The Typical British Wedding

One thing I have gotten from a lot of the comments I have received is that people are excited to see a British wedding. So I want to pause my planning documentation for just a moment and share something with you.

I was watching YouTube videos the other night and came across a clip of a Peter Kay sketch where he talks about family weddings. For those who are not familiar with Peter Kay, he’s a comedian from my hometown in the north of England, and this particular scene literally has me in tears of laughter. I would very much love it if you watched even the first two minutes of this to gain a little insight into what is—for a lot of people—a typical British wedding.

Video via YouTube / Clip from Peter Kay: Live at the Top of the Tower

Have you been enlightened? Not just because you are now picturing me with that exact same accent. (It’s not that strong—I promise!)

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been surrounded by wedding blogs that I’ve developed this image in my head of American weddings. I imagine outdoor ceremonies, vows written by the bride and groom, huge floral centrepieces, and dramatic lighting. I have never, ever pictured a wedding in the States having DJs that muffle, or little boys skidding on their knees.

I have definitely been to a few weddings like the one described in the video (in fact, my mum reminded me of one where my brother tied pork pies to the balloons?!), and although they are not typically glamorous affairs, they are 100% fun. I’m hoping we’ll still retain a little bit of this in our wedding. Maybe not the inaudible DJ and multiple platters of sausage rolls, but I would love to catch some of the grown men with ties around their heads at 11:00 PM.

For those who watched the video—were you surprised? Or is this kind of thing standard in every country, and we just never see them documented anywhere anymore? I’d love to hear your stories!


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    @chronicwhimsy: Sort of, I’m not that much of a hard worker- I was hungry, wanted free lunch and thought a guest lecture would probably be a good bet! Most of the time they go in the junk folder though, along with the student elections waffle they keep sending around
    Birmingham NEC wedding fair this weekend, don’t suppose you’re going at all? Not normally something we’d do as it’s full of scary pushy people, but it’s to cold to do much at the moment!

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