1. Two Wheels Become One: The Freakout, Part 2 by Mrs. Unicycle, Bee Ornament Exchange 2012: Part 1 by Mrs. Mouse
  2. It’s a Nice Day for a Dry Wedding by Miss Bat
  3. There’s a New Bee on the Block! by Miss Mongoose
  4. Weddingbee Love for Hive Member Macintosh and Her Husband by Mr. Bee, Hair Change-Up? by Miss Squirrel
  5. What? The Groom Gets a Cake, Too? by Miss Armadillo
  6. Guest List: Narrowing It Down by Miss Mongoose
  7. Wedding Planning from Afar by Miss Mongoose
  8. Practice Makes Perfect! by Miss Squirrel, Hoppily Ever After: A Teaser by Mrs. Wallaby
  9. We Start Today: The Way I Am by Mrs. Castle, Calligraphy Love by Miss Squirrel, Look What We Got in the Mail… by Mrs. Wallaby, Hawkily Ever After: Anniversary Dance by Mrs. Hawk
  10. Eighteen Days and Counting by Miss Gloves


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