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As I have mentioned before, my sister/MOH and another bridesmaid are handling the centerpieces and the bridesmaids’ bouquets. I want a professional to do my bouquet, though, so no one is stressed about it and so it can be a little more elaborate than my gorgeous calla lily bridesmaid bouquet inspiration.


Image via The Knot / Image by Broxton Art Photography / Design by T’da Design

If you remember, Mr. B’s only requirement for flowers is that they don’t look like a head of broccoli, which means a traditional bouquet is out. I want my bouquet to be mostly white, although I cannot stop thinking about the gorgeous pop of a blue anemone.


Image via

OK, so we have a white bouquet that is not round and maybe has some pops of navy? I know I need to go to the florist with some specific images and more concrete ideas than that, so here we go with some inspiration…


Image via Style Me Pretty / Floral design by Quatre Coeur / Photo by Elisabeth Millay Photography

I like how it isn’t too round (like broccoli) and I love the different flowers in it. I don’t really want anything green, though, and although I am loving the succulent trend, I don’t think it fits for me.


Image via Style Me Pretty / Floral design by Holly Flora / Photo by Samuel Lippke

I like how there are some calla lilies in this one in addition to other flowers. It may be too broccoli-esque, though…


Image via Andrew & Jessica / Floral design by Bloom

OK, OK, OK…I am not going to become a “peony bride.” But come on—there is a reason peonies are so popular. They are gorgeous!


Image via Garden on the Square

I am really loving dahlias right now. They are so pretty! They lend themselves to broccoli bouquets, though, so I would need to have them mixed with other flowers.

Looking at inspiration is kind of overwhelming, and part of me wants to just tell the florist to give me a white (and maybe partially navy) bouquet that doesn’t look like broccoli and call it a day. I’m sure once I actually book a florist they will be able to give me some direction, right?

Does anyone have suggestions for good flowers to use, keeping in mind my wedding is in October? Did anyone have a nontraditional (read: not broccoli shaped) bouquet?


Mrs. Bicycle

Tallahassee, FL/Savannah, GA
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  1. Member
    mrsskeletonkey 3430 posts, Sugar bee @ 1:18 pm

    Oh wow!
    Those are beautiful; all of them!
    I’m partial to the second to the last picture w/ the peony’s but I agree, your groom might not love them. Honestly though, I urge you to do what you LOVE, & put the grooms opinion on the back burner just a little bit (I know, I sound rude & crazy, but let me explain). I know my groom had a few opinions about how he wanted things, but on the actual day I swear he didn’t notice hardly any details. Maybe your groom is different, but it’s something to think about if his style & your style clash, because he might not even notice on the big day anyway!

  2. Guest
    DC, Guest @ 1:54 pm

    I don’t know, every time I read your posts I feel a bit bad for you because your fiance comes across as very opinionated to the point of being controlling and I feel as though you are being restricted in getting and doing the things you want for this wedding. I first go the feeling when you spoke about your hair for the day and now I’m getting it with the bouquet. I am very curious to know why he has such strong feelings about the look of YOUR bouquet. If it were the followers generally in the wedding, I could understand if he did not want a centrepiece with a particular look, but your bouquet, come on man!

    I think you need to stand up for yourself and get what YOU really want.

  3. Member
    Mrs. Bicycle 619 posts, Busy bee @ 1:57 pm

    @MrsSkeletonKey: Thank you for the input – that is really helpful!
    @DC: Trust me, I am making most of the decisions here :) There are a few areas where Mr. B has an opinion and I would like to try and respect that as much as possible… within reason ;)

  4. Member
    Mrs. Waterfall 1300 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:04 pm

    I was a peony bride and I loved my bouquet! The calla lilies are pretty too :)

  5. Member
    cosmo_gmr 945 posts, Busy bee @ 2:25 pm

    I decided to go with white roses, green licianthus (they are white when they bloom) and some hydrangeas for a little blue.

    I love all your inspiration pics, can’t wait to see what you choose :)

  6. Guest
    Natasha, Guest @ 1:19 pm

    anemones have black centres not navy blue. I also fell in love with that photo via Pinterest and wanted them because navy blue is one of my colours. No florists I spoke to had heard of anemones with navy centres and when I did a reverse google image search (because of course the Pinterest link went to a tumblr page with no info) I found out the anemones in that picture are actually fake. Made of some type of clay I believe.

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