Chicken or Beef? Neither!

Let’s talk food.

I never had any grand ideas when it comes to wedding food. In my experience, I could always count on the dish to be delicious…but somewhat forgettable. I would default to the chicken as a child, the beef as a teenager, and now in my 20s I have fully embraced my love for seafood. I can pretty much count on these standard options at every wedding. Perfectly acceptable, perfectly delicious. But…kind of old news.

As we casually browsed caterers, initially I was drawn to two things:



Image via Holy City Catering

Adorable bite-size snacks. We could go super casual or high end. Imagine the incredible display options! I’m not going to lie, I may or may not have these on my registry so I can replicate this for every party I throw for the rest of my life.


Just Desserts Mini Square Bowl / Image via Bed Bath & Beyond

Yes, I know they are really just mini shot glasses…but have you seen the adorable spoons that come with them? I registered for 24 glasses total—I hope that’s enough!


Not the alcohol bar. That is a no-brainer. I am talking about the fun “action stations” or whatever the catering world is calling them these days. These have been discussed at length on Weddingbee, so I won’t dive in too far. But seriously, bees, there are so many creative options (mashed potato bar, s’more bar, pasta bar, sushi bar, taco bar, nacho bar…). Unless you are serving fresh fruit with no accouterments, then there is an action station for you! Well, now that I think about it, you could probably just call it a fruit bar? Anywho…

Here was my problem. I had two unique (at least for our guests), delicious options for food, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I had to nix both. Ultimately, the most important priority for Mr. Squirrel and me is to share our love with friends and family. I want everyone to relax, kick back, and be surrounded by loved ones. I don’t want people to be up walking around to different stations or having a long cocktail hour with heavy appetizers. It was very important to me to have a sit down, plated dinner. It is for this same reason that we want to sit at one huge feasting table with all the wedding guests. This wedding is about bringing everyone together!

So back to the food.

Once I came to terms with the traditional way of serving dinner, we started looking at menus from different catering companies and nothing was jumping out to us. We even went to some tastings and the food tasted great, but it just didn’t feel like us. Chicken Marsala, steak, crab cakes…normally I would be all over it, but this is our wedding. There is nothing normal about this day.

We stopped focusing on food and started researching other vendors. A few weeks later, Mr. Squirrel and I went on a rare dinner date to our favorite restaurant in Tampa. It’s nothing high end and there are cheesy dancers some nights, but it has the best food. Best GREEK food!

Neither of us has a Greek bone in our body, but we could eat dolmas and hummus for every meal and be happy happy.

I honestly can’t remember who jokingly threw it out there, but one of us said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have Acropolis cater our wedding?”


Bees, we are going Greek! Opa!


Logo via Acropolis Taverna

We recognize that not all of our guests will be quite as enthusiastic, so in addition to the traditional lamb, we will have a Greek chicken dish (so basically this post title is a complete lie) and a yummy veggie option. Food porn photos to come.

Has anyone else gone ethnic for the wedding? Was it a meal to remember or a complete flop?


Mrs. Squirrel

Tampa, FL
Wedding Date:
May 2013
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    estella, Guest @ 8:12 am

    Um, Greek food at your reception? BEST IDEA EVER!

  2. Member
    kit_kath 1327 posts, Bumble bee @ 8:17 am

    I plan on going Italian, which neither of us are. We just both really love pasta. Plus we have a good number of vegetarian friends and there are a ton of meat-free pasta dishes to choose from. Narrowing things down will be the hard part.

  3. Member
    lobbyart 131 posts, Blushing bee @ 8:32 am

    We had Eastern European food… stuffed cabbage, horseradish salmon, pierogies… it was delicious.

  4. bat Member
    bat 285 posts, Helper bee @ 8:56 am

    Umm, yum! I love Greek food! We’re having Mexican and neither of us are Mexican, either: but the food is delicious, win win! 😀

    Also, I just peaked at their catering menu, and everything sounds delicious! Can’t wait for the food porn!

  5. mswallaby Member
    mswallaby 2070 posts, Buzzing bee @ 9:03 am

    Y to the um! Excuse me while I go heat up my frozen lunch now :) Never have I been to a wedding where Greek food was served but I think it’s a fantastic choice.

  6. Member
    brooklyn55 743 posts, Busy bee @ 9:05 am

    Oh yumm! We have greek food too! We thought about doing something “unique” for our food, but after looking over our guest list we decided ultimately we wanted our guests to be happy and we knew a lot of them wouldn’t be down for some of the options we were exploring. We also LOVED the idea of mini’s but we also wanted our guests to be seated and relaxing rather than going around to station to station or waiting on passed plates (especially since we have A LOT of older guests) so we decided traditional serving method was better BUT we are doing minis for our passed appetizers during cocktail hour! & Then doing traditional beef, chicken and vegetable entrees for dinner!

  7. msmongoose Member
    msmongoose 264 posts, Helper bee @ 11:38 am

    I want one (or ten) of every one of those minis!! And a big hell yes to a Greek food reception–ESPECIALLY if it’s catered from a place you both actually eat at and love. Can’t wait to see the food porn!!

  8. msarmadillo Member
    msarmadillo 497 posts, Helper bee @ 11:45 am

    I’ve actually never had Greek food–it would be soooo fun to attend a wedding with ethnic food options like this! I’m sure your guests will love the break from the typical chicken and beef dishes. Fun stuff!! :)

  9. panda Member
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:49 pm

    this sounds like a great idea. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. yum

  10. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 1:05 pm

    I love Greek food, there’s something for everyone too!

  11. Guest Icon Guest
    carol, Guest @ 1:17 pm

    As a vegetarian 95% of the time, I love Greek food. I just wish I had a Greek place closer to me. A store up in Tahoe City has live miso hummas. It is insanely good, and wicked good for you. I always have to get a couple extra to bring home with me when I leave the mountains.

    I went to a wedding a couple of years ago where all of the food was mini. It did not work at all. No one felt like it was actual dinner. Maybe it was because everything was tiny & bite size they didn’t provide any forks, knives or spoons. It was an odd wedding to say the least. The mother-of-the-bride had on a white, yes white, ball gown. And the ceremony was on a lawn where they forgot to turn the sprinklers off, which went off an hour before it all started. Everyone, including the guys, were sinking into the mud.

  12. Member
    jilleeann 409 posts, Helper bee @ 9:53 pm

    Fantastic! and… also adding it to my list of possibilities.

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    Koukla, Guest @ 10:55 pm

    I am not Greek, but will be marrying a Greek man. This is a no-brainer for us. The food is super delish and usually a crowd pleaser. Can’t wait to see your recaps :)

  14. mssquirrel Member
    mssquirrel 276 posts, Helper bee @ 7:58 am

    @carol: Yikes! That wedding sounds like a hot mess! Glad we are not going the “mini” route.

  15. bluewhale Member
    bluewhale 638 posts, Busy bee @ 9:02 am

    omg I wish our venue had a greek food option. I swear I could live off of hummus, feta, and roasted red peppers. I would be so ridiculously excited to go to a wedding with greek food!

    Also, my brother’s wife is from Mexico, and for their wedding in the US, her mom cooked all of the food (for 100 people! I don’t know how she did it.). It was delicious traditional Mexican food, and everyone loved it! I think non-standard wedding food is totally a good idea.

  16. graywolf Member
    graywolf 725 posts, Busy bee @ 3:19 pm

    YUM! i think greek food is one of those genres that everyone likes, but they just might not know it.

  17. Member
    Beezysbreezy 540 posts, Busy bee @ 2:28 pm

    I love love love Acropolis. I go with one of my friends all the time and have the 2/1 sangria. I’m always happy when I leave :D. Be sure to have plenty of napkins and plates on hand for the throwing and breaking! Opa!!! :)

  18. Member
    FtrMrsAMH 152 posts, Blushing bee @ 2:33 pm

    That sounds awesome! I love Greek food! Make sure you have loukoumades. They are these amazing donut balls drizzled with honey and powdered sugar. They put funnel cake to shame because they are so much better!!!

  19. Member
    KinkyOrange 7026 posts, Busy Beekeeper @ 3:01 pm

    I’m struggling with menu options as well. I’m having a catered dinner, but am making my own buffet… creative ideas welcomed!

  20. Guest Icon Guest
    VargCub, Guest @ 3:13 pm

    Well, we are having Greek food too, but he’s Greek…so I guess it’s not quite exotic!

  21. Member
    babycakes24 606 posts, Busy bee @ 2:44 pm

    Love the Greek food (although I might be biased on this one). We are incorporating some into our cocktail hour along with a lot of Italian (a Tuscan table and maybe a pasta course). I like that you’re having the chicken and vegg option, as some people either don’t like lamb or it doesn’t sit well with them (gives me a bit of a tummyache, but I don’t care because I love it). Going through a Greek caterer, they will prepare it the right way…yum. congrats!

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