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When I decided to go the custom-design route with my wedding dress I knew I was taking a risk. I had worked with the designer Jose Braulio before and knew his creative process included doing the work a couple of weeks out from the event. This means I won’t be able to see Isabel (my wedding dress) until a few days before the wedding.



My custom designed dress, Isabel / Inspired by Tara Keely#TK2210

Fortunately I’ll get to see bits and pieces before, like at my first fitting this past weekend (just two weeks shy of the big day). He made a muslin mock-up of the short dress to make sure of the measurements, and it fit like a glove. I fell in love all over again with the dress design, confirming that a convertible dress was definitely the perfect decision for me.

I’m really anxious about not having my dress done yet so he “semi-jacked me up” by laying the lace over the bodice and wrapping the uncut lining fabric around my bottom, tying it up with a random piece of blue cloth. It might be silly, but I felt much better after seeing myself wearing something that resembles a wedding dress made out of my fabric; it helped me visualize what the final product would look like. I just have to squint my eyes and imagine that the lace is sewn in a sweetheart shape over the bust, that the blue sash is really white, and that various layers of tulle cover the lining fabric.

Another great thing happened at the fitting: I realized that the bottom edge of the lace fabric would make an awesome headband. Jose Braulio happily cut off a piece for me to DIY into a headband. I will be sewing some ribbon to the ends and maybe adding a few crystals here and there to make a matching headband, finally checking off hair accessories from my to-do list.

How did your first fitting go?


Mrs. Boa Constrictor

July 2
Isabela, Puerto Rico
Wedding Date:
May 2012
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  1. Member
    Miss Riviera 56 posts, Worker bee @ 4:06 pm

    I am having my dress custom-made as well but the designer I am working with is going to have it ready for me at least two months before the wedding. I am a very picky person so I guess she is doing everything to make me happy. At the first fitting it was just the muslin and I looked like a peasant girl 😀 but I loved it nonetheless. She had done a great job. At my second fitting there was the satin part so it looked and felt a bit more like a dress. Now I can not wait for my next fitting this sat. There will be tulle and lace :)))) Having it custom-made is riskier but defnt worthy it and way more fun:)

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Morgan, Guest @ 4:17 pm

    This is awesome :) How fun!

  3. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 4:46 pm

    Your dress is going to be just gorgeous, I can already tell! And I love that your headband will match so perfectly.

  4. beanstalk Member
    Mrs. Beanstalk 770 posts, Busy bee @ 5:13 pm

    I love your idea of using extra lace to DIY yourself a custom headband!!! I cannot wait to see your dress!!! It’s going to look so amazing!!!

  5. Member
    Future Army Wife 2213 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:21 pm

    The short dress is going to be sexy! I love the satin skirt with the sash, too.

  6. scepter Member
    scepter 333 posts, Helper bee @ 7:06 pm

    The headband is so cute!

  7. Member
    sammyjo2012011 68 posts, Worker bee @ 12:28 am

    oh how exciting! i love the idea of a removable skirt, although i dont think its “me”. i cant wait to start fitting my dress. need to start dieting first!

  8. Member
    jka0282 18 posts, Newbee @ 4:13 am

    It looks really great!! I can’t wait to see the end product!

  9. Member
    Mis Iris 218 posts, Helper bee @ 5:25 am

    Love that you were brave enough to go the seamstress route – I’ve been considering it, and had a picture in my mind of how I want my dress to look. Can’t find it anywhere. I love the convertible dress option. You look amazing in your muslin version, you’ll ROCK the final one :)

  10. Member
    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:56 am

    I love the idea of a convertible dress! I toyed with the idea of multiple dresses and that’s a great way of having both. I also really like the DIY headband. Great thinking!

  11. msdragon Member
    Mrs. Dragon 814 posts, Busy bee @ 6:48 am

    I can’t wait to see it! I love custom made dresses. :)

  12. sunhat Member
    sunhat 1453 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:36 am

    You are going to be one hot bride in that short little number – love it! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  13. coyote Member
    coyote 1932 posts, Buzzing bee @ 7:38 am

    Oh man, I have been drooling over photos/sketches of your dress since day 1. I can’t wait to see the real deal!

  14. Member
    hisbahamamama 994 posts, Busy bee @ 11:24 am

    Such a cool experience! I love the headband idea!

  15. boaconstrictor Member
    boaconstrictor 390 posts, Helper bee @ 7:10 am

    @Miss Riviera:There will be lace and tulle in my next fitting too. I hate having to wait to see the final product but I think it will be sooo worth it.

    @Mrs. Pony: @Miss Beanstalk: @Miss Scepter: @Blonde17Jess: @hisbahamamama: The headband was a stroke of genius at the last minute. One month before the wedding and didn’t know what to wear in my hair until I saw the lace.

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