The One Where I Got Showered

It’s time for Bridal Shower: Camera Edition!

My MOH JJ lives in Pittsburgh, where I am from. She has been planning my shower and bachelorette party from 600 miles away, having never been to Charlotte, which cannot have been an easy task. She started asking me about it in January and has not stopped since. JJ is very detail oriented—exactly what you want in a matron of honor.

She and Bridesmaid Twerk flew down from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, respectively, on Friday afternoon. Mama Camera, not one to miss out on wedding activities for her only daughter, drove down from Pittsburgh the same day. The four of us ladies, and Cam, went out to dinner on Friday night to the Hickory Tavern which has an awesome view of the city:

(all photos personal)


Me & Mama Camera


BM Twerk, me, and MOH JJ


After dinner, it was time to say goodbye to Cam for the weekend because my bridesmaids had booked hotel rooms for the weekend at the Omni! BM Twerk, MOH JJ, and I headed over to check in, and spent the evening doing our nails and watching Bride Day on TLC. I even performed a little white dress fashion show because I still could not decide which to wear the next day for my bridal shower.

BM Twerk and MOH JJ were exhausted from traveling all day, and were fast asleep by 10:30 PM. I could not sleep to save my life.

Note to self: Bring some sort of sleep aid for the night before the wedding.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we were up and getting ready to head to 300 East in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte for my bridal shower! I stopped by Folicle salon to see my stylist/friend Caroline (I feel like I talk about her more than I talk about Cam!) who gave me a blowout for the occasion.

When I walked into the restaurant, to a little upstairs loft room where the event was taking place, I suddenly got overwhelmed. I’ve been a bridesmaid nine times and I’ve been to my fair share of bridal showers—but this one was for me. It was a bizarre feeling. I had bridesmaid instincts kick in and I wanted to help set the space up, but MOH JJ shooed me away and told me to mingle with my guests.

I’ve been very lucky to have met a group of lovely girls, most of which are girlfriends/fiancees/wives of Cam’s fraternity brothers. Forced friendship? Maybe at the start, but the fact that they all came on a Saturday morning was proof positive that it was no longer forced. I am so grateful to them.

It was a nautical-themed shower, because, well, I love me a good anchor! MOH JJ has made fun of my anchor obsession for years, and then I attended my shower, and it could not have been more perfect. She knows me so well.


The amazing tablescape designed by MOH JJ


Ham and Gruyere quiche, cheese grits, fruit, and a lemon blueberry cornbread muffin. Southern heaven.


Lemon cupcakes made by yours truly! MOH JJ asked where she could get cupcakes and I offered to do it for her…it was the least I could do!


I was taking it all in, saying hello to all of my friends, when Mama Camera said, “You have a guest that just arrived!”

I turned toward the stairs and saw my aunt and cousin who live in Boston. I haven’t seen them in three years. I had no idea they were coming. And I was the only one.

BM Twerk caught it on camera:


Aunt C!


Cousin K all grown up!


So. Surprised.

It was an amazing moment. I admit—I cried a little bit. It got a little emotional. I’m glad I had a mimosa to help me through it!

We ate, drank, and played a few shower games, and then it was time to open gifts!


It was a whirlwind of a day.


Me and BM Twerk



BM Twerk caught this little gem. I think I look lost, she thinks it looks like Victoria’s Secret hair. You decide.


Best MOH ever award


Aunt J, Cousin E, me, and Mama Camera


Cousin K, me, Aunt C, Mama Camera


Me and Bridesmaid Rainbow Brite


Just a sampling of the lovely ladies! BM Mom, Friend C, Friend L, me, BM YerWelcome, and BM Rainbow Brite!


Favorite photo, all Instagram’ed up! Me, MOH JJ, and BM Twerk. Love.

Cam arrived at the end of the festivities to collect the gifts, but refused to take a picture with me because he was wearing “gross clothes.” Boys.

He shuttled all of our boxes home, where they now sit as a lovely addition to our living room:


And with that, we were headed back to the hotel to hang by the pool until it was time for dinner and my bachelorette party!

Did you have any surprise guests at your bridal shower? Did you feel overwhelmed like me? Did your animals play a marathon game of tag around all the boxes of your new gifts? Oh, just mine?


Mrs. Camera

Charlotte, NC/Charleston, SC
Wedding Date:
September 2013
Before Bride
Boarding Pass: The Airplanes Get Crafty
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  1. rucksack Member
    rucksack 518 posts, Busy bee @ 1:21 pm

    I love everything about this! The anchors, the boats, the mimosas! Looks like you had a grand time! And surprise guests are the best – I had a couple too!

  2. Member
    kristen182 465 posts, Helper bee @ 1:27 pm

    looks wonderful! and you can definitely see your weight loss efforts, you look fantastic, way to go!!!

  3. Member
    daniellekira 573 posts, Busy bee @ 2:36 pm

    You look stunning in your dress. Great choice and the hair is very Victoria Secret esque.

  4. Member
    Mrs. Rubber Stamps 821 posts, Busy bee @ 5:15 pm

    Love the nautical theme and the cupcakes look delish! Great dress choice too! You look fabulous!

  5. mspony Member
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 5:44 pm

    This looks like such a great shower, what a wonderful surprise! And, you are seriously gorgeous (as is your hair).

  6. mscamera Member
    mscamera 300 posts, Helper bee @ 8:54 pm

    @Mrs. Pony: @daniellekira: @Mrs. Rubber Stamps: @kristen182: Agh, it is so nice to hear those things!! I have been working hard, and I feel like it shows in these photos :) Thank you!

  7. Member
    desiree.0615 772 posts, Busy bee @ 10:55 pm

    It looks wonderful! Your MOH did a great job!! The surprise guests was very sweet and thoughtful!!

  8. gondola Member
    gondola 1046 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:09 am

    You look beautiful! I love the dress and your hair is definitely Victoria secret-ish.

  9. Member
    misssemi 136 posts, Blushing bee @ 9:01 am

    I drive by 300 East all the time but have yet to try it. Looks like a great place for a shower.

    Also, definitely have Victoria’s Secret hair envy!

  10. Member
    MrsScarlet 85 posts, Worker bee @ 1:09 pm

    Love your dresses for both the shower and the dinner the night before! Where did you find that blue bubble necklace?

  11. mswaterfall Member
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:14 pm

    Aaaaah, I have so much to say! I love that dress, it was my fave of the three! Your hair is totally Victoria Secret-esque and I love anchors so much!
    And we also have a similar pile in our living room since we have yet to figure out where to put the stuff 😉

  12. mscamera Member
    mscamera 300 posts, Helper bee @ 3:15 pm

    @ScarletMiller: Yay thanks! I got it on Etsy like forevvvvver ago. Just google “bubble necklace” or “JCrew bubble necklace”.. they come in all different colors and are like $15!

  13. Guest Icon Guest
    AnnSofey, Guest @ 3:02 am

    looks like you had a great time !

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