Hive, I don’t think I’ve shared with you my obsession with all things ombre. I positively adore this trend! The way the colors gradually change from a bold shade to a delicate and much lighter hue is a thing of pure beauty! Ombre details can be found everywhere and on everything from clothes to nails (and even weddings accents!).


Isn’t this lovely? / From Martha Stewart Weddings


These bridesmaids all wore a different shade of pink, creating a beautiful ombre effect. / Photographed by Jill Thomas / Image via Green Wedding Shoes


Why not wear your something blue on your nails? / Image via Belle the Magazine


The prettiest pink ombre cake from Glorious Treats


Stunning wedding dress by Versace / Image via Fashionbride


A playful wedding backdrop from Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Katherine Elizabeth Photography


Tropical invitations with an ombre effect from Studio On Fire / Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs


Gwen Stefani first rocked the trend at her wedding to Gavin Rosdale in September 2002. / Image via

Another place you can find the ombre look? On the head of a trendy girls! Yes, I’m talking about ombre hair! I cannot get enough of this look! It is the perfect sun-kissed hair (dark roots that gradually change into golden locks). It appears so natural and effortless…especially when paired with loose waves or cascading curls!


LOVE Hilary’s hair!! / Image via Ombre Hair Color


Drew Barrymore, the queen of two-toned hair / Image via Style Bust


Subtle tones of blonde / Jessica Biel / Image via Daily Makeover


A more in-your-face approach / Miley Cyrus / Image via US Weekly

I have brown hair, but in the sun it turns a golden shade. Since moving to New England, I don’t make it outdoors as much as I would like, so my hair isn’t the color it could be. That’s why I’m so drawn to ombre highlights…they look so natural (like how my hair would look if I spent my days basking in the sun). I’ve been lusting over this trend for several months now. I had wanted to do it before our engagement shoot, but then I went and broke my foot and couldn’t drive (or walk really) and decided to put it off until I was healed. Well, I’m healed (not fully…I still have a giant air cast on my foot, but I can actually walk now). The thing is, now I’m hesitant. Do you think this look is too trendy? I don’t want my hair color to look unnatural for the wedding in October (even though I do intend to wear it up). Do you think it will grow in naturally or will I look like I haven’t highlighted my hair in months?


I’d love any advice!


Mrs. Beanstalk

Boston/Delray Beach
Wedding Date:
October 2012
Funneling the Love: Inside the Conservatory
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    MC, Guest @ 4:28 pm

    The thing with ombre hair, though it is absolutely beautiful and awesome…is that it doesn’t carry over particularly well for updos. If you’re planning on wearing your hair up for the wedding, like you mentioned, I’d hold off until after. Far too often, I’ve seen girls with ombre hair rock updos for their wedding…and because the hair is a different colour from root to tip, updos end up looking like you have darker hair with a blond bun hanging out on the back of your head, because the transition isn’t visible when it’s up. That being said, if you love the trend, talk to your stylist and see what she recommends. She might be confident that she can create an updo that will work for your ombre hair come wedding day.

  2. Member
    kmarie719 795 posts, Busy bee @ 4:37 pm

    I’ll be honest, the ‘ombre’ hairstyle is lost on me. It just looks like they let their roots grow out.

  3. Member
    ookbob 327 posts, Helper bee @ 4:48 pm

    I love it. If you do it right, it can look natural and not icky and grown out.

  4. Member
    arabesque 919 posts, Busy bee @ 4:51 pm

    I like Jessica Biel’s version the best; subtle! Everyone else’s I agree with previous post that it looks like the roots are growing out. I don’t get the trend, unfortunately :/

  5. Member
    blurmeblue 380 posts, Helper bee @ 5:37 pm

    i love ombre!

  6. castle Member
    castle 1191 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:28 pm

    I love it. One of my bridesmaids has “ombre” hair. I think it depends on how you are going to style your hair. I don’t know if it would look that well in an up do. You should look at pictures of the stars you like with the ombré hair at award shows. Maybe it looks great in a fancy up do! I really love the look of it!

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    carol, Guest @ 7:08 pm

    Ombre hair does look wonderful down, but when up, a bit funny. I am rocking the ombre hair just because I am growing out bleached hair. When I put it up in a do, it can look like I have one of those fake hair things attached to my head because it is such a different color. It all depends on how much you get done. Look to see if Drew or other ombre celebs had their hair in an up-do for this past award season.

    I am also rocking ombre nails. OPI makes three shades of the same purple, so just a little mixing and matching on the coats and they go from light light purple on the pinky to purple on the thumb.

  8. Member
    CocoaBean 12 posts, Newbee @ 7:11 pm

    I love it! We do it alot at the salon I work at, and it never gets old for me! The bonus is that you can do it once, and not have to do it again for months and months!

  9. Member
    priyathescientist 1514 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:33 pm

    I like Hillary Duff’s version best! If you find the right salon and take a look at your stylist’s body of work and feel confident that they can pull this off for you, definitely go for it. But, it might cost a pretty chunk of change.

  10. Member
    StarIzInkd 509 posts, Busy bee @ 8:18 pm

    OMG AM I going WOW to the table setting, the cake, the dress… I LOVE ombre too!! Especially in pink and purple shades!!

  11. Member
    lisaelanna 530 posts, Busy bee @ 9:33 pm

    Last year people were telling me I needed to get my hair dyed (after my sun-bleached summer hair grew out with darker roots) and now its trendy? I personally think its along the lines of shoulder pads…something we’ll look back on in a few years and wonder, “What was I thinking?”

    I do love everything else ombre though! And I’ll be making a cake like that for my friend’s bday at the end of the month :) SO EXCITED!

  12. Member
    traveller 1255 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:39 am

    love, love the ombre for the flowers, cake, nails it is so cute!

  13. Member
    Pink Penguin 144 posts, Blushing bee @ 3:40 am

    Like some of the others I don’t think it’d look right with your hair up. I like the backdrop and the cake so I’d use the ombre details elsewhere and then if you still want your hair that way, maybe you could get it done for your honeymoon. Especially if you’re going somewhere beachy! x

  14. funnelcake Member
    funnelcake 1171 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:09 am

    Go for it! If you don’t like it during a hair trial, you still have plenty of time to change it to something else. :)

  15. Member
    gonnabeMrsHH 466 posts, Helper bee @ 4:33 am

    I also like Hilary Duff’s version best. And thanks for this post…i had no clue there was such a thing as Ombre hair…
    Its a nice trend, but check first to see what an updo would look like :)

  16. Member
    sweetbrandy 39 posts, Newbee @ 8:48 am

    Last week, with three weeks to go, I went to a new hair dresser & asked for some very subtle highlights for my dark brown hair. For about a year I’ve been getting two shades of dark brown lowlights and everyone loved it but I thought it was too one dimensional & boring in photos. I wanted some golden shades to be caught by the light. So the hairdresser suggested ombré hair which at first I thought it would be too drastic and look weird with the whole roots thing but he chose a light brown that was so subtle and perfect that most people did not notice unless I pointed it out. So it was just what I wanted! So long story short if you talk to the stylist about what you want they might be able to do it! Good luck (ps mine is probably more like Eva longorias ombré & I will be wearing mine mostly down but he did a small section on top by my face of just for some effect on top)

  17. Member
    scottishmrs 3213 posts, Sugar bee @ 10:00 am

    Do you have pinterest? I have pinned almost all of those photos on one of my boards and I feel like you may have found them there! (That would be so cool!)

  18. msfairy Member
    msfairy 976 posts, Busy bee @ 10:52 am

    I love the ombre look!! I would be too scared to do it before my wedding, although I think it would look fantastic!!

  19. Member
    piglet23 8 posts, Newbee @ 2:44 pm

    Miss B,
    i highly recommend waiting til after the wedding. I have ombre highlights in my dark brown hair (a la Jessica Biel) and I loooove them- but sometimes they look funny in photos…depending on how I part my hair or wear it. i am going to dye it back for my wedding just because those photos are going to last a lifetime- better to be safe than have to fix it if you dont like how they turn out! Think about it as something to look forward to after the wedding!

  20. bracelet Member
    Mrs. Bracelet 279 posts, Helper bee @ 5:01 pm

    Did you see the ombre place card how-to on oncewed?

  21. msfox Member
    msfox 1635 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:11 am

    Almost wish I didn’t read this post and look at all the pretty pictures because I’m such a sucker for ombre and now wish we had it incorporated in the wedding, lol! As for your hair.. I say go for it. Worst case, you can always dye it back, you know? This coming from a red head who used to literally be *terrified* of doing anything to her hair.. and I’m getting it dyed (just a shade or two bolder) 4 days before the wedding. If I could do the ombre, I totally would, too!

  22. Member
    mrs. cupcake 60 posts, Worker bee @ 8:53 am

    I’m a hairstylist and LOVE this trend….it looks amazing on almost everybody! You just have to pick a very good hairstylist because if its not done correctly it can look a little silly :/ I think its the perfect subtle little change and will highlight your skin tone and facial features.

  23. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 12:34 pm

    I have kind of natural ombre hair, so I think if you found the right hair colorist it could look very natural and awesome. I’m a scaredy cat though, and wouldn’t be able to do it before the wedding!

  24. Member
    Ms Bookworm 1074 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:14 pm

    I love all things ombre, and actually have my hair colored in an ombre style right now – but I am going to go back to my regular (non-ombre) shade for my wedding. To me, ombre is a fun funky trend, but is very likely a trend I will look back on and think, “What the hell was I thinking?!” :) It’s fun for now, but not really a “classic” look.

    So for me, going classic in terms of wedding style is a better choice. I don’t want anything too “out there” or different from my usual look for my wedding photos. If ombre was something I’d been doing for years, it would feel more like “me” on my wedding day & that’d be fine. But as it is, it’s a fun trend I’ve been enjoying for the time being, until I get sick of it and move onto something else. That’s not something I want for my wedding photos, preserved forever!

  25. Member
    bikukii 342 posts, Helper bee @ 1:16 pm

    I’m obsessed with ombre at the moment. I’m ombre-ing my bridesmaids, and might end up doing a bit in the decor and invites. I currently have blonde to pink ombre-d, super short hair. I never thought you could carry off ombre with a pixie cut but I think it looks pretty good. I might have to re-do it for the wedding next year…

  26. Guest Icon Guest
    Crystal, Guest @ 1:17 pm

    Definitley wait until after the wedding! As others have said, ombre hair looks good down, but if you wear it up it will just look like you have bad roots. I have ombre hair right now- I wanted a hair change after my wedding and that was my pick. I recently saw a photo with my ombre hair up and I absolutely hate the way it looks -like I was just too lazy to get my roots done. I would hate to feel that way about my wedding photos. However I get many compliments when it is down and curled! Good luck! :)

  27. Guest Icon Guest
    Rose DeSimone Bridal, Guest @ 1:20 pm

    I love designing Ombre gowns! Especially with vibrant colors! Here is a gown I designed for one of my brides last season using a brilliant blue to ivory transition.

    I encourage all my brides to just have fun and do what makes them happy. If you love Ombre, wear it! :)

  28. Member
    EastMeetsBarn 980 posts, Busy bee @ 1:51 pm

    For me, personally, the hair looks like you have really, really, horribly bad roots. It does not look good. At all. And in an updo, it would look very strange. Dark roots with a lighter updo just kind of stuck to it.

  29. Guest Icon Guest
    Jasmine, Guest @ 2:03 pm

    I love the ombre look but my feeling on it is that it is just a trend and if you look back on your wedding pictures 20 years from know you may feel they look dated instead of timeless and classic. But after the wedding GO FOR IT! Definitely!

  30. Member
    devbrown05 226 posts, Helper bee @ 2:21 pm

    That is exactly what I was going to say! I am not particuarly found unless it was blonde on top with brown botttom, might look a little different.

    I love the cake though!!!!!

  31. Guest Icon Guest
    FaeMao76, Guest @ 4:34 pm

    I prefer what my hairstylist BFF does to her hair. Although it is two very bold colors, it looks beautiful on her. Obviously, I don’t recommend the colors she uses, but maybe the idea would work. She has the underside layers of her hair dyed pitch black and the topside layers a bold, magenta-y red. When she does updos, it looks sooooo beautiful! Sometimes she can even do a basket weave effect that I envy. I’d suggest you get your hairstylist’s opinioin about trying that with more natural colors but far enough shade-wise from each other to notice the difference. :)

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