The Stuff We’re Skipping: Programs

Just in case you aren’t caught up: we’ve established that we’re skipping a wedding website, and we’ll be modifying the garter toss. Now for the next thing that we’re skipping: the programs.

illustrations wedding program

Photo by: Carl Zoch on Bridal Guide via (From PaperMaids shop on Etsy)

I love the way the wedding party looks in these programs—such a fun way to personalize the programs to your own wedding party!

diy confetti program

Photo by: Carl Zoch on Bridal Guide via (From PrintYourParty shop on Etsy)

If I can’t have glitter—then why not confetti!? I love that these come in little bags with confetti to toss. That idea may just stick…


Image via Style Me Pretty / Photography by PUO Photo

I really love this third program in particular. I think it’s just the right combination of simple and fun. It immediately stood out to me because that whole part about the bride choosing the songs? Yeah, that’s very Mr. Otter and me. ;) And if I decided I wanted that confetti tossed, I could easily incorporate that with this style of program.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if it was really worth it in a practical sense to print programs.

While I certainly would love to have programs, that’s another cost to factor into our budget. It also loses some practicality to me because I think of programs as more for the summer when it’s hot—give your guests something to fan themselves with! Since our wedding is in Indiana, in April, there’s really no telling if we’ll have rain, chilly weather, or mild weather. So fans, not really necessary in our case.

I do like that it introduces all the members of the wedding party, but again, the more practical side of me says that people aren’t going to keep the programs—they’ll either get tossed or forgotten by the end of the night. (And I mean forgotten in the best way possible, like people are having too much fun dancing to remember their programs!)

The more I thought about it, the more I just wasn’t sure if it was really worth it to print programs. But I still wanted something to tell people how it was going to go, especially since we’re asking for an unplugged ceremony. (That post coming soon!) That’s when I turned to one of my most coveted items: the chalkboard.


Image via 100 Layer Cake / Photography by Lowe Photos

Now, while I would still try to use some of the fun language in the paper program I love, I think this is the perfect way to display information without spending a ton on something that won’t be kept. It’s also a great way to let guests know that (weather permitting) there’s going to be a sparkler sendoff later in the evening. And OK, bonus feature: once we buy and use the chalkboard, it’s mine forever! *evil laugh* I know could put this to good use in our home, so it would be well worth the investment…

What do you guys think? Paper or chalkboard?


Mrs. Otter

Indianapolis, IN
Wedding Date:
April 2013

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