From Waikiki to Wailea: First Night in Oahu

After a long, cramped flight, we finally arrived in Oahu! We hopped on a shuttle to our hotel and, 45 minutes later, we checked into our temporary home for the next week. The Courtyard Marriott Waikiki is a decent hotel, but it wasn’t overly extravagant, which was fine because we didn’t spend a lot of time in our room anyway. Other than sleeping and you know.

Even though we were dead tired from the early flight, we went out to explore right away. The drive from the airport only showed us freeways and industrial buildings. We wanted to see Oahu. The beach was only a few blocks away from our hotel, so we strolled on over. And it was beautiful.





After a few drinks at a bar we hit the streets again. Mr. Warbs saw a dude walking around with a bunch of parrots he had trained to strike a pose and vogue for tourist photos. I watched for a minute and kept walking. But Mr. Warbs was transfixed. He wanted a photo with those birds. Badly. I was content to take photos of him holding the birds, but I was not.touching.those.birds. But Mr. Warbs thought it would be the best thing ever. Kind of how people under the influence think it would be the greatest thing ever to buy a shitload of tacos from Jack-in-the-Box at two in the morning. So between my husband’s prodding and the effects of two mai tais, this happened:


Don’t let my smile fool you. I was terrified.

We walked around holding hands and being all mushy for a bit before going to get something to eat. And drink. But mostly…OK, I drank a lot.


OMG, best mai tai ever.


Can you tell I had a little too much to drink that night?


By the time our food was served, I was feeling sick. I only managed to take a couple of bites of my kimchi fried rice. I already mentioned in my last post that I had to run to the restroom and give my stomach a little pep talk. Even though I felt better after we got back to the hotel, the rest of the night was a wash. I’m sure most people don’t dream that the first night of their honeymoon will end with Pepto Bismol and ginger ale, but that’s what happened to me! So, Oahu: 1, Mrs. Warbler: 0. Don’t worry, hive, it got better.

Up next: Good times in Oahu!


Mrs. Warbler

Long Beach/Malibu
Wedding Date:
April 2012

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  1. Member
    Mrs. Dragon 2891 posts, Sugar bee @ 4:19 pm

    Oh man, birds like that freak me out too! You’re brave!

  2. Member
    Mrs. Pony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 5:34 pm

    I love the birds photo, especially given your analogy :)

  3. Member
    Mrs. Genie 709 posts, Busy bee @ 7:45 pm

    I’m sorry you got sick! Mr. Genie hung out with a parrot on the property at our resort. But I let him do that alone.

  4. Member
    Mrs. Warbler 249 posts, Helper bee @ 8:27 pm

    Hahaha what is it with dudes and birds?!

  5. Member
    priyathescientist 1513 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:30 pm

    I really love the photo of you two with the birds. In our relationship, I’m the bird nerd, and SO just goes along with it, which I’m very appreciative of.

  6. Member
    superduperbrit 2466 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:13 am

    MAI TAI! We’re going to Oahu in October and I’m going to drink mai tais too. I hear they’re extra yummo over there. Mmmm

    And I like the bird pic, lol. I think I’d be scared too but I think it’d be a cool picture so now I kinda wanna take one. I hope the bird man is there, hahahahaha. Have fun!

  7. Member
    Mrs. Coyote 1478 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:43 am

    No seriously Warb… what IS it with dudes and birds?! Mr. Coyote became best friends with the parrot at our resort. I don’t get it! Sorry you weren’t feeling well… I had a few nights like that too on our honeymoon. :(

  8. Member
    alicia1745 1118 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:19 pm

    I also had too much to drink the first night of our honeymoon. The Hubs still likes to remind me about it =)

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