A Wedding Planner?

To have a wedding planner or to not have one…that was never the question. OK, I know, bad play on words, but apparently I’m just not that witty! ;)

Anyway, right when the planning begins, you know how you get hammered with questions? Mostly things like “Have you set a date? What are your colors? Can I have a plus-one? When are you having babies?” (And yes, we were asked the baby question even though that definitely isn’t in the cards for us for a bit.) Well we also got the question “Who is your wedding planner?”


{personal photo: my super-detailed, color-coordinated planner}

The short answer? I’m our wedding planner. For a lot of reasons:

  • First, I’m totally a type-A. I’m also sort of obsessive. (I’ve mentioned these things before, I know!) I love plans, details, color-coordinating, and scheduling. So I knew without fail that I would be the one to actually plan our wedding, go to all the vendor meetings (with my over-prepared presentations, of course), and generally just be making decisions on what I wanted for the big day.
  • Second, for those who don’t know yet, I worked as an intern for a wedding venue for over a year. I loved it there and I also learned a LOT over the course of 70 or so weddings. After seeing that many events, with no two events being the same, I figured out pretty clearly what I did and didn’t like.
  • And then the last thing? I don’t want to be restricted in planning. Some of the event planners that I worked with had their brides meet vendors then make a decision within a set amount of days. That’s definitely not how every planner operates, but the idea that I may be forced into a decision definitely wasn’t my idea of a good time.

So when I started thinking about the wedding weekend, I initially said that I wouldn’t be having a wedding planner. But again, with planning comes options—and specifically, one that I hadn’t thought of yet. Hiring a day-of coordinator.

Instead of hiring a wedding planner who would work with me to execute my vision, make vendor decisions, etc., I’m going to hire a day-of coordinator. The few options I have in mind come highly recommended and offer full weekend-management services instead of just the day of. That means they would also be present for the rehearsal and take care of final payments to vendors and final confirmations in advance, so it looks like this is going to be a great option for us!

Now I just have to decide which DOC to choose…

If you hired a planner or DOC for your wedding, how did you choose? Did you find that meeting with them in person was helpful?


Mrs. Otter

Indianapolis, IN
Wedding Date:
April 2013

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  1. Member
    MissMu14 26 posts, Newbee @ 4:20 am

    My fiance and I have been engaged for almost 2yrs now and our wedding is Sept 2013. We have had time to plan out our wedding and research vendors so we do not think that we need a wedding planner…everything needed to be planned has already been planned; we are in the execution process now. I have someone who is an event coordinator who was introduced to me by my father who pretty much told me that she is here to help but sees that I have everything under control. I think I will reach out to her closer to the wedding but as for now we only plan to have her as our DOC just to make sure that the day runs smoothly.

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    bnsp09 208 posts, Helper bee @ 6:30 am

    I am about to hire a DOC. I actually found her on craigslist and she is awesome! I was very nervous with hiring someone off of there but we have not even signed a contract yet and she has given ideas for decor, and she’s been answering a ton of my questions! I’m so happy to have found someone that seems so great! I haven’t met with her yet but I want to within the next two weeks and then we will sign the contract! Good Luck!

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