I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I should do my own makeup (DIY) or hire a makeup artist (MUA) for my wedding. On the one hand, I hardly know anything about makeup. I wear next to nothing on a daily basis: just foundation, blush, and lipstick—and that’s only if I’m leaving the house. I’m worried that I’ll look washed out if I don’t wear enough, while it won’t look professional if I don’t apply it correctly.

On the other hand, makeup artists are expensive; although the makeup I’d buy to do it myself would also be expensive, at least I’d use it over and over. Furthermore, I’m worried that they’d put too much makeup on and I won’t look like myself.

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When I asked Mr. Wellies what I should do, he said he’d prefer if I didn’t wear any makeup at all. I replied, “Uh, yeah, that’s not happening.” While I love that he appreciates my natural beauty, I need to wear at least some makeup in order not to look like a vampire in our wedding pictures.

I’m thinking of scheduling a trial with a makeup artist: if I like how I look, I’ll book her for the wedding; if I don’t, I’ll try to do it myself.

Are you Team DIY or Team MUA?


Miss Wellies

Wedding Date:
February 2014

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  1. Member
    djenah79 224 posts, Helper bee @ 12:34 am

    Team DIY – I do as much DIY as I can, and makeup is no exception. I also wear next to none, and since we are doing a destination wedding, I am not wasting ANY time on my vacation doing a trial run (I hate being “pampered” as it is), nor am I taking my chances the day of.

    Heck, if my face looks that bad, I’ll photoshop it. :p

  2. Member
    ozzycee 23 posts, Newbee @ 12:38 am

    I had the same dilemma. The make up artist was so expensive, even for the trial. But I do wear make up every day and am quite happy with how I do my make up – so I decided to book an appointment at a really good make up counter to have a professional lesson to help me do it myself… You could give this a go first? Quite often it’s not the skill you have but the products you use!

    But I do agree its the others, if you’re not a regular user of make up then you may feel more comfortable with a make up artist! Good luck xxxx

  3. Member
    firefliesinthesky 457 posts, Helper bee @ 12:57 am

    I did it myself, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I mulled over a MUA over and over again, but ultimately I chose to go the DIY route. I had actually a few people come up to me and ask where I got my makeup done and for how much.

    When I got engaged, I knew next to nothing about makeup. I wore lipstick occasionally, and that’s about the only thing I could figure out how to do. It was a little bit overwhelming at first, but I did a lot of research and asked a lot of my friends and family for advice. I practiced and practiced, took pictures in different lighting, and asked people to critique my makeup. The day of, I don’t think it took any longer than getting it professionally done would have.

    Going professional certainly has its merits, but DIY is doable– even if you’ve never picked up a makeup brush in your life!

  4. Member
    slc201329 1233 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:29 am

    I thought about a MUA for airbrush makeup. However, I will probably DIY. I do not wear makeup very often. Daily routine is lipgloss….if I feel like it. And I might add a little eyeshadow and eyeliner here and there. SO basically all I need to do is add all the above together with some fake eyelashes, foundation, and mascara and woola my makeup will be complete!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Rachel, Guest @ 7:38 am

    DIY all the way. I don’t really understand when MUA became ther norm.

  6. Member
    leecy87 1484 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:22 am

    I would love a MUA but at my DW there just isnt time to find one so ive been to the MUFE counter for some amazing HD foundation and i really loved the eye make up they did there so bought it. I then went to MAC for concealer and blush. There are some amazing recommendations and tutorials on youtube which i have followed (done by make up artists) about bridal make up and i am loving learning and the results

  7. Member
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:56 am

    @slc201329: Good luck! I’d love to see pictures! :)
    @Rachel: I admire that you’re Team DIY! I’d need a lot of makeup tutorials to be that confident. ;)
    @leecy87: I’ll definitely look at those videos if I go the DIY route! :) Any favorites?

  8. Member
    heykaraoke 1771 posts, Buzzing bee @ 10:31 am

    My hair stylist is also my MUA but honestly, after having my hair and makeup trial, I am leaning towards DIYing my makeup. She was great with my hair, but the makeup was very caked on and I did not look like myself at all. In fact, my face was darker than my neck (I am very fair) and you could clearly see the line where the makeup ended and my actual skin color began. When I mentioned that to her, she attempted to blend the makeup better, but it still looked obvious to me. I asked about having a lighter color on my face, but she told me that it had to be a bit darker because of the pictures. At first I was okay with that, but now the more I think about it, the more I just don’t like it. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a mask!

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    Bronwyn, Guest @ 10:57 am

    @HeyKaraoke: as an MUA, I can tell you she is so wrong about that. Makeup should match you flawlessly especially in photos. She should be using a darker colour to contour (create shadow where shadow would naturally be on thr face) but not just but foundation that’s too dark on your skin. I’d recommend talking to her again or doing it yourself.

  10. Member
    bridalmakeupbyjewel 1 posts, Wannabee @ 12:22 pm

    Team MUA, without the help of a professional, the makeup that you buy may reflect light if you don’t know which professional brands to buy. Even though I am a makeup artist myself, I had someone do it for me on my wedding day. On the day of your wedding, you don’t want to stress out about getting yourself ready. Try airbrush makeup, it lasts 24 hours, it’s full coverage, won’t rub off on your dress, and you won’t sweat it off…only a few drops covers your entire face, so you won’t have that “caked” on feel or look.

  11. Member
    wellies 1425 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:57 pm

    @djenah79: If I were planning a destination wedding, I wouldn’t want to worry about it, either! ;) I’m sure you’ll look great!
    @Ozzycee: Thank you! I appreciate your input. :)
    @firefliesinthesky: Thanks for the inspiration! This definitely makes me feel better about trying it myself. :)
    @HeyKaraoke: I’m sorry to hear that! Can you let her know you were disappointed with the result, or maybe try someone else?
    @bridalmakeupbyjewel: I’m hesitant to use airbrush, because I’ve seen mixed results with brides who have used it. I’ll ask my MUA about it at my trial. :)

  12. Guest Icon Guest
    Aamitchell, Guest @ 7:34 am

    As a make up artist I’ve worked with many brides. There is nothing wrong with a “natural” bride, in fact I prefer the natural look. There is actually a lot more make up involved in a “natural” look than you would expect so you won’t feel cheated or duped out of money. Natural is all about making you glow and your natural beauty radiate. A “romantic” bride is also very common, similar to the “natural” this look is about making you shine with one enhancement usually a soft eye and colored lip or a deeper eye with a neutral lip. Then of course there’s the “bombshell” which is more more more! This bride wants to be a show stopper, smokey eyes and red lips, etc. of course there are looks in between but this is a good baseline.

    A good make up artist always recommends a trial. Personally, a trial is mandatory with all my clients. Talk to you artist tell her what you like, love, and hate. Take pictures you will be surprised how quickly you forget your look.

    I recommend a professional because not only will your make up last with out touch ups(trust me you won’t have time for that) but a professional knows how to apply and what to apply for the best photos. All makeup is not equal. Some are great for day but through a camera lens and flash it may disappear, or that awesome highlighter might become a giant white line etc.

    Bottom line do where what you are comfortable with. The only way you will be unhappy with your look is if you skip a trial and don’t speak up. Remember it’s only makeup you can wash it off and start fresh at anytime.

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