Invitation DIY: Wording and Design (and a Final Reveal)

OK! Man, I sure have stretched out this thing, haven’t I? Sorry.

The wording was the easiest part of the invitation process. I fiddled with it a little, but I really liked this phrasing:

Together with their families

Bride & Groom

Invite you to celebrate as they become husband and wife

Something about having “husband and wife” printed out was neat. I figured we’d keep it relatively simple with an invitation, accommodations card, and an RSVP card. I laid everything out in Word, used my fonts and stuff”¦but man, was it boring. I thought we might watercolor on the paper a la my save the date, but I didn’t want to do the same thing over, and I think what worked on a flat card wouldn’t be as awesome inside the invitation.

Enter my MOH. I sent her my documents with the missive to “add SOMETHING.” A border, a graphic, something that would fill the space and not look so boring. I included a few inspiration pieces:


(Invite via Oh So Beautiful Paper / by Watermark Stationery & Crystal Kluge)


(Invite via Bella Figura)

Within no time, my invitations went from this:



”¦to this:




(Invite by Clarke Ross Designs)

Hell of an improvement, right? She used the same infinity loop from the belly band in the graphics”¦and I just love them. We printed them at home on some plain card stock and used Mono Adhesive to put everything together”¦







What you’re looking at above actually isn’t stitching”¦it’s paper punching:


Yes, we (my mom, my sister, and I) hand punched every single hole with basically a jumbo tack. My mom happened to have this stencil that perfectly matched the design. Tedious, but it’s my favorite detail.


The assembly line


Ready for the mail! Super satisfying.

Hive, I know I posted way too much about these things (whoops), but I am so, so proud of them. They definitely took awhile and I know some of the little details might not be noticed, but that’s OK.


Mrs. Gray Wolf

Washington DC
Wedding Date:
February 2013
Bubbling With Joy: Cauldrons Get Hitched!
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  1. Member
    jilleeann 409 posts, Helper bee @ 10:38 am

    I think you did a fantastic job! I’m not very patient with much of the wedding planning, so when my fi’s brother asked if there was anything he could do for the wedding i said, “Yes! You can design the invitations!” He did the book cover designs for all of their books and they’re all amazing, so normally i bypass looking at invitation. Glad I looked in on this though.

  2. Member
    bridesmomma 476 posts, Helper bee @ 10:39 am

    They are drop dead gorgeous!!! I love all of the different details….your guests are going to love receiving one of these in their mailboxes!

  3. Member
    bigwhitedress 68 posts, Worker bee @ 10:52 am

    They look great! Where is the charcoal paper from? I love the style and color – it’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for :)

  4. bracelet Member
    Mrs. Bracelet 279 posts, Helper bee @ 10:56 am

    Oh, WOW! What a lovely invitation. The stenciling really adds that special something!

  5. panda Member
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:59 am

    holy crap, those were totally worth the wait. I’m seriously drooling over them. If my invitations turn out half as well as yours did, I’m going to be so so happy. so so pretty

  6. Member
    Red Poppy 31 posts, Newbee @ 11:01 am

    I love the punches, the bands, and all the details! And the color combination is really pretty!

  7. bluewhale Member
    bluewhale 638 posts, Busy bee @ 11:02 am

    Wow! They look great.

    Also, you have now (probably unintentionally) convinced me that I will NOT be DIY-ing my own invitations :) I cannot believe that you punched all of those holes individually! I’m pretty sure I’d just light them all on fire out of frustration after about the third one…

  8. Member
    missmovies 351 posts, Helper bee @ 11:06 am

    I love them!! I can’t believe you put all of the punches in yourself!

  9. Member
    stephk527 987 posts, Busy bee @ 11:17 am

    These are so awesome, Miss Gray Wolf, and I’m sure you felt super accomplished once they were finished! I would have loved receiving one of these in the mail. A memory box keeper for sure.

  10. Member
    PrincessConsuelaBananaHammock 369 posts, Helper bee @ 11:23 am

    Miss Gray Wolf, are you aware that in one of those pictures you haven’t blurred out your full names and wedding date?

  11. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 11:26 am

    Love them! The paper punching is such a small detail, but it really adds a lot to the invitations, great job!

  12. graywolf Member
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 11:34 am

    @jilleeann: thank you! this definitely was one of the few things i cared a lot about, but everyone has their things, ya know!

    @fer714: they’re from michaels, just simple 12×12 cardstock they sell by the sheet. i can’t remember the color name, but they only had a few gray colors. all we did was cut them into an L shape and fold up for the pocket. then i was able to use that extra square for the RSVP backer – so each invite used on sheet.

    @Miss Blue Whale: haha! i would def say if you’re on the fence, consider not doing it. i DIYed for a few reasons – i knew i could, especially given the crafting materials my mom already had and my MOH’s talents, and for cost reasons – these ended up being about $3 each, which sounds like a lot, but there’s no way i could have gotten the level of detail i wanted purchasing elsewhere.

    @PrincessConsuelaBananaHammock: ah good catch! getting that fixed now – you’d be surprised how many pictures one person can take of an invitation… :)

  13. graywolf Member
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 11:35 am

    @bridesmomma: @Mrs. Bracelet: @Miss Panda: @Red Poppy: @missmovies: @StephK527: @Mrs. Pony: thank you so much! i’m glad you liked them too!

  14. Member
    shaynapunim 654 posts, Busy bee @ 11:37 am

    :O These are AMAZING!!

  15. mstreasure Member
    mstreasure 1655 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:53 am

    These look gorgeous, GW! I’m impressed with your attention to detail.

  16. honey Member
    honey 1684 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:07 pm

    These are amazing, if I was in planning they would be number one source of inspiration!! Beautiful job!

  17. Member
    Almost Mrs.P 2056 posts, Buzzing bee @ 1:47 pm

    OMG– love everything about them!! I have been trying to start mine in Word too, and feel like I keep coming up with duds. Yours look fantastic!

  18. camel Member
    camel 703 posts, Busy bee @ 4:08 pm

    These are amazing! And I can’t believe you and your family hand punched all of those holes. That is TRUE wedding detail dedication. It paid off though because it looks so good.

  19. misssparkler Member
    misssparkler 488 posts, Helper bee @ 7:19 pm

    I love all of the detail. I am SO impressed that you guys sat there and punched all of those holes. You need to frame these bad boys.

  20. Guest Icon Guest
    Screen18, Guest @ 11:01 pm

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  21. Member
    shkragoldfish 1769 posts, Buzzing bee @ 6:23 pm

    I know I’m late, but is there any way I could get that infinity-loop type background graphic that you used? Your invitations look great.

  22. Member
    klhubb 107 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:03 am

    These are awesome!

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