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When I asked some of my married girlfriends for their advice on wedding planning after I got engaged, the one thing that the overwhelming majority of them mentioned was: “Save your sanity and hire a wedding planner. If not a full-on planner, at least a day of coordinator. Seriously.”*

I was pretty surprised to hear that, as I hadn’t really thought much about paying someone to plan the event that I myself had been looking forward to planning! I have pretty smart friends, though, so they must be on to something. I took their advice to heart and started looking for some help.


Mary Fiore** unfortunately wasn’t available. / Image via Amazon

I quickly decided after getting some quotes for full wedding/event planning that their services unfortunately just weren’t going to fit into my budget for the wedding. After reading some reviews online, I started reaching out to some day of coordinators to find out what they had to offer, and I found Kristi Treadwell of Joyful Details.

Kristi and I connected over email and phone, and it was an easy decision to book her as our day of coordinator. She was friendly, responsive, organized, and a pleasure to deal with. She also explained I could email or call her for advice as much as I liked between now and the wedding, even though I was only booking her for day of services. Her openness and genuine excitement about our wedding plans certainly made me excited to work with her.

Several months later, I’m still quite happy with my choice. Booking all the vendors myself has been a challenge, but it’s something I wanted to do, and Kristi has been helpful with advice when I’ve needed her. I’m looking forward to having her full support when the wedding day finally does arrive.

Did you choose to have a wedding planner or a day of coordinator? How did you make your decision?

*I’m not kidding. They all said almost exactly the same thing, in the same words.

**I adore this movie. And I have no doubt Matthew McConaughey smells like sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Mrs. Cauldron

New York City/Austin
Wedding Date:
September 2012

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    MsPuffin 15 posts, Newbee @ 8:31 pm

    I’m asking myself the same question. I’ve also been told time and time again to hire a DOC so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day (and so your family can enjoy your wedding day). But what is reasonable for a DOC (my wedding is in Chicago)? And is there any reason that I would want or need a partial or full planner in addition to DOC activities? I’m also very type A, so I wonder if I’m going to want to meet with all the vendors and vet it all out anyway?

    Any Chicago area wedding planner recs are welcome! Thanks!

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