Why Moms Rock

I had a pile of projects taunting me for months. They fell into three categories:

1. A project I had already started, but was boring.
2. A project I had already started, but realized it was miserable.
3. A project I couldn’t find the will to start because I just knew it would be miserable.

And this is where a Mom (or amazing bridesmaid, favorite aunt, etc.) comes in.

When my mom came to visit, I literally did nothing. Instead of doubling the productivity, I basically went to my job during the day and watched her work at night. I was so burnt out. In my mind, knowing my mom was helping “advance” the wedding progress meant I had a hall pass that week.

Honestly, the woman was exhausting to watch. She can get more accomplished in a week than I can in three months! Without any further ado, the amazingness that is Mama Squirrel:

1. Candles
For the past year, my mom, sisters, and I have been collecting any and every cheap candle that we can get our hands on. My venue has strict rules about candles. I am allowed to use them, but they must be in glass containers. Hello hurricane and faux-hurricane glassware. We collected this glassware mainly from thrift stores and in the clearance section. I found that regular glasses worked great! Some of my best deals came from huge glassware sets that I found at Big Lots and Macy’s.

The collection kept building and building. Bags and boxes were piled on top of each other. It was a hot mess. Mama S got to work:


She spent an entire afternoon soaking and hand washing every glass. Gotta get that thrift store gunk off. She found a glass home for every candle.


To top it off, she boxed everything up and now it is all ready for the reception. It was SUCH a relief to have that space back in my apartment. This was not a hard job, just tedious. It’s nice to see them all together, I know the mismatched candles will look gorgeous at the reception.

2. A while ago, I showed you one of my favorite projects, our table numbers. They turned out exactly how I envisioned.


If you paid close attention, I only showed pics of #1-#5…because that’s all I had finished. I was SO SICK of wood burning after our invites and to burn each number became a serious commitment (probably shouldn’t have bought the cheapest model). It seemed like every day my mom would nag, in the way that only a mother can, about these dang numbers. “Just do one a day,” she would say. Sigh.

Well guess what she worked on when she was here? (BM A gets some serious props as well!) Check out these beauties…


Please excuse the mess, clearly we were in crafting hell at this point.

She even added small wood triangles to the back so they would stand up. I had previously planned to use plate stands, but even at the dollar store, they are $1 each (who would’ve thought?). I didn’t want to spend $18 on something that I would just throw away after.


3. YUM!
I’ve kept a bit of a secret. We are planning a dessert bar that will knock yo socks off! I was trying to brainstorm a backdrop idea (Lord knows Pinterest has one or two inspiration pics.) I kept thinking about the fringe letters my sister made for my bridal shower. I decided I wanted to spice things up and make HUGE letters to go behind all the candy and dessert. Mr. S and MOH K started on the letter construction. Cereal boxes won’t cut it for this project. Thankfully we had about 50 cardboard boxes sitting around thanks to wedding presents, so the letter making began. They made a “Y” and a “U.” Then…they stopped. Ugh. Another half-completed project.

Super Ma-Squirrel to the rescue!!!


She not only finished the “M,” but she proceeded to wrap the letters in tissue paper and get her fringe on.


Ow ow! YUM!

It was such a relief to be knocking things off the list left and right. I try to be calm, collected, and oh-so-cool when it comes to talking about wedding planning. “Oh yea, it’s going great. Everything is pretty much good to go.” Moms know the truth. Mine is pretty wonderful.

Who is your wedding superhero??


Mrs. Squirrel

Tampa, FL
Wedding Date:
May 2013

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  1. Member
    Mrs. Pony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 5:13 pm

    Your mom is awesome, all of these projects look amazing!

  2. Member
    bluebelle23 972 posts, Busy bee @ 9:31 pm

    I’m going to stop reading your posts cause I have wedding envy! Everything looks so amazing!

  3. Guest
    FOMOTB, Guest @ 4:45 am

    Your mom rocks!

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