Just When I Thought We Were Finished With Wood…

We decided we weren’t.

I know I haven’t shared most of the decor, but we are getting a lot of help from our florist, Arlene. I swear our entire wedding will not look like a big stump of wood. Just a reminder, our theme is Midsummer Night’s Dream and the long tables will be full of moss, candles, bright flowers, and twinkle lights!

Back to the wood.

I just can’t resist it! It is cheap and charming at the same time. It is easy to cut, carve, and write on. I love how each piece of wood is unique and the more “damaged,” the better. A little while ago I asked for some help coming up with a plan for our escort cards. I decided to keep things simple (I’m finally starting to get it!).

My dad rocks and quickly cut out about 150 wood rounds that looked sort of like this:

The Perfect Escort :  wedding diy stationery tampa Il 570x058.jpg

Image via FiNeGRaiNeD on Etsy

It didn’t take him long at all. All you need are a few long branches and a saw of some sort. The sizes of the wood ranged from about two and a half to three and a half inches in diameter. Some of these were smooth with light wood, others had dark texture patterns running through the middle. I love the size and texture variations.

Mr. Squirrel and I headed to Lowes to find a sheet of plywood. Our was two feet x four feet. Mr. Squirrel was a little embarrassed I was taking pictures of him in front of all the tough construction guys in the check-out line. (Hence his pained expression…) It’s all good because the construction crew and I bonded over scrapbooking. I know, random.


We wanted to create a base to put the wood rounds on that was more exciting than a rented table with linen. I whipped out my hot glue gun and started covering the board with moss.


Eventually I got tired of using my hot glue gun (it’s a mini…wah wah) and switched to tacky glue. This project is super easy! Just work in small sections and really cover the board with a lot of glue so the moss has something to stick to. You will definitely need your vacuum handy after this project. A smarter DIYer would do this project outside or put something underneath the wood.


A little more progress

In the meantime, I had handwritten the guest’s names on the pieces of wood. I considered fancy fonts and calligraphy, but I ultimately decided the casual sloppiness of my everyday handwriting matched the casual playfulness of the wood. Really, I wanted to set a whimsical tone from the moment guests arrived at the reception and stuffy calligraphy just didn’t seem right.

Here is a sneak peek at what a few of the wood rounds will look like on top of the moss:

Eventually, I am going to write the table number on the back. This project was the first time I had a legitimate reason to write my married name. It still makes me smile. Sorry for the blur.


TA-DA! Done. We kept things simple, but I still think they will go great with our theme.

What did you decided to do for your escort cards? Did you keep things basic or was this one of your wow factors?


Mrs. Squirrel

Tampa, FL
Wedding Date:
May 2013

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    saccebers 27 posts, Newbee @ 9:32 am

    We are doing the same thing! I think we are going to drill a hole and put a ribbon through it so it can eventually be an ornament.

    Love the moss!

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