On Not Having a Honeymoon”¦

Simple as that, hive, the Toadstools won’t go on a honeymoon. We allege different things, like how it’ll be December and we couldn’t visit a beach, how we have another wedding just days after us and can’t miss it (we can, but we say we can’t), how the holidays will be here before we know it and won’t have time, but the only truth is we can’t afford it. It all comes back to money.

We just bought a house (Can you say yaay? YAAY!), so we’re trying to take care of it. There are a million things to do for that house trying to make it a home, and all that is happening while we pay for a wedding. So no, there’s absolutely no money left to pay for a honeymoon.

If I can be totally honest hive, I don’t care. We’re moving in together for the first time after the wedding, we’ve never been on our own for more than a day, and for me going to our home and spending the weekend together will be the perfect honeymoon.

Sure, how amazing would it be to go to Disneyland? I’ve never been there (don’t judge):

Image via Disney Weddings

It’s a not so secret dream of mine to fly with Dumbo/ Via Disneyland

Or go to a fantastic tropical island? We’ve always wanted to visit the Mayan Riviera or Cozumel (Mr. Toadstool really wants to do some scuba diving).

Via Cozumel land like gold

Via Smashing lists

Or even go to Niagara falls. Cliché? Sure, but I don’t care a tiny bit, they are amazing. When I first visited the falls on 2009 I immediately texted Mr. Toadstool telling him he’ll have to take me there on our honeymoon.

Via Go there guide

And Clifton Hill is so much fun

But, there is no budget for it. When planning this wedding, we never considered a honeymoon—we mentioned it, but agreed it was either a great wedding or a honeymoon, and we are both OK with not having a honeymoon right now.

The master plan is to enjoy our first days of newlywed bliss at home together (before driving back to our hometown a few weeks after for the holidays), and save some money, hoping some day we can make a great trip and call it our belated honeymoon (I just really, really want to go back to Canada).

How long after the wedding did you/will you go on a honeymoon? Did you have to wait due to weather or bad timing?


Mrs. Toadstool

Obregon, Mexico
Wedding Date:
December 2012
Love Under the Moon: Don't Stop Believin'
Married Melodies: Feeling Very Bridal
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  1. Member
    almostmrsj 3540 posts, Sugar bee @ 2:00 pm

    We were married in May and honeymooned in September, but that was because we planned the honeymoon around the two Formula 1 races we wanted to go to. :)
    Our next door neighbors have been married for 3 years and haven’t honeymooned. I suspect they’ll be babymooning instead, though. Regardless, they’re still happily married and don’t regret their decision!

  2. Member
    BeeEuphoric 113 posts, Blushing bee @ 2:05 pm

    We probably won’t have a honeymoon for that reason, no money. That, and my fiance is still in college so he’ll probably have classes to attend to. I initially wanted to leave for a great honeymoon to Ireland right after the wedding, but now I think it’ll be okay to wait a while and let our finances recuperate!

  3. Member
    Merelymere 475 posts, Helper bee @ 2:05 pm

    Amen! Glad it’s not just me! Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy! The only reason I’m not feeling massively guilty about spending the money we are (and we’re on a budget!) for the wedding is that FI already owns a home– otherwise, I’d be thinking, “We could use this $ for a down payment!!!”. We may do a minimoon somewhere close to get away for the rest of the weeekend since some of his family will be staying at his/our house for the wedding, but with the cost of the wedding itself, the cost of anywhere “warm” in January, and not wanting to go into debt over this whole thing, we’re postponing any honeymooning/trip-taking for awhile :)

  4. Member
    scottishmrs 3213 posts, Sugar bee @ 2:21 pm

    I totally get where you’re coming from with that. We didn’t have a honeymoon either. We both took the 2 weeks after the wedding off from work and just relaxed and adjusted to living together and being husband and wife. It was really nice. If we have enough money for a little trip next summer for our 1 year anniversary we might take one.

  5. Member
    josina 687 posts, Busy bee @ 3:41 pm

    We did the same, but took a ‘mini-moon’ instead to stay at a hotel for 2 nights on Lake Michigan (about 3 hours away). It was nice just to get away for a bit but I still dream of having an extended honeymoon someday! Its sooo hard to justify spending the $$ though when it can be used better elsewhere!
    Our mini moon was nice but I still felt like I was being judged by NOT going on a full far-away honeymoon because ‘most’ couples do. And after the wedding it’s the #1 question, ‘where are you/did you honeymoon?’

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    39bride, Guest @ 3:54 pm

    We had what I supposed people would call a “mini-moon,” but it was are one and only honeymoon (during planning we didn’t think we had enough money for even that, but some early wedding gifts made it possible).

    Since you two don’t live together, I would strongly suggest finding a way to at least go to a nice hotel for a few nights. We didn’t live together first either, so having that time where we were simply enjoying each other without household responsibilities was huge. We had the opportunity to ease our way into sharing space, learn each others’ morning/evening habits, etc. It was only 4 days for us, but I think it really helped make for a very smooth transition.

  7. Member
    HeathenSwan 779 posts, Busy bee @ 4:54 pm

    We got extremely lucky. We weren’t even thinking honeymoon because we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford it. His parents recently surprised us with a honeymoon at Disney World. They’re members of the vacation club and they hooked us up. I’ve never been there so he’s excited to show me Epcot.

  8. Member
    Miss-Mauverick 1474 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:55 pm

    In the interest of following tradition, we took a short honeymoon immediately after our wedding. We flew to Seattle and spent 4 wonderful (sunny!!) days walking, relaxing, eating, drinking, and exploring. It was an awesome mini-moon! We will be doing a longer, tropical honeymoon for our 1-year anniversary.

  9. Member
    mkelove 666 posts, Busy bee @ 5:26 pm

    we probably won’t be doing one either, there is just nothing left in the budget to travel anywhere.

  10. mswallaby Member
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 5:40 pm

    I think buying a house is much more exciting in the long-run than a brief honeymoon… You have the rest of your lives to go on adventures and see the world. Why not have a special staycation? One time during a long winter, Mr. W and I blasted the heat at home, put on our bathing suits, made some tropical drinks, and pretended we were on a tropical vacation. We watched a bunch of movies filmed in hot places, and we truly had a blast.

  11. otter Member
    otter 1321 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:48 pm

    Since we can’t afford a honeymoon (in $$$ or vacation times), as of now, the plan is for us to stay at a hotel Saturday (the night of our wedding), Sunday, and go home Monday. A little staycation, if you will. We’ll go back to work on Tuesday, and I plan to use Monday to start the name change process. :) I’m a little disappointed, but I figure everything we do is special, so hopefully if we take a trip at another time, it will still be just as fun!

  12. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 5:49 pm

    A house is so much more exciting, you’ll get to spend your honeymoon in your new home together, which will be super special!

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    estella, Guest @ 6:27 pm

    We waited 5 months and it was worth it! We saved up money and headed south to Puerto Rico when it was the awful, cold, dead of winter here. I think waiting to take a honeymoon can be a very good and economical decision.

  14. Member
    Mrs.RDV 1551 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:28 pm

    Our honeymoon was 6 months later and it was definitely worth the wait.

    You can make those first few days after the wedding special for the two of you in your new home, that will be awesome. And when you finally do get to go away it will be on an amazing trip.

    I think as long as you have a few days just the two of you after the wedding to wind down and be together with no obligations it is great.

  15. Member
    RapunzelRapunzel 812 posts, Busy bee @ 7:39 pm

    Even though a honeymoon is one of our big priorities (and we’re having a small budget in order to be able to have one), I completely agree with the other posters that you’re still having a honeymoon: it’ll be a staycation, but it’ll still be in your NEW HOUSE, which will be so exciting! 😀 And like you said, you still can take a belated honeymoon or anniversary trip later!!

  16. msarmadillo Member
    msarmadillo 497 posts, Helper bee @ 5:28 pm

    SURPRISE! Mr. A and I aren’t honeymooning, either. We’ll do a mini-moon for a day or two, but nothing special. Mr. A goes back to work the following Monday! :/ We’re hoping to cruise or something a few months after, but we’re in the market for a new home, so the vacationing might have to wait even longer than that!

  17. Member
    debeachgirl 543 posts, Busy bee @ 7:29 am

    We are getting married in January. We won’t be taking a honeymoon until June (when FI finishes school – he is a teacher). We love camping and it is in our budget unlike other types of honeymoons. Camping in January doesn’t sound like fun so June it will be. I am taking 2 days off from work after the wedding to hang at our house.

  18. Member
    epalmisano829 453 posts, Helper bee @ 12:49 pm

    I got married and August and we are leaving for our honeymoon in December. The hubby didn’t have the time off (and really neither did I) right after the wedding so we decided to put if off. Also, secretly what is the point of travelling to a beach when we got married on one. We stayed an extra night at the hotel and then took an extra day off from work and just enjoyed being married. A tropical honeymoon in December is going to be so much cooler :)

  19. Member
    paw 871 posts, Busy bee @ 12:54 pm

    I think you all know what your priorities are and what works best for you – wedding and house! Both are wonderful and you can do a “staycation” in your new home after the wedding! Definitely save for the honeymoon for a later time though! I think you will love extending your wedding over some period of time!

  20. Guest Icon Guest
    Emily, Guest @ 9:18 am

    Sounds like you guys are the perfect candidates for a great one year (or five year, or ten year) anniversary trip! =)

  21. Member
    subola 1085 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:32 am

    It’s nice to hear from some other bees in the same boat as me. I’m a teacher but of course we had our heart set on September for the wedding. So since I won’t be able to get enough time off we have discussed doing a mini moon somewhere right after and then possibly do a longer trip during one of my weeks off. However that all depends on the house situation. We are moving in about 2 months so we will be house hunting.

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