I love your aisle decor. We’re doing something similar.

  2. Member
    Mrs. Warbler 249 posts, Helper bee @ 7:33 pm

    @adage: I don’t usually like those type of dresses either, but I fell in love with this one!
    @almostmrsj: I pretty much showed everyone except for Mr. Warbs and his dad. I guess I’m not that good of a secret keeper haha
    @YoungBride1414: It’s funny, Mr. Warbs went through the David’s Bridal catalogue and actually guessed correctly which dress I had gotten! I played it off and he eventually forgot what it looked like thank God.
    @Heather Rose: I don’t think it’s weird. It’ll be a lot different when he sees you all dolled up on your wedding day, it’s going to be so emotional!
    @Tina: I couldn’t keep it a secret from my girls. But I definitely didn’t want a lot of people with me when I picked it out, didn’t want all those opinions floating around.

  3. Member
    Mrs. Warbler 249 posts, Helper bee @ 7:42 pm

    @mvest: That’s sweet!
    @Mrs. Porcupine: Haha Mr. Warbs was pretty blind too!@Miss Dragon: You’ve got a good man! Mr. Warbs would never have been able to resist.
    @Mrs. Honey: Ha, it would have been funny if we were dress twins.

  4. Member
    fixin2bmrsawesome 361 posts, Helper bee @ 8:07 pm

    I WANTED to show the Mister but he won’t let me! (He says no first look either! Boo!) It is hanging in our living room just begging to be let out!

  5. Member
    Mrs. Coyote 1478 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:25 am

    Love your dress Warbler! I am a huge fan of Oleg Cassini dresses and you look absolutely amazing!

  6. Member
    Mrs. Barrettes 913 posts, Busy bee @ 3:04 pm

    Well worth the wait– Olga is absolutely fabulous and you look gorgeous in her! :)

  7. Member
    SarahConnors 152 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:58 pm

    Oh my gosh yes I have been keeping it hidden from him! I don’t even have pics on my computer so there’s no way he can even stumble across it lol!

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