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(I hope you are all humming a Weezer song right now.)

As we get closer and closer to this thing, I keep having dreams about the wedding.

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Nope—not quite like that. More like this:


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The different scenarios my subconscious is coming up with are crazy”¦and terrifying:

  • I’ve had at least one dream per major vendor where they double book. The first time, it was our photographer, and the next morning I almost emailed her just to make sure she had the date correct.
  • Lots of dreams about clothing. In one, I leave my dress somewhere hours away and am forced to wear an atrocious hot pink backup. In another, my bridesmaids show up in stripper clothes and I’m somehow powerless to stop them from walking stripping down the aisle.
  • Instead of our friends and family, the only people that attend our wedding are Wolfman’s ex-girlfriends and my ex-boyfriends. Makes for a pretty awkward ceremony.
  • Somehow our cozy indoor venue turns into an outdoor parking lot and there’s 10 feet of snow on the ground.
  • Some sort of international disaster strikes and the President needs our venue as a home base for all his Presidenting (actually, this would be sort of cool”¦minus the disaster part).

All of this is so weird, because in my waking hours I don’t actually feel too stressed or worried about the wedding (”¦yet?). Maybe this is my body’s way of getting all of that out prematurely?

What about you—has your wedding planning crept into your sleep? What crazy scenarios have you dreamed about?


Mrs. Gray Wolf

Washington DC
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February 2013
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  1. Member
    icetea 3303 posts, Sugar bee @ 10:54 am

    At first I thought you wrote “Wolverine’s” ex girlfriends 😛

  2. Member
    raspberry bride 407 posts, Helper bee @ 10:55 am

    I’m now only 10 days away and my dreams/nightmares have turned into not being able to sleep because my brain is running a-mile-a-minute. I’d much prefer going back to the nightmares than waking up 6-10 times every night – and that is if I can even get to sleep at all!

  3. Member
    icetea 3303 posts, Sugar bee @ 10:55 am

    No wedding related dreams for me yet…thank goodness.

    When I worked in retail many many years ago I’d dream about people piling up stuff on the conveyer belt until it was spilling over on top of me. Icckk!

  4. Member
    FutureMrsSpencer 526 posts, Busy bee @ 10:56 am

    I have had plenty of nightmares with 7 months still to go. My craziest was when no one including my groom showed up to the wedding because it was Superbowl Sunday. Everyone came in all happy after the game was over. I woke up and elbowed the hell out of him just for me thinking he would do such a thing. lol.

  5. Member
    emma20130601 341 posts, Helper bee @ 10:56 am

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been having nightmares since about 1 year before the wedding. We’re having an outside wedding and reception and I dreamt it was pouring rain and the tent never got to the venue and all of our guests were out in the rain.
    I had another one that I can’t remember and the most recent one is similiar to yours were my bridesmaids’ dresses aren’t at the venue and they’re all wearing black and I couldn’t find my wedding dress. 5 minutes before the ceremony, the dresses show up (magically) and then we’re all rushing to put the dresses on. In that same dream, my wedding planner/friend is no where to be found and it’s just pure chaos.
    I fear more dreams will come as we’re still 7 months out from the wedding!! Everyone tells me I need to relax, but dreams aren’t really something that you can control! lol

  6. Member
    phillybride61513 1710 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:01 am

    lol love it…
    i’ve had several dreams similar to yours (missing shoes, dresses, people, etc) but the funniest one I had was:
    a zombie apocalypse hit and we were still trying to make it to the wedding. there were zombies everywhere but they were slow moving so we were picking them off as the wedding was happening.

    and i don’t even watch walking dead!

  7. Member
    bretonvirgniia 1656 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:08 am

    I keep having dreams about lighting. We are bringing in our own lights for the barn. The barn only has florescent horrible tube lights on the ceiling (and not enough of them to light the room). SO i keep having dreams that the lighting gets left behind or forgotten about and everyone must party in the dark.

  8. Member
    anemonie 1578 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:20 am

    Whenever we were working on booking a vendor, I would dream that we were at the wedding and realize we forgot to book someone to be that vendor. And when I was looking for a dress, I would dream that I showed up to the wedding naked. Nightmares definitely add an edge to wedding planning.

    P.S. I was so afraid of vendors double booking that I checked in on them all the time. I would follow that instinct…it can’t hurt to make sure all your ducks are in a line!

  9. Member
    Highness 82 posts, Worker bee @ 12:20 pm

    @raspberry bride: I’m with you girl. Our wedding is in 16days and I have had the hardest time sleeping unless i’m exhausted or drugged. We’re almost there!!

  10. Member
    Highness 82 posts, Worker bee @ 12:22 pm

    @phillybride61513: My FH had they apocalypse dream. He and his GM are in the middle of getting us to safety and I’m still planning the wedding and telling him, we’ve gotten this far in the planning we are NOT stopping now.
    Even he knew we’re getting married come hell or high water…or zombies.

  11. Member
    MissSpark 180 posts, Blushing bee @ 12:40 pm

    @phillybride61513: I’ve totally had the zombies take over the world but its still my wedding day dream! Too funny!

  12. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 1:01 pm

    Your bridesmaids stripping down the aisle is just hilarious. It sounds like a bad movie.

  13. Member
    ginnwitt 213 posts, Helper bee @ 1:33 pm

    About 2 months ago, I dreamt that only some people came, and as soon as dessert was over, they all filed out…Last night I was going over in my brain about silver stuff, and glitter or no glitter on certain items..It’s starting to drive me insane, and I still have almost 4 months to go

  14. otter Member
    otter 1321 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:22 pm

    Only a few dreams so far, but for an anxiety ridden girl like myself, I anticipate that they’ll only get worse between now and the big day!

  15. Member
    annarborette 27 posts, Newbee @ 2:47 pm

    Agreed with Mrs. Pony, the stripping down the aisle is hilarious. I have barely started planning and I’ve already had nightmares… in one, I didn’t realize until after the reception that none of my family or friends had come because I’d scheduled the whole shebang on a Thursday. In another, our photographer was also the DJ and got really annoyed any time we asked for a picture.

    I used to head an orchestra and had concert day nightmares frequently… I hope yours go away soon!

  16. Member
    dmuszall 101 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:03 pm

    My worse “wedding nightmare”…on the day of our wedding myself and my bridesmaids were at my mom’s house getting ready, only in my dream it wasn’t the house my mom lives in now. It had rained that day and for some reason there was a bulldozer digging up the front yard. There was mud everywhere!!! And my bridesmaids kept going in and out getting there shoes covered in mud. It was a disaster! So then a little later I was in a room with my mom getting my dress on and right when my mom zipped up my dress I turned my head and the box of my wedding invitations were sitting in the corner of the room!!! I never sent them out!!! I woke up on a cold sweat on that one lol

  17. painauchocolat Member
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:48 pm

    Oh, wow! Those are some crazy dreams. Guess I was lucky because I only had one or two which were sedate by comparison. And I was totally humming that song – the blue album was my middle school soundtrack!

  18. Member
    tamrynj 107 posts, Blushing bee @ 2:32 am

    LOL these are hilarious! I’ve had my fair share of nightmares. One of them I dreamt it was already the reception and I couldn’t remember a thing about our ceremony! On top of that I didn’t have a bouquet, the cake was HUGE (like halfway to the ceiling!) and there was no photographer to be seen! Then suddenly it was like fast forward to the next morning. I went to go pick up flowers from the venue, at which stage there was a very bossy man there clearing up and he shouted at me that I can’t take them! Then, when I asked my fiance what time we should leave for the airport for our honeymoon, he replied “But I thought you booked…?”…. Uh yeah, I literally woke up in a cold sweat!!!

  19. Member
    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:43 am

    I don’t consider myself to be stressed about wedding stuff, and we’re still far away (just under 2 years), but the day we decided to book our venues, I had a wedding nightmare! It was silly and I laughed it off, but I’m definitely afraid that I’ll have some real doozies when we get closer to the wedding!

  20. Member
    Beaukat 317 posts, Helper bee @ 12:16 pm

    One my one year mark, I dreamt that I’d just gone through the whole wedding but didn’t remember a stitch of it, and I was really.


    Really. Upset.

    Other than that, nothing else! (Thank goodness.)

  21. Member
    srm8322 59 posts, Worker bee @ 11:10 pm

    I had one where I was setting up decorations for our wedding and the dj gets there and I’ve realized I never picked out which songs I wanted him to play for the events. Then next thing I know he all the guests are there and i still haven’t finished setting everything up and the dj starts playing music to start the ceremony and I am still in my regular clothes, no make up or hair done and I’m supposed to be walking down the aisle right then! I woke up with such anxiety.

  22. Member
    jacofblues 1468 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:37 am

    I have only had one nightmare to do with the wedding. I think I couldn’t find my fiance and I was rushing around trying to find him but he was lost!

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