We Don’t Have a Theme

Not an obvious theme, anyway. Like vintage or pink-and-green or chevron. We have no set colours, no year, no anything really. I guess our “theme” is just”¦us.

We did think about a theme, but nothing really stood out. He is a musician and songwriter with a love of things from his childhood like Pokemon and the Nintendo. I work in an office and like crafty, pretty things. I’m not really big on music, and he’s not really big on crafts, so both of those things can’t really make a “theme” without excluding one of us.

What about things we both like? Like tattoos and piercings since we met on a body-modification website? Well, we’re not really that big on all that now, so that seems a bit pointless. And we both like science stuff”¦but not enough that it’s something that represents our relationship. We like vintage-style things but aren’t “vintage” people, so that would also look a bit weird”¦every way we looked at it, we were lost. How could we come up with a theme if we didn’t represent anything as a couple?

Then he said something that made me think. “Well, look at our living room. Nothing in there matches—it doesn’t have a theme. But it”¦works. Everything just goes together well. That’s who we are—we should just go with whatever and trust that it’ll look right because everything else we do works just fine.”


Our living room for reference—a bit of a mash-up, but it works! (I think.)

So that’s what we’ve done. No theme, no grand scheme, just…whatever we fancy. And so far it’s working well! I wonder if I’ll have a mini freak-out closer to the time when I think “Oh my god, why couldn’t I have had a theme! At least I would have known everything would have matched!”

But for now I’m quite content. I just have a feeling that everything will work out, that I won’t feel pressured to have a specific thing because “it fits the theme,” and I’ll be able to change my mind about things without worrying that it won’t match. That’s the plan, anyway.

Did/do you have a specific wedding theme?


Mrs. Jackrabbit

Brighton, UK
Wedding Date:
September 2013
Two Wheels Become One: The Dirty Deets
Wedding Theme
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    Smart1 25 posts, Newbee @ 10:34 am

    Not having a theme is what we used to call “a wedding”, mostly based on what we could afford.

    Anyway, themes can be as simple as a color combo, which, since you both were into tats, I’m assuming you could select a couple of complimentary colors. It makes it easier for the people you hire & the guests to give/make you things you like…so that THEY are as relaxed as you.

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