Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I struggled with how I would ask my bridal party to be my bridal party. Most of them knew it was coming, and when we would talk about the wedding plans I would feel like I was losing ground on time to ask them without making it seem lame.

With nine bridesmaids, it’s hard to do anything without breaking the bank. I decided I would design my own cards for them and put together a cute little bag of goodies to properly ask them to stand beside Mr. Ly and me as we get married.

At first I had the grand idea of designing mini navy blue satin dresses myself and attaching them to the cards—this was a giant fail. I have minimal skills with fashion design, and didn’t have the slightest clue where to begin.

This image was my inspiration:


Clip art via Clker.com, image by chika87

Here’s what happened:


I started off ambitious. All supplies ready for crafting.


I quickly learned that the dress was looking horrendous and scrapped the idea.


I decided to print the actual image onto the cards, instead of trying to recreate it out of fabric.


Much better than the fabric!


Matron of honor card


Writing out nine cards with personal messages expressing why it is so important to have them with us on our day


The bags for the goodies. (I love owls. They will appear again and again, I’m sure.)


I added my own message to the bag.


Cute little makeup bags in our wedding colors


Eco-friendly notebooks with initial monogram personalization


Makeup and pedicure sets to fill the makeup bags


Bridesmaid bags all put together!

So while it started out as a bit of a fail, I think I pulled it together nicely. All the girls loved their gift bags and of course, more importantly, said yes!

Did anyone else turn a DIY fail into a win?


Mrs. Lyre

Wedding Date:
January 2013
Our Welcome Bags!
A Couple Notes on Thank Yous

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  1. castle Member
    castle 1191 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:56 am

    This is so cute! I totally missed the memo about asking your bridesmaids in a cute and clever way. I just asked them each in person, pretty lame. I think with my MOH I asked her son to be our ring bearer then said, “Oh I guess I should ask you to be my MOH. But you already knew that.” I wish I would have done something cute like this!

  2. msdragon Member
    Mrs. Dragon 814 posts, Busy bee @ 7:02 am

    I sent a Facebook message to all but one ’cause I’m boring and impatient. 😛 I had the opportunity to send them something in the mail but I couldn’t wait!

  3. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 7:17 am

    These are so cute, I love all the little elements you included in their bags! Most of my girls already knew and actually confirmed with me that they would be in the wedding before I had the chance to do anything cute, I guess they needed to know :)

  4. Member
    steph01924 308 posts, Helper bee @ 7:33 am

    Very cute! I was able to ask my MOH in person since we were on our way to visit her when we got engaged, and the rest all live in different states, and I asked over the phone when I told them I was engaged. I was too impatient, lol. I may send them something cute as a ‘thanks for accepting’ kind of thing in the next few months.

  5. Member
    fluffysimms 116 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:57 am

    im currently working on my cars im convinced i can make a fabric dress will post pics soon

  6. mstoadstool Member
    mstoadstool 2485 posts, Buzzing bee @ 8:04 am

    Wow, that’s really cute… and useful.

  7. genie Member
    genie 723 posts, Busy bee @ 8:08 am

    So cute and thoughtful! I was lame and asked everyone in person without a gift. Oops.

  8. sunhat Member
    sunhat 1453 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:55 am

    These are so great! That was my only regret – not asking my girls in a really fun and unique way. I would have loved to make it extra special for the. How could you say no with all you did? It’s a great keepsake.

  9. Member
    stephanieelise 239 posts, Helper bee @ 8:55 am

    How adorable! I can’t wait to ask my ‘maids. Though I am sure most already know.

  10. msunicorn Member
    msunicorn 149 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:28 am

    So cute!

  11. Member
    priyathescientist 1514 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:12 am

    These are so great! I definitely want to do a bag of treats for my lovely ladies when I ask them. :)

  12. coyote Member
    coyote 1964 posts, Buzzing bee @ 10:23 am

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I just made personalized cards for my girls.. You really went above and beyond. I love it!

  13. Member
    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:32 am

    I have been toying with the idea of including goodies with my bridesmaid cards too, but haven’t decided yet what to include. Thanks for the ideas! Those makeup bags are super cute!

  14. Member
    stephk527 987 posts, Busy bee @ 10:40 am

    I totally and completely dropped the ball (or, more accurately, never picked it up) when it came to asking my bridal party. I think that’s part of why I obsess over ideas like this – they’re so freakin’ cute and I lament the loss that occurred by my own impatience and crassness. I LOVE these, I love the owl, I love the dress. So adorable.

  15. Guest Icon Guest
    sarah, Guest @ 11:19 am

    it was the cutest idea :) <3 you and love being one of your BMs!!!!! I was so unoriginal and just went all out asking people! lol

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