Did you think this was a post about Say Yes to the Dress? That would be SYTTD. This is SYTYCD—So You Think You Can Dance, AKA best. show. ever.

I used to not watch TV. Why? I have no idea. Then one summer I got an internship and discovered the joys of laying on the couch every evening watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy and eating ice cream out of the tub. It was also that summer that I discovered So You Think You Dance. And this happened to be the summer that Allison Holker was competing on the show.

Who remembers this? So epic. (Image from Amptoons)

Let me cut to the chase. She rocks. Every season, I compare every other dancer to her. When she came back as an all-star, I almost had a heart attack I was so excited. And THEN, I discovered this”¦

Photo from Dance Spirit

Allison started dating Twitch, another ridiculously amazing dancer from SYTYCD. And THEN just within the last month, Allison and Twitch got engaged.

Where is this post going? I promise it has to do with my own wedding.

I want to invite them!! Obviously they won’t come. But imagine how epic the dance floor at our wedding would be if they did show!

Everyone else is inviting Barack and Michelle or William and Kate or Mickey and Minnie. But I want to invite Allison and Twitch. The only problem is”¦I can’t find their address. So all you internet-savvy bees, how the heck do I find super-secret addresses?

Which famous people did you invite? (Did they come?? Seriously, if I was famous, I would attend one random wedding per year.) :)


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  1. Member
    asia 2555 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:57 am

    You can’t send something to their address, but figure out who represents them (a label, an agent, etc) and send your invite to either of their PR departments. :) You can probably get something to them through SYTYCD

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    estella, Guest @ 12:08 pm

    I love Twitch and Allison!! Message Twitch through his Twitter account – he may be totally game!

    They have official websites, too:

  3. Member
    MrsScarlet 85 posts, Worker bee @ 12:25 pm

    OMG! I didn’t hear they were engaged- how awesome is that?! I agree- they’re two of my favorites from the show. The piece to “Why” that Allison and Ivan did is still one of the best ever. And I loved Twitch and why-can’t-i-think-of-her-name doing “Mercy”. So great!
    Unfortunately, I don’t know how you could reach them, but I’m really excited to hear that they’re together!

  4. star Member
    star 659 posts, Busy bee @ 12:27 pm

    Find out who their agent or PR peeps are (a good place to start is and mail it to them through their reps!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Jill, Guest @ 12:36 pm

    I LOVE SYTYCD and Allison and Twitch! You should definitely invite them to your wedding!

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    estella, Guest @ 12:47 pm

    I tried to post a response earlier, but I guess because I included links that it was blocked. Twitch and Allison have official websites with contact information. Twitch also has a Twitter account that you could message him at.

  7. Member
    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 12:49 pm

    This is beyond hilarious. I hope you can get an invite to them! :)

  8. Member
    glasgowbound 3203 posts, Sugar bee @ 12:49 pm

    I LOVE Twitch!!!!!

  9. hyena Member
    hyena 2537 posts, Sugar bee @ 1:08 pm

    I didn’t know they were engaged either!!! That is so awesome, I looooove SYTYCD! Kent from a few seasons ago was on last week’s episode of Bunheads, and I was like shouting “It’s Kent! It’s Kent!” and Mr. Hyena thought I was crazy. :)

  10. bluewhale Member
    bluewhale 638 posts, Busy bee @ 1:22 pm

    @Mrs. Star: I found her manager on imdb!! Yay!

    @estella: I saw their websites but couldn’t find any contact info… maybe I missed it. But thanks for the twitter tip.

    @ScarletMiller: All of their dances were so amazing. “Why” was incredible. I would buy the whole season on DVD just for that one dance.

    @Mrs. Hyena: hahaha! Mr. Whale actually loves the show too, so he gets excited with me :) (Though Allison’s season was before we met… I introduced him to the show.)

  11. Member
    dancingriss 305 posts, Helper bee @ 4:50 pm

    Oh man, why was absolutely my favorite dance that season. Allison is a beauuuutiful dancer. I so wanted to be her!

  12. Member
    AmberEyes 411 posts, Helper bee @ 4:56 pm

    I think you should look for them on Twitter!! Many celebrities have Twitter accounts now. Some are handled by their “people.” Other accounts are handled by the celebrity themselves, so you can message them directly.

    Actually, you know what? I did the quick search myself. Here you go. This is tWitch a.k.a. Stephen Boss’s account:

  13. Member
    AmberEyes 411 posts, Helper bee @ 4:58 pm

    Here’s Allison Holker’s account:


  14. Member
    ecjohnson 157 posts, Blushing bee @ 5:35 pm

    love love love SYTYCD!!!!!!!

  15. sword Member
    sword 1029 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:11 pm

    That’s awesome! Everyone has someone they’d love to have as a celebrity guest! I hope you get to invite them!

  16. Member
    lolo7835 645 posts, Busy bee @ 7:57 pm

    IVAN AND ALLISON! (or the last dance that Tyce did that I actually liked) Hard to believe that was only 6 years ago. Allison is the best dancer on the show hands down. And they need to bring Wade back as a choreographer asap.

    Now that I’ve geeked out on SYTYCD, as others have said-they both have active twitters that they both use. I’m sure if you send a link to the ‘bee that you could get a response. Good luck!

  17. bluewhale Member
    bluewhale 638 posts, Busy bee @ 8:01 pm

    @lolo7835: Yes!! I so wish Wade would come back. Didn’t he choreograph the Ramalama Bang Bang dance? That rocked my socks.

  18. Member
    wilmat 31 posts, Newbee @ 5:09 am

    That’s awesome! I hope you can get an invite to them!

  19. Member
    dancingriss 305 posts, Helper bee @ 1:12 pm

    @Miss Blue Whale: he did do ramalama! Everything he did was genius. Except maybe the top four opener to sexy back I think?

  20. Member
    paw 871 posts, Busy bee @ 2:02 pm

    This post just made me laugh. I hope you are able to invite them!

  21. Member
    mak418 356 posts, Helper bee @ 1:11 pm

    Awesome!! I love Twitch, especially. And how cool! I knew they were dating, but hadn’t heard about the engagement. yay!

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