Gifts for the Guys

I’m almost positive that none of Mr. O’s guys read the blog. But just to be sure…


Personal creation / What a flattering photo this is…we were talking about an ex-girlfriend, hence the finger-in-mouth situation you see here.

Moving on…

I have to be honest: we wanted to get the Otter dudes something that they would all use, including the dads. For personal reasons, we didn’t think alcohol was appropriate for the entire group, so that cut out a semi-traditional gift of flasks or glasses and their favorite alcohol. After that idea, we pretty much were drawing a blank. What would all the guys use pretty frequently? Maybe we could replace something they already had with something nicer? But what…

We spent weeks trying to figure out a gift for the guys. WEEKS. It was that difficult for us to come up with something. Everything we saw was nice, but just didn’t seem right for the entire group. It really stumped us, as you can tell.

And then: light bulb.

One night when the future mister and I were searching Etsy for parent gifts, we came across their wedding section. Displayed on their front page were knives. Engraved knives, ensuring that each guy wouldn’t get their nice new knife stolen at work. Just like that, we knew we had found the perfect gift for all of our favorite guys.


Image via PrecisionEngraving on Etsy

For anyone thinking of ordering these knives—we give them two very excited thumbs up! They arrived to us within the same week of ordering, all of them were engraved correctly, and each knife came nicely packaged, ready for us to give out to the guys.

We’re thinking of getting the groomsmen something else in addition to their knives (as we did for the fathers), but we haven’t quite decided what would be a good fit. Do you have any suggestions on what worked for your guys?


Mrs. Otter

Indianapolis, IN
Wedding Date:
April 2013

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  1. Member
    ladymegbeth 227 posts, Helper bee @ 10:58 am

    Dang…those are *really* nice! Good call!

  2. Member
    MrsM914 535 posts, Busy bee @ 11:18 am

    We were thinking about purchasing the ties we will ask our groomsmen to wear on top of our gift.

  3. Member
    debeachgirl 742 posts, Busy bee @ 11:26 am

    I don’t have another suggestion, but I wanted to say we did engraved Leatherman for our groomsman and they loved them. I love these and I am sure they will be a big hit!

  4. Member
    bluebelle23 972 posts, Busy bee @ 11:37 am

    Good suggestion! saving it for FI to see!

  5. Member
    madtowngirl 1787 posts, Buzzing bee @ 12:30 pm

    Wow, what a thoughtful, veeeery nice gift!

  6. Member
    Mrs. Lemur 616 posts, Busy bee @ 3:23 pm

    This is what we’re doing too! It was so hard to get Mr. Lemur involved and then I said “Why don’t you pick out knives…” and he was all over it hahaha. Love it!

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